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HCG Diet in Los Angeles CA

Never in a million years did I ever think that I would become as overweight as I had become, but after I suffered a terrible car accident, I was laid up for about a good 6 months of time. All I did during that time was sit on the couch or in bed, watch television and eat. My food choices were not even healthy choices either. I ate a lot of junk food and other fattening, high calorie foods. I felt really sorry for myself that I was so hurt and that I would never be able to do many of the things in life that I used to do and wanted to do. I had to get used to a whole other way of living without those activities anymore and for a long time, I was not willing to accept that idea. Finally, one day my husband had a good talk with me and added a little bit a “tough love” in there as well and made me realize that for the sake of our marriage and our children, I was going to have to get myself out of the funk in which I was and start living again. I heard him loud and clear and felt terribly about what my actions were doing to my family. Guilt or whatever you want to call it is what helped me to decide that it was time to get up and moving once again. It had been over a month since my doctor said that I was well enough to get up and out of the house, and I just did not follow through with that until the day my husband told me that I really needed to. My children even joined in the conversation and they all told me how they had been feeling about me and what I had done to my body. That is when I decided that I would look into the HCG Diet in Los Angeles CA. It was my family’s coaxing that got me to make the decision to lose weight and to get my life back and my husband said that he had heard a lot of good things about this kind of diet plan program. He was willing to help me find the best one out there and he said that he would also support me throughout the whole thing too. My kids agreed as well. It was nice to have such strong familial support and that helped to motivate me and it also helped me in the end to lose a lot of weight!

The morning after my talk with my family, I started to look online for Doctors Prescribe HCG Diet in Los Angeles CA. I knew that all prospective clients needed a doctor’s prescription in order to go onto this diet plan because it was a completely medically supervised weight loss program. I was fine with that and actually really liked the idea that I would be cared for by fully licensed doctors who took an interest in my health and well being rather than a weight loss program that just sold me diet products and left me to my own devices, if you will. After I spent a good amount of time reading through the website and learning all about this diet program, I felt really good about it. There was a plethora of information about all aspects of the HCG Diet Program, plus the many testimonials that were on the website made me truly believe in the diet plan even more. People from all walks of life and from all different parts of the country wrote testimonials about their experiences on the weight loss plan. There were many people who gained a lot of weight due to similar situations such as my own and they were able to lose all the weight they gained on this diet plan! I really felt as though I was not alone and that was a really great feeling. There are not many people out there – so I thought – who could truly understand what I was going through. Losing the ability to do so many of the great things that I did before the accident was devastating, but these other people talked about how they got through it and that helped to motivate and inspire me. Reading the HCG Weight Loss success stories from other accident victims really was like being in a support group in a way. I did not get to speak back to these people, but just reading their stories was enough to make me begin to believe that I could make a new life for myself that I enjoyed just as much or even more than my life before my accident.

After I finished reading enough from the website, I was excited to actually be able to speak with someone one on one from the company. I took the next step and filled out my basic information (nothing too personal) on the Contact Form on the website. Then it was just time to wait for someone to contact me. Before no time at all, a clinical advisor from the company phoned me and we had a really terrific talk. Our rapport was great right from the beginning of the conversation, as she was really friendly, completely understanding to my situation and she was really knowledgeable about the HCG Diet and everything that it encompassed.

After talking to her, I was even more excited to start on the diet plan, but first I needed to fill out my medical history. I was a little bummed about that because I was pretty tired of sharing my medical ailments from all that I had been through, but as soon as I realized that I was just going to need to fill out a medical history form online and not have to visit any doctor’s offices for complete medical exams and also that I would not need to go to any HCG Diet Clinics to be evaluated, I was much more at ease. The medical history form was not so complicated at all and again, I was happy that this was a medically supervised weight loss program, so I filled it out quickly, but accurately. Again, in no time, I was medically cleared to begin the diet plan protocol and received my prescription online from an expert weight loss doctor. My clinical advisor said that one of the company’s fully licensed HCG Diet Doctors had reviewed and analyzed my medical history completely and thought that this weight loss plan was a great fit for me and my weight loss goals. She was excited to tell me the news and I was very excited to hear it! Thus began the my weight loss journey and my clinical advisor, along with my husband and my kids stood right by my side the entire 6 weeks that I was doing the diet program.

My husband was by my side when I self administered my first of the HCG Injections, and my clinical advisor was on speaker phone when I did it to help coach me and give me moral support. It was great. What a nice experience. The shot itself was not painful at all and that was due to a couple of reasons. One reason the shot was not painful was because the needles used for the injections are very small and thin. The second reason the HCG Shots were not painful was because the small, thin needles were injected into the skin to the fatty tissue below where there were few nerve endings. I was very happy that this process was going to be so simple and pain free. Another load off my mind that was!

My kids went to our local grocery store with me to purchase the foods that I would eat on the 700 calorie per day diet plan. At first I thought that I would never be able to stick to diet plan that low in calories, but I knew it was very possible after feeling one of the amazing HCG Benefits, specifically the one of having a very decreased appetite. I did not feel hungry and I did not have cravings. It was great! In the package that was shipped to me by my clinical advisor via Federal Express included everything that I would need for the weight loss program. One of the things in the package was a guideline list of acceptable foods that I could eat while on the diet plan. So there was no guessing as to what I could buy and what I could not buy, but I had a nice selection on that list so that I was ensured there would be things I really liked to eat. These foods consisted of every day, normal foods that I liked. My children helped me pick out the foods and then when we got home, they helped me too. As a team, we prepared and portioned out the foods into the right amounts for my meals and I kept them in the refrigerator so that I could heat them up if needed and eat them easily and conveniently when it was time.

This HCG Diet Protocol could not have been easier or more convenient for me. I had a really good experience and at the end of the 6 weeks of doing the diet plan, I was back to the weight that I was before my accident. My whole attitude was more positive and I felt so much better both physically and mentally. I was ready to begin a new life with my family and they were all so happy, as was I. I have to thank my clinical advisor for all her help and for all her confidence that I could be successful at losing all the weight that I lost. I am so happy that I can write this blog entry and have it shared on the website too so that my clinical advisor can read it, along with others who might be motivated by my story to lose weight too! I am also so grateful to Weight Loss Medical Center for helping me find a way back to my family and to my life with their incredible HCG diet program. And of course, I give a huge thank you to my amazing and dear husband whom I love with all my heart.

Erica P.
Los Angeles CA

[To protect the confidentiality of our clients, the above names have been changed. The stories represent composites of our client’s commentary.]