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Years of schooling to become a physician in pediatrics had taken their toll on me. While in school and doing my residency, I really did not have much time for anything else besides studying and spending most of my time in the hospital working. You would think that doctors take the best care of themselves, but that is often a misconception. In my particular case (which I am sure is common with many other student doctors and doctors), I was unable to take the best care of myself due to the simple fact that I did not have a lot of time. That might sound like an excuse (and it probably is), but all I felt I had time for was studying and working and I ended up neglecting to work out or to eat right. Between classes were visits to the vending machines and during breaks from the hospital were quick runs to fast food restaurants. I had gained a lot of weight in the years of studying to be a doctor and then when I was really close to graduating and being able to start practicing, a light bulb went off over my head and I decided that before graduation, I wanted to lose weight! All I could think of was the poor example that I would be setting when I actually started to see children in an office of my own. I felt like I would be a complete hypocrite in trying to teach them about good health, when I was not even close to a good example of “good health” myself. How could I join in on the fight against children being overweight when I was overweight myself? That is when I decided that the best thing for me to do would be to ask around for Where to Find HCG Clinics in San Diego CA to lose weight fast on medically supervised weight loss program. I would not trust any other weight loss programs that were not medically supervised by licensed doctors because I knew the training first hand that doctors had to go through and I only wanted trained and licensed physicians to help me lose weight. It was time to turn my body into one that made me proud and one that made me a good example for the children and families that I would be treating.

When I began to ask around for the best HCG Clinics in San Diego CA, I was approached by a friend and classmate of mine with whom I went through schooling and residency. She was studying to be an OB/GYN and I was studying to be a pediatrician, but we did have to take many of the same classes together, so we did spend a lot of time together. She was overweight as well and we decided that we were going to lose weight together. We thought we could help each other and give each other moral support in staying on a weight loss plan, while working long hours. We both thought that the HCG Diet Protocol would be the best weight loss plan to go on because it would not require us to take time off from work to have medical examinations in doctor’s offices with long waits in their waiting rooms and we would not have to visit any local weight loss clinics and be on a group weight loss program where we had to do everything according to the group schedule. We needed to have our weight loss plans tailored to our schedules and to our time frames. Plus, for me personally, I wanted to keep my weight loss journey on the down low and private. I did not need everyone knowing what I was doing and the HCG Diet Program from Weight Loss Medical Center was perfect for both my friend’s and my needs. In fact, I will make the bold statement to say that I think that this diet plan is amazing for any really busy person with a strict working schedule, no matter what it is that he or she is doing for work.

During our research of this specific diet plan protocol, my friend and I read all about the origin of the weight loss diet and how it was discovered by Dr. A.T.W. Simeons. This doctor was a world known British endocrinologist who made the most revolutionary and innovative discovery for HCG Weight Loss ever! My friend had heard his name before and she was really interested in his work, especially because she was studying to be an OB/GYN. Because of chosen profession, she was obviously really intrigued by Dr. Simeons’ work with pregnant women. She was fascinated to learn that pregnant women produced extra amounts of the hormone, human chorionic gonadotropin or HCG, which helped metabolized and release excess stored fat in the pregnant woman’s body, which would then feed her baby. My friend learned about the myth of a mother “eating for 2,” but that this was really not true. Dr. Simeons showed how a mother does not need to eat so much more food when she is pregnant. Those mothers to be who gained incredible amounts of weight when with child, would often use being pregnant as an excuse, when in actuality, they really did not need to eat as much as they were eating “for their babies” as they would say.

From Dr. Simeons’ work, came the amazing HCG Injections, which became known around the country for their amazing effects on quick weight loss. The doctor figured out that if a non-pregnant person who was overweight injected a little extra human chorionic gonadotropin into the fatty tissue below the skin, plus he or she also added Vitamin B 12, a vitamin complex and stayed on a low calorie diet of only 700 calories per day, they would lose an incredible amount of weight in a very healthy and safe way. As a doctor myself, I wish that I had been the one who discovered this amazing idea!

The HCG Diet lasted for 6 weeks and with the help of each other and our expert clinical advisors from the company, my friend and I both lost a lot of weight. We did it easily too! The diet plan protocol allowed us to do the self injecting on our schedule and it also allowed us to actually save a lot of time and money by preparing portioned out foods to take to school and work with us! We did not need to spend lots of time and money in specialty health food stores or organic food stores either! We just went to our local grocery stores and followed the guideline list that our clinical advisor sent us in our weight loss kits. The list was only a guideline, so that there were no questions about what was acceptable to eat or not eat on the diet program. We got delicious foods like fresh fruits, fresh veggies and lean meats. Graduation was coming up soon and we are both very excited to walk for our diplomas as thin doctors!

When I treat my children now, I will feel like I am setting a great example for them when I talk about them getting proper nutrition and exercise on a daily basis. The HCG Benefits of decreased appetite and the metabolizing of my excess stored fat in my body were incredible and really worked! As a doctor myself, I would recommend this way of losing weight to anyone. You will never be alone on this diet plan, as you will always have your clinical advisor there to help you with any questions or concerns that you have about the weight loss program, plus you will always be supervised by one of the company’s HCG Weight Loss Doctors who work through the clinical advisors.

You will also need get a prescription before starting the diet plan protocol, so you can be assured that you are a good fit for the diet program and that the diet program is a good fit for you. But that is super easy to do! All you will need to do is fill out an online medical history form on the website and send it in for clearance by the licensed diet doctor. Once cleared, that is when you will receive your HCG Prescription and have all your weight loss products and supplies shipped to you via Federal Express right to your front door! It is so easy and so convenient and most of all – so highly effective! Listen to a new doctor and get yourself on this diet plan by either filling out the Contact Form on this page or by calling the phone number above. I am thrilled with my weight loss results and you can be too! Thanks for reading my blog entry and I hope that it has inspired and motivated you to take care of your body (and your mind too)!

Angelina H.
San Diego CA

[To protect the confidentiality of our clients, the above names have been changed. The stories represent composites of our client’s commentary.]