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I do a ton of traveling for work and I never thought that I would be able to lose weight on a diet plan program because of the amount of time I spent flying from city to city all over the United States. This was proven completely wrong to me when I found HCG Diet Clinics in Greensboro NC. It was like a dream come true that there was a weight loss program out there that tailored to so many different types of people, including those who were very busy travelers and did not spend much time at home. I lived in Greensboro NC, but was only home for very short periods of time each month.

For many years, I knew that I needed to lose weight, not only because of the way that I looked, but also because of the way that I felt on the inside. I lacked energy and I certainly lacked a zest for life because I was always tired and lethargic feeling. I was always able to do my job very well, but it was often difficult to travel for several reasons. I had a lot of trouble fitting into the seats on the airplane and being comfortable sitting all stuffed in the seat for hours at a time, which was quite embarrassing to say the least. Plus, it was not comfortable for the person who had to sit next to me. In addition, I also had trouble running from gate to gate at airports carrying not only my luggage, but also all the excess weight on my body. These were dead giveaways that I really needed to lose weight, but I had no idea how I would be able to attend any Local HCG Diet Clinics in Greensboro NC when I was hardly ever home. Luckily, I quickly found out from reading this website (while on a flight) that I did not have to be in North Carolina in order to lose weight! I learned that I would be starting the diet program by giving my information and medical history over the phone and online and my supplies would be shipped via Federal Express to wherever I was, therefore traveling would not be an issue if I wanted to lose weight on this kind of diet plan

I would be able to travel with my weight loss products and supplies and self inject the shots in any hotel room, with or without the help of a clinical advisor over the phone. All I needed to do was make sure that I could keep my weight loss medications refrigerated while on the road and that issue could be solved by just carrying a small cooler with an ice pack. In addition, I could also carry the small cooler around with portioned out amounts of food to eat while traveling. Within the HCG weight loss kit that I would get shipped to any address that I provided to the company, I would also receive a list of acceptable foods to eat while on weight loss diet plan. These foods included such things as fresh vegetables and fresh fruits, along with lean meats. There were many other foods that I could choose from as well, and these were all foods that I would be able to find in restaurants too if I was not able to bring food with me. Often times I knew that I would have to eat out in restaurants because of meetings I would have to attend with other executives or because I did not have time to prepare my own foods. I could even find acceptable foods to eat in fast food restaurants. I had a truly crazy daily schedule and with all the meetings that I had on a daily basis and also having to run to catch flights city to city, I wasn’t expecting a diet program to be easy to stick to, but I was wrong. With all that said, I really did not have any excuse as to why I could not lose weight on this HCG Weight Loss program. It was very friendly for travelers.

Once I found out that I could definitely lose weight successfully on this weight loss program, I filled out the Contact Form on the website and waited for a call from a clinical advisor to begin discussing exactly what I would need to do on this diet plan protocol. I had a pretty good idea what was involved in this weight loss plan from reading the extremely informative website, but there was nothing like direct contact with another human being that made things very real and clearer to me. So, I waited for the much anticipated phone call which came not long at all after I filled out the Contact Form. The clinical advisor who was assigned to me was extremely kind, compassionate and professional all at the same time. We immediately clicked and I shared with her how difficult my schedule was and that I would probably be calling her from all different cities around the United States for her help while losing weight on this HCG Diet. She said that would be no problem at all and that all I had to do was pick up the phone and call her and she would help me with food choices, my injections, or with anything else that I needed involving the weight loss program.

Since I knew that I was going to be in another city and away from Greensboro NC, I asked my clinical advisor if she could ship my products and supplies to a hotel room that I knew I would be staying at for at least a week. She said that it would not be a problem because she would be shipping my package to me via 2 day Federal Express. So we made an exact plan of when I would be at a certain location and that is when she sent out my HCG weight loss kit. I conveniently received it in my hotel and it was packaged very discreetly for my privacy. As soon as I got it from the front desk of the hotel, I went to my hotel room and called my clinical advisor for help with my very first injection. I had already watched some videos online that she direct me to in order to see how to self inject the small thin needles into my skin to the fatty tissue below. However, it was still nice to have her on the phone to direct me verbally for the first of the HCG Shots I would be taking during the short 6 week weight loss plan protocol. The injection was relatively pain free and I was very happy about how easy and simple it was to do. My clinical advisor said that I could call her again the next day to self administer the second injection, but I told her that calling her would not be necessary as the self administering of the shots was much easier than I ever anticipated them to be.

I am so happy to be writing this blog entry for all those who travel a lot for work or even for pleasure to read. I am sure that many travelers believe the same way that I did at first; that a weight loss program would be very difficult or even impossible to stick to because of the amount of flying and moving around the country they were doing, just like I was always doing. Well, that could very easily be true if it were any other weight loss program besides the HCG Diet Program from Weight Loss Medical Center. This program offered a lot more than just selling supplies and products to those who want to lose weight. You will always have a clinical advisor on hand to help you during your 6 week diet plan, the diet program will always be medically supervised by licensed physicians no matter where you are in the country and the program as a whole will not take up a lot of time because of how convenient it is. This diet plan has my stamp of approval for sure and I am thrilled to share that I lost a total of 30 pounds in 30 days to start, more weight during the last two weeks of the diet program and I am continuing to lose weight daily as I stick to a very strict diet of foods that I actually love to eat and am now easing into an exercise regimen.

This Doctor Prescribe HCG Diet for Weight Loss has taught me great tricks and tips for eating well and living a very healthy lifestyle! I will never go back to being the person who was embarrassed because I could barely fit into an airplane seat or the same person who was out of breath running from gate to gate to make my flight! I am now thin and healthy and will remain this way for the rest of my life!

Reese G.
Greensboro NC

[To protect the confidentiality of our clients, the above names have been changed. The stories represent composites of our client’s commentary.]