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It had been a very long summer and although I was a teacher and had the summer off from teaching, I still had to take on a second job and work all summer long. I am a single mom of three and needed the extra income to make ends meet. Even though this was a very boring job that I did not want to take, I had no choice. The job was indoors and not very fulfilling at all for me. I was used to being engaged with students all day long and moving around the classroom and the school. This summer job; however, had me sitting at a computer desk all day long, and being as bored as I was, I munched on snacks non-stop as I typed and used the phone. There was not any physical activity involved in this job and I gained a lot of weight being stagnant all day. I was so tired after work, that I would go home, take care of my kid’s needs and then go to sleep early so that I could be awake enough to get back to the office the next morning bright and early. Being unhappy with this job, having very little physical activity basically all day long and eating so much, I did not realize how much weight I was gaining. When one of my kids pointed it out to me that I looked “fat,” I was surprised and shocked that I did not notice it myself earlier. I was upset at myself for allowing my body to get to the shape it was in, but I knew that I was going to lose the weight before I started school again in the fall. I did not want to go back to school and have all my students and co-workers see me at this large weight. I had heard about HCG Clinics Paterson NJ and wanted to find out more information about this kind of weight loss program because it seemed really interesting and different to me. The talk about this weight loss program was that it was very easy and convenient to do. I also heard that it was safe for the body and effective in helping people to lose weight quickly and to keep it off too, which was very different than many of the other of the weight loss programs out on the market today.

I had never tried to lose weight on a diet program before, as I never needed to, but I had friends who did. They told me that these other weight loss companies were pretty much only out to sell weight loss products for a high price and that is all the programs offered. They gave very minimal customer service in helping their clients to stay motivated, eat right, exercise and everything else that is involved in losing weight on a diet plan. Weight Loss Medical Center was a very innovative diet plan program that prided itself on amazing customer service. Their HCG Weight Loss program offered very knowledgeable and professional clinical advisors, who made themselves available to their clients for any questions and concerns they might have at any time during their weight loss journey. The clinical advisors stayed by their client’s sides step by step through the entire 6 week diet plan program. They were available by phone any time to help with injections and actually taught their clients how to live new healthy lifestyles.

In addition to great clinical advisors, the weight loss program was said to be a completely medically supervised program overseen by professionally licensed HCG Weight Loss Doctors. These doctors made sure that all products and supplies sold by Weight Loss Medical Center were real and authentic. Other companies often try to sell fraudulent diet products that do not contain the correct amount of the necessary hormone or that are taken orally through drops, sprays or powders. Through my reading, I had learned that these orally taken weight loss products are not effective. Either they do not contain the correct amount of hormone needed to be effective or they never reach the bloodstream where the medicine needs to go in order to “reset” the body’s metabolism to help it burn excess stored fat, hence helping the client to lose weight. When taken orally, these HCG drops and sprays go to the stomach first, where they are metabolized by the stomach acids. In other words, products sold by other weight loss clinics, personal trainers or health food stores, for examples, are simply not effective. Please look out for faux diet weight loss products such as these, in order to avoid great disappointment when attempting to lose weight, but failing.

I had heard so many people talking about the Weight Loss Medical Center HCG Diet confirming over and over again that it is real and that also because all products and supplies are manufactured here in the United States of America, the company is able to oversee all the production for the products they sell. There is nothing wrong with buying products from overseas; however, it is my belief that when dealing with your body and your health, you should look for the very best and that is what you can find here in my experience. You even need to get a doctor prescribed HCG Prescription before being allowed on this weight loss plan. In order to get this prescription, clients are required to fill out a medical history form which can be found here on the website. Your clinical advisor will direct you to it after speaking with him or her. After you completely fill out the medical form, it is then reviewed and analyzed by one of the fully licensed physicians. Once medically cleared by a diet doctor, the client is then shipped all the weight loss products needed for the diet plan protocol by their clinical advisor. Federal Express will ship directly from the Weight Loss Medical Center pharmacy to your front door in a quick and discreet manner.

I was lucky enough to get to experience all this amazing convenience when I went on this HCG Diet Program. My clinical advisor was incredible to me. From the first moment I spoke with her on the telephone, she was extremely friendly, understanding, compassionate and knowledgeable. She answered all my questions and concerns about the diet plan protocol and put my mind at ease as to the next upcoming 6 weeks where I would be eating a very low calorie, healthy diet while self administering HCG Shots to myself. She told me that she would be there for me every step of the way and she even helped me with my first injection via telephone.

One of the best things about this diet program, and there are so many great things to choose from, was its incredible convenience factor. I was working a full time job and had no time to be running around to weight loss clinics or to doctor’s office appointments in order to go on a diet plan. I learned quickly that I would never have to enter a doctor’s office or an HCG Weight Loss Clinics in Paterson NJ, but that I could actually do the diet program from anywhere in the United States because it was all done over the phone and online. I also loved the idea that I would never be seen getting weight loss products at my local pharmacy. I loved having complete privacy during my weight loss journey.

I lost 30 pounds in 30 days and even more weight after that. By the time school was ready to begin in the fall, I knew that I would be back to the normal weight that I should be. I was excited that no one from school would even know that I had gained weight during what was a very boring summer for me doing a job I did not like. It was unfortunate that I could not enjoy my summer as much as I would have liked to, but I knew it was for a good cause and that I would make up for it during my teaching job which I loved so much. Again, I caution people against any other weight loss programs that sell fake weight loss products, and only put my trust in the HCG Diet from Weight Loss Medical Center. I want to say a big thank you to my clinical advisor who believed in me from day one and made my weight loss experience a positive one for me. She also helped me to believe in myself as well. I did it and here I am to share that if you want to lose weight, you can do it too! Everything is here for you right at your fingertips!

Angela P.
Paterson NJ

[To protect the confidentiality of our clients, the above names have been changed. The stories represent composites of our client’s commentary.]