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You all may have heard this story a million times about wanting to impress your old high school friends at your 20 year class reunion, but I thought that I would share my story in this blog entry because it is a little different than most that just want to impress their old high school friends and even enemies. I had a little more to prove to those who had known me in high school. I was a football jock and very popular in high school and I admit to possibly even being a bit snobby too at times. I was arrogant and could tend to be a bully as well. Admitting that is not an easy thing to do, but I know it is the right thing to do at this point. I have learned so much, in the last few years, about what bullying does to kids and how it can stick with them way into adulthood. The hurt imposed on kids from bullying can become so deep that it affects all aspects of their lives. I did not realize what I was doing at the time all those years ago when I would make fun of others and make them feel badly about themselves. I had no idea of the extent of the hurt I was imposing onto others, and I do want to truly apologize to anyone in high school that I may have offended during those 4 years! I don’t really know any other way of doing that except to go to my 20 year reunion (I skipped my 10 year reunion) and actually apologize in person to anyone I may have hurt. Maybe that would help to give them closure and a way to move on from it if they had not already. As you get older, you realize all the very immature things that you did years prior that might have hurt others. It is not until you become a wiser adult when you realize the damage that you may have done to young people who carry around the hurt inside them way into adulthood. In addition to that, I kind of got a small “taste of my own medicine” when people started making fun of me because I became overweight. It certainly did not feel good when people would stare or make comments about my weight. I was never used to being heavy, but when I got fired from my job, I fell into a deep sadness and had an overwhelming amount of stress as to how I was going to pay my bills. All this caused me to overeat in order to ease my negative feelings. Before I knew it, I had gained a lot of weight and could not believe what my body turned into. Before I went to my high school reunion, I was committed to losing all my extra weight because I did not want people to see me looking so differently than they how they remembered me looking back in high school. I had heard about HCG Clinics New Jersey and that this was a really easy, convenient, safe, effective and fast way to lose weight on a medically supervised weight loss program.

I had tried other weight loss program over the years since gaining all my extra weight, but they were all gimmicks that just sold me diet pills that actually worked against me in the short term as well as in the long run and made me feel anxiety, jittery and nervous. I could not take them for long, so they never worked for me. Getting weighed in front of people at diet centers was also not my thing. Also, eating packaged frozen foods or boxed foods was rather distasteful to me as well. I needed to find something that fit for me that I knew I could commit to and be successful in losing weight on. I also had way too much pride to go to any HCG Weight Loss Clinics to lose weight and loved the idea that I could lose weight in privacy on this diet plan. Yes, I did get older and wiser, but it still did have a bit of ego attached to me, and although I could admit to being wrong in high school for hurting others, leopards don’t completely change their spots. I wanted to lose weight in the privacy of my own home without being looked at or judged. One of the best things that I learned when reading about this weight loss program from this website was that products and supplies for weight loss were shipped via Federal Express directly to one’s home. There was never a need to go to any doctor’s office visits or weight loss clinics to get a doctor’s HCG Prescription. I also would not have to go to any pharmacies to pick up products and supplies. I would save time and energy, embarrassment and even gas money too! What more could I ask for in a weight loss program? In addition to that, each client was assigned a clinical advisor who would be by your side every step of the way while on this particular 6 week diet plan protocol. I felt as though this was the plan for me and was very excited to get started. I was overjoyed to learn that although I was looking for HCG Weight Loss Clinics New Jersey, all I really needed was my phone and my Internet connection in order to go onto this diet plan! Whether I was in Trenton NJ or San Francisco CA, I would still get the same attention while on this weight loss diet! My high school reunion was coming up very quickly and I wanted to be in good shape well before I left for my hometown to revisit my past and make good with those who I had ever hurt. I was very serious about making amends.

When I finally called to speak with the clinical advisor, she was very kind and nonjudgmental towards me. I was nervous about being honest about the reasons why I wanted to look good for my 20 year high school reunion, but my worry was a waste of time because my clinical advisor understood completely. The last thing I wanted was for people to gawk at me being overweight, telling me that I got what I deserved. I would prove that I had become a different person and that I was sorry for any hurt I had ever caused anyone while having a good time as the “big man on campus”. The clinical advisor and I talked about the HCG Weight Loss program and what I would need to do in order to stay a compliant with the diet plan protocol. I was willing to commit to the low calorie diet plan and I knew that I could stay true to eating what I needed to and to self administering the shots to myself as I need to also. I was never too fond of needles, but my clinical advisor explained the exact injection process and also shared some online videos about how to self inject and store the weight loss products when not in use. All in all the HCG Shots seemed easy to do, and as my clinical advisor and I spoke more about them, I became less and less apprehensive. It was not until I actually tried them myself when I began the diet program, when I realized that they were indeed very easy and relatively pain free too!

After being medically cleared by a fully licensed weight loss doctor to be on this diet plan, I received a prescription for the diet plan, and shortly after that, my weight loss kit was shipped directly to my front door. Everything so far was completely discreet and private. My medical history was filled out via a form right there on the website. Again, I did not have to worry about doctor’s visits for an exam and I was not inconvenienced in the least bit. The only time I would have to leave my house would be to go to my local grocery store to purchase foods for the diet plan. This was also made super easy by my receiving a guideline list of foods that I would be able to eat while on this HCG Diet. I had many different foods to choose from and they were all normal, everyday foods that were low fat, low calorie and healthy. Some foods on the list included fresh fruits, fresh vegetables and lean meats. These are things that I ate anyway every day. The only difference was that I would prepare the foods in a much more healthy way now, and I would also be eating much smaller portions. This was very doable though because of the medical mixture of the hormone human chorionic gonadotropin, along with Vitamin B-12 and a vitamin complex that I would be self injecting to help decrease my appetite greatly and to also metabolize the excess stored fat within my body. All this combined together was what helped me to drop weight very quickly, while feeling great and full of energy at the same time. As a matter of fact, while on the HCG Diet Program, from the very first couple of days, I could see myself losing weight. The scale did not lie. The number was dropping each and every day of each of each and every week and this gave me a great continued incentive to keep going. I also knew that I had a goal weight to reach by a certain date and I was not going to fail on this!

After the 6 week diet plan protocol, I was back to the shape I was in high school. I may have a few less hairs on my head than when I was in high school, but my body was honestly not that different after I finished the Doctor Prescribe HCG Diet for Weight Loss program. My 20 year high school reunion is in two weeks and I truly cannot wait to go. Of course I have some nerves about facing many of the people I may have hurt back in those days, but I was ready to do what I needed to do to feel better about myself and to hopefully help others to feel better about themselves. Sometimes an apology can do wonders, and that is what I was hoping for, along with a little forgiveness. I feel so much better about myself after being on this HCG diet plan program and I want to continue feeling good and changing my life by doing wonderful things for others on a continuing basis. I would truly like to help the world put a stop to bullying. As a former bully many years ago, I hope to eventually fully redeem myself and pay it forward to many children who have to endure the horrors of bullying, while teaching those who hurt others to stop!

Nicholas C.
Trenton NJ

[To protect the confidentiality of our clients, the above names have been changed. The stories represent composites of our client’s commentary.]