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When I had gained over 25 pounds in a matter of only 6 months because of the terrible tragedy I suffered from losing my mother, the weight gain caused me many physical issues and only put me into a worse place then just being emotionally distraught. Losing my mother was probably one of the hardest things I ever had to endure in my life and it really caused me to forget about who I was, kept me crying and in bed for months, my work suffered and my health suffered too. Thank goodness I did not lose my job, as they understood and gave me some personal time off, but my health was another story. I knew that I eventually had to pull myself out of the very dark place in which I was, but it took the help of my best friend to help me to do that. She really did help me to feel better and gave me the motivation to get back to being my old self again. Even though I still mourned for my mother, I knew that I had to lose the weight I had gained so that I did not run into bigger problems with my health. At that point, the physical issues with which I was dealing were reversible if lost the weight. So, knowing that, with the help of my best friend, we looked into HCG Diet Providers in order to find the best weight loss program out there for me. I was rather apprehensive about the whole thing, but my best friend at least got me to get out of bed and try something different than what I had been doing!

At that time, I did not thought that losing weight would be easy for me at all because I was still so sad and felt very little motivation to do anything positive for myself. I felt such a loss in my heart and in my life, that sometimes I wished that could be with my mother, but my best friend always talked me out of those silly thoughts and told me that my mother would want me to continue living the best life I could and would want me to be healthy and happy. That meant that we needed to do the best search of HCG Diet Locations and get me onto a safe and effective diet program that would attend to my individual needs and be sensitive to my present life’s circumstances. We certainly did find that perfect weight loss program and I am here right now to write about it in this blog entry. I know that many people suffer with losing loved ones and I certainly know how difficult it can be. I also know and understand that often times people can gain weight while mourning because they simply neglect their health (and everything else for that matter). I did that too; however, when I finally put my mind to changing my ways, I began to care for myself again. I want people to be able to read about my experience with the best HCG Weight Loss program out there and how it helped me to get both my physical and mental health back! I was able to lose a lot of weight on this diet program and knew that my mother was watching over me the entire time while cheering my progress on from heaven. I knew that she would have wanted me to succeed and that gave me all the motivation that I needed. I thank my best friend for pulling me out of my funk and getting me back to life by showing me what my mother would have wanted for me. I hope I can give others that kind of motivation too.

So, I was out on a hunt to Find HCG Diet Clinics in San Diego CA and it did not take that long before we found ourselves here on this incredible website. If you are reading this blog entry, then you have found this website too (obviously). Please be sure to read through as many pages as you can because you will find the answers to all your questions right here within the pages of this site. This is the diet plan that saved my life and I only want to share it.

When I first started reading the information posted here, I was immediately excited. The HCG Diet Protocol sounded extremely simple for almost anyone to do very conveniently. A person did not even have to leave their home in order to be on this diet plan. All you would need to do is visit your local grocery store to buy healthy low calorie foods that you liked (from a guideline list that your expert clinical advisor from the company would provide to you) and that is it! I also found it great that I would not need to spend a lot money in expensive health food stores and on the other end of that spectrum, I was happy that I could still pick my own HCG Diet Foods and that I did not have to eat pre-boxed or frozen foods that were chosen for me like other weight loss programs work! It was the best of both worlds.

My clinical advisor advised with me that I would need to fill out a form online to share my medical history with professionally licensed diet doctors from the company in order to be cleared as being a good candidate to do this weight loss program. The company did not just sell weight loss products to anyone off the street like health food stores do, for example. The staff at Weight Loss Medical Center are very careful to closely consider each individual’s health situation and to only write an HCG Prescription for those prospective clients whom they believed were good candidates for the diet plan and whom they believed would be successful on the diet plan protocol. I was one of those people and I was thrilled to be on this medically supervised weight loss diet to lose weight quickly and effectively. I only wanted to put my health into the best hands and I definitely did nothing less than that with working with Weight Loss Medical Center!

I lost 30 pounds in 30 days and still more weight after that. Most importantly, as I lost weight, each and every day I gained just a little bit more self confidence and a little bit more will to live. I never stopped missing my mother, but the idea of her not being here anymore, but hopefully in a better place, became a little easier for me each day too and keeping my mind on my goal of losing weight with the HCG Injections helped me to keep me motivated to move on as well. That helped me to move on with my life in a good way. My clinical advisor was a great moral support for me on my weight loss journey and understood how I felt about the loss of my mother and how that led me to being overweight in the first place. She taught me great coping skills to know how to keep the weight off my body after the 6 week diet plan protocol was over.

I learned some great tips for HCG Food Recipes because I needed to be able prepare the foods I bought in healthy low calorie ways. Staying fit, I learned, was not just about eating low calorie foods, but it was also about learning how to prepare these foods in low calorie ways. For example, many people eat low calorie salads and think they are being healthy; however, in actuality, if they are drenching the salads in high calorie and fatty dressings, they are missing the whole point to eating healthy. I was learning all about how to make the best out of my HCG Diet Program experience and I was also learning all I could to stay healthy for life. I know that is exactly what my mother would have wanted for me!

I cannot thank my best friend enough for bringing me out of the darkness and into the light to find happiness once again. As difficult as it may be at times, life must go on even after losing a loved one. I know that is much easier said than done, but you can do it with time. I did! Between the amazing support from my best friend, my clinical advisor and the HCG Weight Loss Doctor who gave me my prescription “for life,” I am eternally grateful!

Daniele A.
San Diego CA

[To protect the confidentiality of our clients, the above names have been changed. The stories represent composites of our client’s commentary.]