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I had a really interesting experience that got me to find the incentive to lose all the extra weight that I carried around on my body for many years! I am a respected physician in my hometown of Jacksonville FL and have had many loyal patients coming to me for many years. I was not always overweight, but I became that way after I went through a very difficult life situation that I did not really know how to handle. My stress level was so high due to the major life changes that I was going through and the only way I knew how to deal with them was to eat my way through them! I gained a lot of weight and was not happy with myself for that and I knew that I was going to have to search for the best HCG Diet Providers in my community to help me lose weight.

You would think a doctor would or should know better herself about how to care for her needs even during stressful situations; however, that is not always the case. We are all human and we all go through terrible and taxing life circumstances! It most certainly is not always easy to be your own doctor (most times it is impossible to do so), as many may understand. Anyway, one day a new patient came into my office and was there for just a regular check up. She was overweight and not only wanted to make sure that everything was going okay on her insides from all the extra weight she had been carrying around with her for most of her life (she was 50 years old), but she wanted to get weight loss advice from me. Even though she knew that I was not an HCG Diet Doctor myself, she still wanted advice on how to lose her unwanted weight on this kind of diet program in order to stay healthy, and if need be, to get rid of any health issues that I found during her medical exam that were caused by her being heavy.

Because she was a new patient, she had no idea what I looked liked, but after seeing me she had second thoughts about using me as her primary care physician. She was not rude or disrespectful, but at the same time she was very honest in telling me that she wanted to lose weight but did not know how to trust a doctor who was overweight herself. This was the incentive that I needed to realize that I had to lose weight if I wanted to keep my patients, so I started to search for the best HCG Diet Locations where I lived and even outside of my local area. I just wanted the best and I did not really care where I had to go find the absolute best! I knew that I deserved it and that my patients deserve the best possible doctor they could get. I wanted to be that for them. If I was not healthy for myself, how could I be healthy for my patients? Also, how could I possibly think that they could trust me to help them in losing weight or simply in just staying healthy in general when I was not even healthy myself? I could not. That was just not fair to them and that was also when I actually began my goal to work hard to Find HCG Diet Clinics in Jacksonville FL. I found this website and could not be happier about that.

I spent hours upon hours reading all about what this diet program entailed, how it was discovered, including its origin, and all about the British endocrinologist named Dr. A.T.W Simeons who discovered this diet program when he did extensive research with pregnant women. He found that these pregnant women produced so much more of the hormone, human chorionic gonadotropin or HCG then when they were pregnant and I learned how Dr. Simeons related this to weight loss.

This doctor came up with this entire weight loss program and when it reached the United States, it blew up in popularity to unbelievable levels! Everyone from all over the country wanted to know about it, including myself at this point! I could not stop reading the pages of this website, as I needed to know every single thing that was to be known about the diet program before I went on to it myself. I called the company on their toll free number and spoke to an extremely kind and professional expert clinical advisor who answered the phone. I explained to her what I did for a living and about my situation of being overweight, and she spoke to me with the utmost respect as both an educated doctor and as a prospective client of this HCG Diet Program. The clinical advisor was also extremely warm, understanding and patient with me too. Yes, she was very knowledgeable and professional, but she also showed that she was human too. That was really nice. She wanted to educate me with her incredible expert knowledge about this diet plan so that I was comfortable enough to go onto the diet plan myself and to lose weight successfully. I was also asking for my own patients too because if I was successful on losing weight easily, safely and quickly on this HCG Diet protocol, then I could share it with my patients who came into my office asking for help with their weight loss needs. What better way to trust in a weight loss program than if it comes highly recommended by not only a fully licensed physician herself, but also a fully licensed physician who lost weight herself on that exact same diet program that she is recommending? Sounded like a win win situation to me!

As a fully licensed physician myself, I thought that this HCG Weight Loss program was incredible. I loved how it was extremely different than any of the other weight loss programs out there. It was extremely revolutionary and innovative! It did not even attempt to offer drops or sprays that these other weight loss company, health food stores, vitamin supplement stores or even personal trainers would offer. I understood completely that the drops and sprays were fraudulent. In order to have the true HCG Benefits from the hormone help a person to lose weight quickly, they had to be real and authentic, contain the correct amount of hormone needed to help a person lose weight and they also had to be taken by injection in order to reach the bloodstream.

