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HCG Injections in New Jersey

I was fired from my job about a year ago and it had felt like since forever since I had worked. I was depleting my savings account almost to the bare bone and the small amount of unemployment money that I was getting from the government was just helping me to get by, but barely. I just did not know where my next dime was going to come from in order to pay my bills and in order to put food on my table for myself and my 2 children. Things were not good in my life and the stress was causing me to eat! The only place I could find comfort for all the terrible stress in my life was in food. I would sneak junk food in the middle of the night or when I was out, I would find myself eating the most unhealthy of foods at fast food restaurants where things were really cheap to purchase. I did go on many interviews for menial jobs, but I just would never get hired. I really did not know why either. The only reason I could come up with was that I was over qualified for most of the positions that I was trying to get. After most interviews, when I knew that I was not going to get the job, I left feeling completely defeated and I would stop at a fast food drive thru and get cheap, fattening and fried junk from the menu. I would eat whatever I bought quickly before I even got home. The shame I felt from doing this was massive, but it still somehow helped to decrease my overall stress level. I know it sounds difficult to understand the psychology behind what I was doing, but somehow it did make me feel better. One day; however, I realized that perhaps I was not over qualified for some of the jobs that I was interviewing for, but instead they just did not like what I looked like and that is why they did not hire me. I had gained a lot of weight over that last year by eating myself through the stress of being unemployed and I was not very attractive in the new overweight body with all the extra fat that I was carrying around with me. The day when I decided that I needed to lose weight with HCG Injections in New Jersey and stop this binge secret eating I was doing, was a day that I will never forget. I had just gotten rejected from yet another job after an interview and was sitting in my car surrounded by hamburger wrappers after I ate 3 hamburgers in a row without even thinking about it. I started to cry uncontrollably as the realization of what I was doing to my body truly hit me for the first time. I mean, it really hit me like a ton of bricks! I could not believe that I had let outside forces beat me down and bring me to a place where I did not even like myself. How in the world did I allow this to happen, I asked myself? How did I get here?

When I got home, I immediately got online and started to look for Where to Get HCG Injections in New Jersey. It was time I put this unhealthy behavior to a stop and begin taking care of myself the way I always should have been doing. I was slowly hurting my insides more and more each day, not to mention my mental health, which was taking a beating too from what I was doing to myself. No more. It was time to change my ways and to get healthy. For myself and for my children! It is not easy to share this personal information about myself with the world here in a blog entry, but I decided that I wanted to write about it so that if there was even just one single person out there going through the same thing I did, I may be able to help him or her. You are not alone out there. There is help if you are suffering. I got the help that I so desperately needed when I found Weight Loss Medical Center online and began their HCG Weight Loss program; the diet program that literally saved my life!

When I found this website online, I read through the many pages of terrific, informative information about the diet plan. Every page I read made me feel comforted and as though there was actually a diet plan that I could do that would work for me with lasting effects of weight loss! So many of the ads I saw on television or in magazines for weight loss programs were for diet plans that involved taking diet pills or using drops or sprays which just never seemed to work for anyone I knew in the long term. They would lose weight while taking these chemical medications, but the weight loss never lasted and the pills had terrible side effects. I never wanted to experience that. This HCG Diet; however, was something much different than anything I had read or heard about before and I was very excited to try it out as soon as I could.

I filled out the Contact Form on the page I was reading, and in no time, I was contacted by a clinical advisor from the company. She was incredible! She was so kind and understanding to my situation and did not make me feel badly or like I was being judged, but instead, she made me feel understood and comfortable knowing that I was not the only one who found herself in this terrible position. The clinical advisor also gave me so much hope that I could very easily and quickly change things around and by going on this Doctor Prescribe HCG Diet for Weight Loss, I could lose up to 30 pounds in 30 days by simply following the directives exactly as instructed for the weight loss plan protocol. It was really as easy as that! My clinical advisor explained to me that the 700 calorie diet I would have to go on for the next 6 weeks was very doable because of the injections that I would be taking. The shots worked to help majorly decrease the appetite so that the cravings for the junk foods that I was eating would disappear. The hormone in the shot was called human chorionic gonadotropin and was a very natural hormone that was already being produced by the body. It worked in conjunction with Vitamin B 12 and a vitamin complex, to not only decrease my appetite, but to also to metabolize the excess stored fat within my body to produce very quick weight loss. These HCG Injections were almost like a miracle sent to me (via Federal Express in a discreet package that came right to my front door directly from a Weight Loss Medical Center pharmacy) and I could not have been more excited to start anything in my life – especially a diet plan! Go figure that one out!

I knew that massive change was about to occur for me as I lost weight fast on this medically supervised diet plan and I was finally ready! After I filled out my medical history on an online form that my clinical advisor directed me to right here on this website, I had to wait for my health to be cleared as good enough to go onto this incredibly innovative and wonderful new way to lose weight diet plan. My medical history was going to be reviewed by a fully licensed HCG Weight Loss Doctor and I was so happy and comfortable with the knowledge that my health was being put into the good and professional hands of licensed diet doctors. I was happy to have been cleared medically after only a short waiting time and I was ready to receive my weight loss products and supplies in the mail.

I was a bit concerned about the cost of the diet program because of being on a really tight budget, but when my clinical advisor told me the price of the entire diet program, including all the weight loss products and supplies including the HCG Shots, the supplies for self injecting, the doctor’s individualize attention to my medical history and constant contact with a clinical advisor for my entire 6 week diet program, I truly could not believe how affordable it was! I had put some extra “emergency” money aside for the purpose of my something as important as this and now was the time to use it! My health had no price tag and I was ready to become the person that I deserved to be. I wanted to simply become a thinner version of myself; one with a much higher self esteem who could walk into an interview every time and nail it because of my high confidence level! I also wanted to be a better and more confident mother and give my attention to my children rather than to my own self inflicted issues.

Well, I certainly got what I asked for. I actually did lose 30 pounds in 30 days and the last 2 weeks of the diet program shed even more weight off my body. I was not longer binging on forbidden foods, but learned how to prepare healthy, low calorie foods from a list that my clinical advisor sent to me in my HCG weight loss kit. She sent me acceptable foods to eat and enough choices of them so that I got to choose to eat what I liked!

I was so thrilled with my weight loss that I wanted to show it off to everyone! I also learned how to keep this weight off by learning healthy eating habits from my clinical advisor and I planned on staying healthy and fit for life now. I was also very excited to teach my children what I had learned about living a healthy lifestyle and we shopped and cooked together, which was great quality family time that we needed together. I am still looking for a job, but the prospects are looking really positive! I feel like a new person in my new body with my new outlook on life and my future, and that helps in every aspect of my life. I owe it all to the HCG Diet Program that Weight Loss Medical Center offers and I hope that my story has inspired people to jump on the bandwagon and lose weight this way too! It is fast, easy, completely convenient, very safe and very effective diet plan! I promise you! I am many sizes smaller now and gave away all my old clothing that happily does not fit me anymore. I know that I will never fit into those clothes ever again and am waiting for a new great job so that I can afford to buy a whole new wardrobe for myself! I not only need the new clothing, but feel as though I had accomplished so much by sticking to this diet program and being a great success story, that I deserved a the new wardrobe! Yeah for me!

Janelle E.
Toms River NJ

[To protect the confidentiality of our clients, the above names have been changed. The stories represent composites of our client’s commentary.]