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HCG Diet Clinics in Columbus GA

I have been out of work and unemployed for the last year and a half. Not working every day had taken its toll on me mentally, as I felt worthless and unproductive. Physically, I gained a lot of weight because my poor mood and sad feelings had caused me to turn to food to comfort myself. In fact, over the last year and a half I had gained over 40 pounds due to my consistent eating as I felt sorry for myself. I did not even have the self confidence to go out on interviews anymore because of how heavy I was. I felt embarrassed and ashamed of my body and the more I felt badly about myself, the more I would eat and the worse off I would be. It was a very vicious cycle that finally ended when my husband intervened with a bit of “tough love.” He made me sit down in front of the computer to read about HCG Diet Clinics in Columbus GA right here on this website. He did not leave me alone to read, but we read all the pages together and made the decision that this weight loss program might be a terrific fit for me. I could do all my weight loss in the privacy of my own home without any outside influences. I would not have to be made to be a spectacle at any HCG Weight Loss Clinics, nor would I have to go to a place I feared the most; a doctor’s office. There was nothing worse than sitting in a cold waiting room for hours with other people coughing and sneezing around you and then hearing your name screamed across the room when it was time for the you to enter the second waiting room (where you sat in a white paper robe on a cold hard table) before you ever got to see your doctor. This I wanted to avoid like the plague.

If I went on this kind of HCG Diet, I would not have to put myself through that kind of torture. In addition, I would never have to go wait in line at any pharmacies to get my weight loss products either. Already, I was liking this diet program very much. Both my husband and I thought that it might be perfect for me, but we needed to wait until the morning to be able to speak to someone at the company on a personal one on one basis.  

When morning came, I was very excited to fill out the Contact Form on the page with only my general information to start. They wanted to know things like my name, email address, phone number, city, state, phone number, age, height and weight. They did not ask anything too personal for just the initial consultation phone call. Also, there was a box on the Contact Form where I was able to send a message or a comment of my choice so that the clinical advisor who was going to call me back would know a little bit about me and possibly my weight loss goals before calling me. Not long after filling out the form, I received a phone call from an expert HCG clinical advisor who seemed extremely kind and professional. We hit it off immediately and our rapport was terrific! Indeed, she wanted to know about my weight loss goals and she asked me some questions as I asked her some questions. It was a great conversation and by the end of it, I felt very confident that I wanted to begin this weight loss diet.

The next step was to fill out another form, right there online with my complete medical history. This would have to be reviewed and cleared by one of the company’s HCG Weight Loss Doctors before I could receive a prescription for the weight loss diet. I felt very safe and comfortable knowing that my medical history was going to be analyzed very closely by a fully licensed weight loss physician who took great care and concern in my personal well being. Most weight loss programs are out to only sell weight loss products, but do not take even close to the amount of time and consideration that this specific weight loss program takes with their prospective clients. I felt like I was in the best hands and that eased my nerves and nervous anticipation about attempting to lose weight and change my life.

Again, everything to prepare for the weight loss program and even to do the diet plan was done online, so there was no need for me to ever have visit any Local HCG Diet Clinics in Columbus GA or any doctor’s offices or pharmacies either. A dream come true for me!

My medical history was cleared by the expert weight loss doctor, and before I knew it, I received my weight loss kit right to the front door of my home. The entire weight loss program was extremely affordable. I was very surprised at the very low cost of the program because of how much it had to offer. What other weight loss program out there offers door to door shipment of the weight loss products and supplies, constant contact with a clinical advisor for any questions about the HCG Weight Loss program that I had at any time during my 6 week diet plan protocol, a guideline list of acceptable foods to eat while on the 700 calorie per day diet and more? None that I knew of and that is why I could not wait to start losing weight on this diet plan and gaining back my self confidence and self esteem. It was time to completely transform my body and my mind so that I could get out there and pound the pavement to find a job! I had felt sorry for myself long enough and now was the time to make a drastic change in my life.

When I say drastic change, that is exactly what I made in myself and in my life! I lost a great amount of weight during the 6 week diet program protocol. This was the best Doctor Prescribe HCG Diet for Weight Loss that I could have ever found. I am an extremely happy access story and am thrilled to be sharing my experience with others who might be trying to lose weight.  The ease, convenience, safety and efficacy of this diet program cannot be beat and I hope that others will give it a chance. Within the first couple of days of being on the diet plan, you will notice a difference! I did!

Laurie B.
Columbus GA

[To protect the confidentiality of our clients, the above names have been changed. The stories represent composites of our client’s commentary.]