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I am a really young grandmother and never thought that at my age of 55 year old, that I would have difficulty keeping up with my 2 young grandchildren, but I did. Being overweight robbed me of a lot of my youth, in my opinion. There were so many things that I could not do because of my heavy size and I missed out on a lot of fun activities, such as playing sports, going on hikes outside, going on rides at amusement parks and even the most simple of things (but to me the most important), playing with my grandchildren out in the backyard. Before I lost weight with HCG Diet Clinics in Jersey City NJ, I would be out of breath and breathing extremely heavily after just a few minutes of playing with my grandchildren. Doing simple things such as picking them up was even straining on my back and difficult to do. They loved to jump on me and have me run after them, but those things were so difficult to do that I would tell them that I could not play and then have to watch their sad faces that wondered why grandma did not want to play with them.

I even had trouble bending down to pick something up off the floor. It was a whole project to get my knee down onto the ground and then pick up the thing I dropped and then to get back up again was a difficult chore. I was always lethargic and tired too during the day as I suffered with sleep apnea from being overweight and I never got enough sleep. I was constantly up during the night and had difficulty falling asleep. I was so fed up and tired with feeling so down physically and mentally all the time, that one day I just finally decided to look for Local HCG Diet Clinics in Jersey City NJ where they could hopefully help me lose a lot weight fast and change my life. The days were passing me by. My grandchildren were growing up so quickly and I was missing so much of life. In fact, I was not really living at all! Between not being able to physically do a lot of things, to spending a lot days just lying in bed because I was feeling sorry for myself and sad about what my life had become and what I had allowed my body to become, I was miserable. I knew that if I did not make a change right then and there, that I never would and that I would just be doomed to living the rest of my life as a very sad and lonely woman.

Thanks to the HCG Diet Program from Weight Loss Medical Center, my life drastically changed as my body completely transformed after the 6 week diet plan commenced. I have never been happier in my life and I am now able to do things with my grandchildren that I was never able to do before. Heck, I can even see my feet now when I look down without my large belly getting in the way! You may think that is funny, but sadly enough, it is true!

The day that I decided to make a change in my life was not an easy day though. In fact, I was very nervous, apprehensive and doubting myself that I could actually change, but I was going to try anyway, despite my intense fears. I found this website online and immediately went to work in reading the plethora of different information that the many pages had to offer about the HCG Diet. I learned about the injections that were a part of the plan and about the low calorie diet that I would have to stick to while on the diet plan. Most of my questions about the diet were answered by just reading this website, but I knew that I would have many more and was actually looking forward to being able to ask a clinical advisor the questions when one called me. It was only a matter of time before I would be on the phone with one because I had already filled out the Contact Form on the page and now was just waiting for the phone call.

I knew that I had a big task ahead of me, but the information I read online made this diet plan seem very simple, easy and convenient to do. So, that eased my worry that I would be able to be successful on staying focused and committed to a diet plan! In addition to the simplicity of the diet plan, it was also said to be very safe to do as well. The hormone that was used in the clinically proven HCG Injections was called human chorionic gonadotropin, and it was said to be a naturally occurring hormone in the body. Both males and females produced this hormone, but when an extra amount was introduced to the body, it helped to decrease the person’s appetite in a big way so that the person could stick to eating only 700 calories per day. The hormone in the injection also helped to “reset” the body’s metabolism, which meant that it helped the person to metabolize the excess stored fat within the body and help him or her to drop pounds quickly.

There was more to the HCG Shots too though. They also contained Vitamin B 12 and a vitamin complex for the purpose of giving the body the energy it would need to survive on such a small number of calories. The vitamins provided energy and “brain food”. The medical mixture was heaven sent to me because it definitely allowed me to not feel hungry and took away the cravings for sweets and other foods that I lived with just about 24 hours a day and 7 days a week! I did not feel hungry and I did not feel cranky or irritable taking in less food.

I have to say that after I talked with a clinical advisor about the diet plan, after I filled out my medical history right there online and after I was medically cleared by an HCG Weight Loss Doctor as being a good candidate to be on this diet plan protocol, and I actually began the diet plan, I felt so much better than I did before I was on the diet. I truly had so much more energy and vitality than I had before taking the injections! I would have thought that I would feel weak and not very well, not eating enough food. I thought that I would want to stay in bed more, but it was the opposite that was true! I would have never believed it, but it was absolutely true! Getting that HCG Prescription from the fully licensed weight loss doctor from Weight Loss Medical Center was what truly changed and saved my life!

Another amazing aspect of the diet program was that I thought that I would have to go to a local weight loss clinic or to a local doctor’s office appointment to get my medical clearance for this medically supervised weight loss program. I also thought that I would have to go to a pharmacy to get the weight loss products, but I did not have to go anywhere! My HCG weight loss kit was shipped directly to my front door via Federal Express from a Weight Loss Medical Center pharmacy and I did not even have to leave my home! Talk about convenience. Also, as I said earlier, I filled out my medical history on a form that was made available to me right there online. My clinical advisor showed me how to get it and after filling it out in the privacy and convenience of my own home, I just sent it in online too! All that I had read on the website right here about how easy getting started on this HCG Diet plan was – was very true!

The diet program was incredibly effective too! I was able to lose 30 pounds in 30 days off my body and I continued losing more weight after that. I am so much happier and healthier now! It is so incredible to me how much a person can change both physically (on the outside and on the inside) and mentally after losing weight! I can do so much more with my life now. I do not stay in bed all day anymore. I do not push my grandchildren away anymore and I love life. Thanks to this amazing Doctor Prescribe HCG Diet for Weight Loss program, my whole life has improved drastically! I will never look back again on the days when I could not even bend down and pick a piece of paper off of the floor without difficulty and without everyone watching me, feeling sorry for me and just wanting to do it for me! I have learned how to live a very healthy lifestyle thanks to this fabulous diet program and the help of my clinical advisor. I can share my new found knowledge with my kids and their kids, so that we can all practice healthy eating and cooking together as a family. My grandchildren can help their grandma to stay healthy, active and young for as long as I live now!

Danielle H.
Jersey City NJ

[To protect the confidentiality of our clients, the above names have been changed. The stories represent composites of our client’s commentary.]