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HCG Diet Centers in New Jersey

I was suffering in many ways because I was so overweight. My job, which I was very happy to have and did not want to lose, was complaining about me under-producing. I even got spoken to one day by my boss for looking like I was “dosing off” when I was supposed to be working. That was really embarrassing and unprofessional of me. I definitely felt lethargic and lacked energy during the days because I slept terribly at night. I can’t only blame my feeling tired during the days on my lack of sleep though, as it was also due to my being overweight in general. In fact, we all know they are all tied together. After work, I would come straight home and get into bed or sit on the couch and watch television. I would have a remote in one hand and most likely a doughnut or sandwich in the other hand. That was my daily routine and it had to change. I was a very unhappy person and life was just passing me by. I did not want to live like that anymore and it took seeing a weight loss commercial on television, for me to get up off the couch and jump onto the computer to do some research on weight loss programs. Maybe now I would find something that would work for me, I thought, and that is when I began to try to figure out How to Find HCG Diet Centers in New Jersey. I was not exactly sure what kind of weight loss diet centers I would find in Passaic NJ, but I looked anyway and found the diet program that would be what changed my entire life! Weight Loss Medical Center was my life saver!

When I found this incredible weight loss program, I was thrilled! First of all, it was great to know that I would not have to leave my home to get started! I filled out the Contact Form on the page here on this website and by the next morning, I was contacted by a clinical advisor who was so friendly, kind, caring and professional that she made me feel instantaneously comfortable with sharing my situation. She was extremely knowledgeable about the entire HCG Diet Program and answered all my questions about the diet plan protocol and she also listened to my weight loss goals and the reasoning as to why I wanted to lose weight. I thought that the individualized attention that she gave me was really great and I appreciated it so much. I had never heard of a weight loss program that catered to their clients the way that this diet program’s staff did. She made a promise that if I went onto the diet program, that she would be there for me every step of the way from the very first day of the diet plan to the last day. This medically supervised weight loss program even offered me the expertise from a fully licensed HCG Weight Loss Doctor who was going to review and analyze my medical history once I filled out the online form. The doctors that worked for Weight Loss Medical Center were very cautious in making sure that each and every prospective client that wanted to go onto the diet plan was healthy enough to do so. I took that as a great sign that this weight loss program was real and not just a scam diet program that wanted to make money by selling weight loss products to people and then just left them on their own to lose weight. This great diet program required that the diet doctors give out an HCG Prescription before the person was able to receive the weight loss products. Most people that attempted the other faux diet plans, most likely would fail at losing weight. Or they would lose weight at first and then gain it all back shortly after. They did not learn the tricks and tips to change their entire lifestyle, but the diet programs only gave them the pills, drops, sprays or powders that would act instantaneously to help the people lose weight – and in not so healthy of ways.

So, anyway, it was great to be able to have a diet doctor clear me medically and give me a prescription for this weight loss plan online. I did not need to visit any doctor’s offices for any exams or even go to any HCG Diet Centers in New Jersey. I was so happy to be able to keep my business confidential and not have eyes watching me in a weight loss clinic. I also always felt completely uncomfortable at doctor’s offices with everyone looking around the waiting room at everyone else wondering why they were there. That’s how I felt anyway. Then to have your name yelled across the waiting room and having to get up and walk into the examination room area with all eyes on you – no thank you! I hated that and I only did it when absolutely necessary. Thanks to this unique diet plan, I had complete privacy during the entire diet program and I loved that! No one would be staring at me when I was in my own comfortable home! It was so convenient for me too! It saved me a ton of time avoiding having to sit in those cold doctor’s office waiting rooms and it saved me gas money too, not having to drive to doctor’s offices, weight loss clinics or pharmacies.

All my products for the HCG Injections and supplies for self administering them were delivered via a Federal Express shipment directly and discreetly to the front door of my house right from a Weight Loss Medical Center pharmacy! The weight loss kit included everything I would need to lose weight safely and effectively. Included in the package was also a guideline list of acceptable foods to eat while I was on the diet plan protocol. I was thrilled that I would not have to eat foods that were prepackaged and predetermined for me. What if I did not like what they had to sell me at around $2.00 per packaged meal? I was thrilled to be able to choose my own foods from the list from my own local grocery store and to be able to ensure that I would like what I was eating while on the diet plan. Preparing the foods was simple and my clinical advisor shared tricks and tips with me about how to prepare the foods in healthy low calorie ways and still have the foods taste delicious. It was fast and easy too. No elaborate cooking or preparing.

The HCG Shots made it very possible for me to be able to consume only 700 calories per day without feeling hungry, cranky or irritable. My cravings disappeared while taking the injections, and even after the diet plan was over, I did not go back to being starving like I used to be before beginning this diet program. Most other weight loss programs that offer diet pills for example, fail because people would immediately start overeating again once they stopped taking the pills. Plus, they did not receive the kind of education about healthy eating, etc. that you get from this diet program!

My appetite was still controlled after the injections were completed and I was able to keep the amazing amount of weight that I lost off my body! This was all due to the amazing HCG Benefits and also everything that I had learned from my clinical advisor while on the diet plan. I learned how to live a completely new and healthier lifestyle. The way that I thought about food was different than ever before and the way I purchased and prepared my foods was different than ever before too! I have Weight Loss Medical Center to thank for changing my life and making me into a person that I love so much more than before. I love my new body and my new outlook on life. I started producing so much better at work, not nodding off on the job anymore because I was sleeping so much better at work and felt energized when I would wake up. That energy took me through my day too! My supervisors noticed and were impressed with the change in me. Life is so much different now and I could not be happier with all aspects of my life professionally and socially. I do not go right home and to bed or the couch anymore! Now I have a lot to live for and I’m doing just that – living!

Edna R.
Passaic NJ

[To protect the confidentiality of our clients, the above names have been changed. The stories represent composites of our client’s commentary.]