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My best friend was all excited and planning her wedding down to every single detail like a typical obsessed bride to be, and I wanted to be there for her in the worst way, but I was having some issues of my own. She asked me to be her maid of honor, as was expected since we had been best friends our whole lives. I, of course accepted the honor, but at the same time, I was terrified and mortified at the idea of having to fit into a maid of honor dress being as heavy as I was. I weighed probably 30 pounds more than our college days and I always dressed in really baggy clothing with big jackets and such to hide my horrible and ugly figure. I did not even like looking in the mirror at myself and would avoid mirrors. That’s how bad it was. I felt so badly about who I was and about what I looked like that I was so close to telling her that I really wanted her to choose someone else to stand next to her at her wedding up in front of all the people who would be staring and judging, as I thought they would be doing. I had to tell someone about how I was feeling, as there was a lot of guilt that I needed to get out of me, but I with all her excitement about getting married, I did not want to burden my best friend with my issues. So, I approached my mother and it was the best thing I could have ever done because we came up with a great solution. We had a really good talk and she suggested that maybe now was the time for me to commit to going onto a diet plan that would finally once and for all take off all the extra weight on me, and then I could get back into the shape that I was in not even 10 years prior. I agreed to the diet plan and my mother promised me that she would support me through everything. We were going to be a team to get me to be able to wear a size 8 or even a size 10 maid of honor dress for my best friend’s wedding and that’s what we did! We immediately started to look for HCG Diet Clinics in San Diego CA. My mother had girlfriends of hers who had been talking about this diet plan and how new and revolutionary it was. The idea of the diet plan was to take injections that contained a hormone that was proven effective to help people experience a decrease in their appetites. Along with that, it would also help their bodies to be able to metabolize the excess stored fat within them in order for them to lose weight quickly. I was not exactly sure what that meant or what exactly was involved with these HCG Injections, so I wanted to learn very quickly. I found all my answers right here on this website.

When I began reading through the pages here, I learned all about the British endocrinologist named Dr. A.T.W. Simeons who did research with pregnant women over a half a century ago. He discovered that when women were pregnant, they produced higher levels of the hormone called human chorionic gonadotropin. The HCG Benefits from this hormone helped them to eat a normal amount (even though they were pregnant) and the baby ate from the metabolized stored fat that was released into the body, rather than the baby eating from the mother’s muscle. It sounded amazing! What an incredible discovery! So, the doctor brought the idea back to the United States that involved adding a little extra of the hormone into an overweight person’s bloodstream through tiny injections for 6 weeks to help them experience the same side effects of decreased appetite and their excess fat was metabolized from their bodies too! These people who took these HCG Shots along with eating a low calorie diet were losing weight rapidly. It was very comforting to know that this hormone was a naturally produced hormone within the human bodies of both males and females. So, there was nothing unnatural about taking these injections. Both my mother and I felt great about that! Included in the medical mixture that I would be taking on this diet plan was Vitamin B 12 and a vitamin complex so that I would have energy and “brain food” to be able to feel great and have the energy needed to survive on a 700 calorie per day diet. Hearing that low number of calories might scare most people, but I had such incentive to fit into a “normal” sized dress for my best friend’s wedding, that I was willing and actually excited to give this HCG Diet Program a try. I had heard nothing but great things about how easy and convenient it was from my mother’s friends as well as from many past clients who had written really heartfelt testimonials about their weight loss success stories and how happy and satisfied they were with their weight loss results and with the company as a whole.

Weight Loss Medical Center was also known for its amazing customer support and credibility as a company that sold only real and authentic products to their clients that they backed up as being 100 percent guaranteed. All of their HCG products were manufactured on United States soil and were over seen by the company’s licensed weight loss doctors to ensure authenticity. Never was anything sold by this company imported from overseas. The clinical advisors who helped the clients gave individualized attention to each and every client that was on the weight loss program and even the HCG Weight Loss Doctors reviewed and analyzed every single client’s medical histories with great care before giving them medical clearance to go onto this medically supervised weight loss program. The diet doctors only gave prescriptions for the diet plan to those who they believed were a good fit for the diet program. After hearing and reading all of this great information about the diet plan program, I was ready to begin it myself with the support of my mother.

We were all ready to Find HCG Diet Clinics in San Diego CA, but after all of our research on the website, we realized that we were not going to have to visit any weight loss clinics at all, but in essence, our home was going to be our very own private weight loss center! That was exciting. We were going to do everything online and over the phone with the weight loss doctors and with the clinical advisor.

When I spoke to my very own clinical advisor on the phone, I had more motivation and excitement than ever to begin losing weight on this diet program. She was so kind and professional and answered all my questions. She even helped me with the first of my HCG Shots when my weight loss kit was shipped to me via Federal Express to my home. I did not have to go to the pharmacy or a doctor’s office to get what I needed. That saved me a lot of time, money and energy too! Not to mention the money I saved in not having to go to a doctor’s office for a medical exam! That appointment alone would most likely cost me more than the entire diet plan protocol was going to cost me! The price for this diet plan was extremely affordable! So far everything was going very smoothly and I was well on my way to being just like the girl who had a ton of confidence in college all those years ago.

Every week that I was on the HCG Diet Program, I lost weight. My mother and I loved looking at the number on the scale drop each and every day and we celebrated when I lost 30 pounds in 30 days! I stayed very consistent during the whole 6 week diet plan protocol, as I followed all of the 4 phases of the diet plan exactly as directed and it all paid off! I was successful! When my best friend saw me after the 6 weeks were over, she actually said, “Hey, you can’t look better than I do! I’m the bride!” We laughed together because I knew she was joking, but she was very happy for me and she was very proud of me too! Her wedding was as successful as my weight loss journey was and both were enjoyable too! I plan on staying as thin as I am today and never gaining the weight back. Before I know it, I hope to be looking for a wedding dress of my own and I want it to be a size 8 or 10! Thank you, Weight Loss Medical Center!

Kandy T.
San Diego CA

[To protect the confidentiality of our clients, the above names have been changed. The stories represent composites of our client’s commentary.]