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Ten years of being overweight and unhappy with my body and my life was enough time for me to finally make the decision that I really was ready and wanted to find the best HCG Weight Loss Clinics Pennsylvania in order to go onto a medically supervised diet protocol for quick weight loss. I had already experienced 10 years of physical back, neck and joint pain due to being overweight, along with an extreme lack of energy, libido or desire to do anything outside of sitting on my couch at home. I lived on the sidelines of my family’s life for far too long, watching them from the living room window as my husband played with my children outside in the front yard without me. I know this made them all very sad, to have me missing, but I also suppose after so long, they were just used to their mom never participating in any of the fun that they had together.

I don’t know how it hit me, but I’m glad it did. One day I made the decision that I was going to look for HCG Clinics Pennsylvania for a great diet doctor to help me lose weight and transform my life. My husband and my children needed me, not only for the short term, but for the long term as well. When I found this website, I thought that I found the dream weight loss plan. It almost seemed too good to be true, so I felt that I needed to fill out the Contact Form on the website page and read on about the diet plan as I waited for a clinical advisor to contact me.

As soon as I was on the phone with an expert clinical advisor, we discussed my life situation and my weight loss goals. She was so kind and understanding to my situation and made me feel comfortable immediately off the bat. I wanted to hear more about all the HCG Benefits that came along with taking the hormone, human chorionic gonadotropin along with Vitamin B-12 and a Vitamin Complex for not only a decrease in appetite to occur, but also an increase in the metabolizing of the fat stores that were not necessary to be in my body. The Vitamin combinations, I was told, would give me the energy for my body and my brain that I would need to function at a great level while dieting on the 700 calorie per day diet and feel great while doing it. I was very excited about all the information she gave me about his HCG Diet and hearing about all the prior overweight people that had done this diet plan and ended up with very successful results of weight loss. They had also been able to keep the weight off and that was what I wanted to do as well. I also read many testimonials on the website to share in the heartwarming and joyous stories of those who had lost a lot of weight and transformed their bodies and minds in so many ways. People went on to this HCG Weight Loss plan to lose anywhere from 20 to 100 pounds and everywhere in between.

The diet plan was set up to be extremely convenient for people from all walks of life, with different physical needs and with all kinds of different work schedules. There were many professional people, like myself, who needed to work, but also wanted to lose weight at the same time. Unlike most other HCG Weight Loss Clinics, Weight Loss Medical Center offered a team of complete professionals who were there to guide their clients through their day to day experiences on the diet plan protocol. This involved helping them to portion foods out to bring to work for lunch in small coolers, to helping with a guideline list of appropriate foods appropriate to eat while on the diet plan, to even helping clients to self inject their HCG Shots for the first week. This was not a program that was only out to make money by selling weight loss products and then leaving clients to lose weight on their own. The clinical advisors make themselves available on a daily basis to help their clients lose weight successfully and safely.

Another incredible facets to this weight loss diet plan were that the products that were sold and used by the company were guaranteed to be 100 percent real and authentic HCG hormones; the exact same kind that were naturally occurring in both the male and female bodies. Weight Loss Medical Center did not sell any fraudulent products like other weight loss clinics, health food stores and even personal trainers did. The other great thing about the company was that they were able to oversee all the production of their products and supplies because all their manufacturing plants and pharmacies were located in the United States. That made me feel very safe and comfortable with this company as well as all the other reasons I have mentioned in this blog entry. Overall, I felt great about working with my HCG Diet Doctor and my clinical advisor on my entire weight loss journey. Their unconditional support went unparalleled.

This diet plan seemed to fit so well for me personally and I could do everything I needed to do to lose weight right from the privacy of my own home with my wonderful family’s support. My family members were my own personal cheerleaders and were very excited for me as they saw my clothes getting too big for me and the number on the scale decreasing on a daily basis. I weighed in in front of my family every day as a routine “check”. We had something to celebrate every single day as the number on the scale went down every single day!

The HCG Injections were heaven sent to me somehow, as they really worked, made me feel great and gave me the great confidence I needed to continue staying motivated on the diet plan for the entire 6 week diet program protocol.

When the diet plan period of time ended, I was at a great place, look so much better, and most importantly, I felt better physically and mentally. My family had their mother and wife back and I no longer sat on the sidelines while they all played outside in the front yard. I was not playing with them. My whole family had a big lifestyle change in order to help me keep my weight off. We all cooked and ate healthy meals together as a family, as the Doctor Prescribe HCG Diet for Weight Loss program taught me everything I needed to know in order to keep living a healthy lifestyle and maintain my current weight for the rest of my life. And that is my plan – to stay healthy and be around for my family for a very long time.

Linda F.
Erie PA

[To protect the confidentiality of our clients, the above names have been changed. The stories represent composites of our client’s commentary.]