I had many patients who came to me with weight loss issues complaining that they were never able to lose weight after taking the drops and sprays that they believed to be the real genuine HCG hormone, when in fact the drops and or sprays that they were taking were knock offs of the real product. These drops and sprays were taken orally by mouth and sent directly to the stomach. The strong acids in the stomach worked very quickly to break down and metabolize the hormone so fast that the product never had the opportunity to reach the bloodstream. Plus, I also knew that even if some of the hormone did get to the bloodstream, it was certainly not even close to being enough to do any kind of work to help with weight loss. The products to begin with did not contain enough of the necessary hormone! This is exactly what I had to explain to my patients who came to me complaining that they had paid a lot of money at HCG Weight Loss Clinics for drops and sprays, but could not lose weight. The clients would always feel discouraged and betrayed by those who made promises of great weight loss, when the sellers knew that they were scamming their clients all along. The biggest horror of that whole idea is that what they were doing was not considered illegal, so they could continue to get away with it – and they still do it to this day. They buy faux diet products cheaply from overseas (most times) and sell them here in the United States for high prices with false promises to their clients. Terrible! Hopefully, anyone reading this blog entry will understand this idea and make sure they are being sold the real diet products before going on any diet plan!

The only way to successfully lose weight on an HCG Diet Program is by using real and authentic human chorionic gonadotropin that you can find right here on this website! The hormone is injected by a small and thin needle into the fatty tissue below the skin and then it is sent right to the bloodstream. Once the product reaches the bloodstream, it is then sent the hypothalamus which is the hunger control center of the brain. The hypothalamus then sends signals to the body for it not to be hungry. This is a very powerful process and the entire weight loss protocol truly works when taken with Vitamin B 12 and a vitamin complex along with an easy to do 700 calories per day diet plan. I know because I did it.

When I went back to work, many patients who wanted to lose weight and to whom I spoke about this diet plan had cringed at the idea when I would tell them about the very low number of calories that they would be able to eat per day; however, I would tell them that the HCG Diet is set up so that the hormone that they are taking majorly decreases the person’s appetites so that they are not hungry. I often had to explain to my patients that this medical mixture is very safe and effective and will do the trick to decrease appetite if they give it a chance. The hormone also works to metabolize the excess stored fat within the body which produces very rapid weight loss right from the beginning of going on to the weight loss program.

The best part of being able to explain this weight loss program to my patients was that I was talking to them from a place of experience! Because I was a client of Weight Loss Medical Center’s HCG Diet Protocol (when I finally decided that it was time for me to lose weight), I immediately became a person of high credibility. Not only was I their doctor, but I was proof standing right in front of them that this diet plan protocol worked as I talked to them about it. I was thin! The bottom line was that I was able to maintain my believability and trustworthiness with my clients as their physician and as someone who knew what she was talking about.

Let me take a quick step back for a moment and share how I did this Doctor Prescribe HCG Diet for Weight Loss program. I did not have any special privileges nor was I able to take any short cuts just because I was a doctor myself. I still had to go through the entire process of getting medically cleared as a good candidate for this weight loss program. I needed to fill out the easy to do medical history form that was conveniently right there on the website and I was lucky enough to be able to begin dieting on the program very quickly after becoming cleared! It was great to know that I was in good enough physical condition myself to be cleared by one of the company’s fully licensed HCG Weight Loss Doctors! I felt like I was in great hands! My clinical advisor treated me with great respect and even though she was the expert on this diet plan, she knew that I had fully educated myself on the diet plan and on the medical mixture, as I am sure she would understand that any doctor would do if she or he was going to either go onto the diet plan herself or to recommend it to her or his patients. I also liked the idea of being called a client rather than a patient. It just gave me a better feeling of being a real person and not just a number. Unfortunately, in my line of practice, we have to call the people who come to us for help “patients,” but I truly appreciated being called a client instead.

I was thrilled to have found this HCG Diet Protocol and did wonderfully on the diet program for the 6 week time frame that I was on it! I thank my clinical advisor for understanding my position as coming to her as a doctor myself and for her patience and understanding of my needs. I now feel so much better after losing all the weight that I gained due to stress and I am very happy to be taken more seriously by my own patients in my practice. Losing weight has not only made me feel better physically and helped me to avoid any physical problems that I could have developed by gaining all the weight that I had gained, but I also feel more confident in being a doctor that “looks” the part too! I am very good at what I do and would never want to be judged as being a bad or poor doctor because of what I looked like on the outside!

The best thing I could have done was to learn How to Get HCG Injections Prescribed by a Doctor by finding this website, and I definitely have been recommending it to many of my patients who come to me with weight issues. The diet program is truly easy, convenient, fast and effective, not to mention safe for the body since it only uses completely real and authentic human chorionic gonadotropin, which is a naturally occurring hormone in both the male and female bodies! I wish anyone attempting to lose weight the very best of luck in doing so, and as a doctor myself here in Jacksonville FL, you can trust that I know this HCG Diet Program inside and out, not just because I am a doctor myself, but because I personally have experienced the 6 week diet plan first hand. I lost a lot of weight on it and I know that it can be very successful for any kind of person, from anywhere in the country, from any walk of life to lose as much or as little an amount of weight that they want to lose!

Frannie N.
Jacksonville FL

[To protect the confidentiality of our clients, the above names have been changed. The stories represent composites of our client’s commentary.]