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HCG Diet Doctors in Los Angeles CA

Living in Los Angeles CA with all the glitz and glamour of Hollywood makes life a little more difficult for a person who is overweight. I was that person for many years. I lived as an insecure individual with issues with my self confidence and my self worth due to always being surrounded by beautiful and slim actresses and models. There really isn’t anywhere to turn in the Hollywood area without seeing beautiful people running after their dreams of being in the movies or on television. Hollywood was filled with people with stars in their eyes always dressed to the nines and stunningly made up in hair and makeup in hopes of being discovered. I did not consider myself as an attractive woman at all and believe me when I say that I had no stars in my eyes at all – lots of tears maybe – but no stars. I am writing this blog entry to share my thoughts and what helped me to finally make my decision to find HCG Diet Doctors in Los Angeles CA to help me lose weight and feel better about myself physically as well as emotionally and mentally.

I hated to feel invisible and I really disliked being laughed at behind my back and pointed at when I was in public. Yes, people really did that! And these people were not just children who might not have known better! They were adults who really hurt me and made my self esteem dip lower and lower each time I would hear a derogatory comment made about my weight. So, that is what finally made me want to lose weight. I could not stand the negativity that was associated with being overweight and it was time to change my life for the better. If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em, as the old saying goes, so I did! It all began by my asking several people that I knew if they knew How to Find HCG Diet Doctors in Los Angeles CA.

This kind of diet plan was being talked about all over this crazy city and it was said to have helped many celebrities and stars to lose weight very quickly for roles or just to stay in shape to keep up their image. Being overweight is not really accepted in Hollywood, and so, everyone wanted to find the latest and greatest weight loss diet plans and the HCG Diet Program was “it.” It was the newest and greatest fad in this area and although I was a little concerned about how much it might cost me to do this weight loss program, I still wanted to look into it and find out if it was affordable for me or not. Afterall, I was not a celebrity and did not have the kind of money that they had to spend.

When I was led to this website by a person who had actually done this weight loss program and was very successful in losing a lot of weight on it, I was really excited to read the plethora of information that was on each and every page! I was hoping that I could be a success story too, but first off, I did want to find out how much the HCG Diet cost. I had looked all over the website, but I could not find a price for the diet plan! I decided that I had read enough and needed to know the cost before I read further and got more excited about going onto the plan. So, I filled out the Contact Form on the page that I was reading (I found this Contact Form on every page of the website) and waited to get contacted by a clinical advisor from the company.

It did not take long before someone called me at home and she was really nice! I asked her a lot of questions, but the first was how much the diet program cost. I told her that my funds were limited and that everything I had read about the HCG Weight Loss program sounded wonderful, but that I did not want to continue researching it anymore until I knew how much it cost. My clinical advisor apologized to me that I could not have found out the price of the diet program sooner, but she told me why they did not post the cost on the website. My clinical advisor explained that the diet plan cost was the same amount for everyone; however, prices varied slightly because of shipping costs and some other factors, so they always wanted to speak with the prospective client first, get some information from them and then they would be able to quote a completely accurate price for the diet plan. When my clinical advisor told me how much the HCG Diet Protocol cost, I asked her to repeat it. I did not ask her to repeat it because I did not hear her either, but instead, I just could not believe her! It was so incredibly affordable for all that they gave to a client, that it seemed unbelievable to me! However, believe me – I was not complaining. I wanted to start losing weight with this diet program immediately and asked my clinical advisor How to Get HCG Injections Prescribed by a Doctor. She was really happy to hear such motivation and excitement in my voice and said that we could start right away and that she could have my weight loss products and supplies shipped out to me via Federal Express right away as soon I was medically cleared by one of the companies licensed weight loss doctors as being a good fit (and visa versa) for this weight loss program.

My clinical advisor showed me where to go online to get to the medical history form and I filled it out quickly, but accurately, and with the click of my mouse, I had it into the company to be reviewed and analyzed by one of the HCG Weight Loss Doctors. I was so happy that this was a medically supervised diet plan because I only wanted to put my health into the hands of licensed physicians and clinical advisors that were fully trained and knowledgeable about weight loss and especially to this kind of weight loss plan that involves self administering injections of a medical mixture into my body.

The medical mixture that I would be self injecting, I learned, was the very safe and authentic hormone called human chorionic gonadotropin, along with Vitamin B 12 and a vitamin complex. The vitamins were terrific for helping me to have enough energy to feel really good while eating a very low calorie diet of only 700 calories per day. One might think that sounds crazy and impossible to eat such a little bit and survive on that, especially an overweight person who is used to eating so much more than that, but it was completely doable because of the HCG Benefits that came with the shots! My appetite was greatly decreased and I was not hungry like I used to be. I thought that I might be irritable and moody because I was going to be starving, but it was not like that at all! I felt completely normal, full of energy and I did not have the dreadful cravings! I also was extremely happy, as I could actually see a difference in my body during the very first week of being on the diet plan! I was already shedding pounds that were noticeable! My clinical advisor told me that the medical mixture also metabolized the excess stored fat (and I had plenty of that) in my body so that I could lose weight quickly, while at the same time, safely. This HCG Diet Plan was incredible and I could definitely see why this city was full of celebs who absolutely raved about it!

In only 6 weeks of time, I lost so much weight! I was not only super proud of myself for being able to stick to the diet plan protocol, but I also felt so much better physically, and my self esteem rose to a new level that it had never known before! I bought all new clothing and fit in so well with the beauties that pranced around the city. I often pretended to be a Hollywood star myself! I want to thank my HCG Weight Loss Doctors from Weight Loss Medical Center and my clinical advisor for all her help and support during my weight loss journey. I felt as though this company really cared for their clients and I was thrilled to be one of them! I have a new life and a new confidence and self worth! I can promise you one thing for sure – I will never gain the weight I lost back – ever!

Kathy B.
Los Angeles CA

[To protect the confidentiality of our clients, the above names have been changed. The stories represent composites of our client’s commentary.]