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HCG Weight Loss Doctors in Texas

Losing my job was just about the most difficult thing that has ever occurred for me in my life. First of all, it came as a major blindside as I never saw it coming, but also I had no idea what I was going to do for money. My bills still needed to be paid and I still needed to feed and keep a roof over my family’s heads. I was an overweight man who already felt badly about himself with a low self esteem and now I was an overweight and unemployed man who had an even lower self esteem than before. What a combination! I knew that I absolutely could not fall into a deep sadness and withdraw from the world, as I knew that many people did in these kinds of situations, because I was the only breadwinner of the family and I needed to stay strong for them. My wife had to stay home to take care of our 2 small children as we could not afford daycare for her to work herself. So, she and I had a nice long talk and we decided that she would help me look for jobs online and in the newspaper and I would just continuously go on interviews. We also had another conversation about my weight. We thought that maybe if I lost weight and looked a little more presentable at interviews, it could possibly help my chances of getting another job. This is when we were told by a friend who happened to be in on that part of our conversation about HCG Weight Loss Doctors in Texas.

I was not insulted about being told by both my wife and her friend that I needed to lose weight because I knew it was true and that my appearance was a little sloppy, which did not look professional. I also knew that losing weight would not only be a positive thing to get myself a job, but that it would also give me more self confidence in myself and I would also feel physically better too. I needed more energy and drive, and being heavy definitely ‘weighed’ me down (no pun intended here). So, we were trying to find the quickest way for me to lose weight because we had no time to waste. I needed to find a job as soon as possible because we desperately needed the income. I also wanted the diet plan to be a safe one too so that I did not get sick. My wife’s friend reiterated her feelings about Local HCG Weight Loss Doctors in Texas and said that this kind of weight loss program was very safe, easy to do, convenient for the busy person and also quick and effective. We were told that some people could lose as much as 30 pounds in 30 days, but that it was in a safe way. There were no diet pills or starvation diets involved in this diet program. Both my wife and I wanted to learn more about this diet program because it really sounded too good to be true!

A little while later, when my wife’s friend left the house, we went onto the computer to read this website and all about this HCG Diet Program! Both of us were really impressed by all the great information that the site had to offer. My wife thought that the website was really warm and friendly altogether and she said she felt a great sense of honesty and comfort from her reading not only about the weight loss program itself, but also about the staff that worked there. The company offered really professional and expert clinical advisors who they said made themselves available to weight loss clients any time they were needed (during normal business hours) for any questions or concerns that they had about the HCG Diet or about anything else that concerned them. It sounded really great.

My wife herself had been on several weight loss programs in the past and she reported that none of the diet clinics she had ever been to treated their clients the way that this company here seemed to treat their clients. The staff here seemed to care so much about each and every person that called and they gave them undivided and individualized attention according to what the client needed. Yes, all clients who want to lose weight with HCG Weight Loss Clinics have the commonality that they need to shed weight off their bodies; however, it is really important to take into consideration that each and every weight loss client is also a unique individual who has their own very different story to tell. They have different feelings and emotions, different reasons for gaining weight in the first place, different road blocks that have held them back from losing weight in the past and different weight loss goals. Overall, my wife wanted me to be treated with dignity and respect and that was really important to her. She had been through her own experiences trying to lose weight with some of the local HCG Diet Clinics here in El Paso TX and her experiences were horrible. She was not treated with respect or dignity, but instead like a number. She did not get any individualized attention at all while at the weight loss clinics with all the other people there too who wanted to lose weight and were demanding attention, and she was basically told to just diet and exercise without hardly any guidance at all. It was ridiculous. She did not need to pay good, hard earned money for that kind of experience. She did not want me to go through those same things, and she felt extremely comfortable with the fact that Weight Loss Medical Center’s HCCG Diet Protocol would not treat me that way. I had her approval for the diet plan here and now it was my turn to decide if it was right for me.

I loved what I read about how easy and convenient the diet program was and how it would not take up much of my time. I knew my priority had to be to find a job as soon as possible because we were now living off of our savings and when that ran out, I had no idea what we were going to do. That is why I loved this idea of being on a medically supervised diet program that helped people to lose weight quickly! I had no time to waste and no matter what I had to do to lose weight, I was willing to try it. I knew very well about the HCG Injections and of course I was very apprehensive about having to self administer injections to myself, but who would not be? Well, it would not bother some people, but those people were the exception to the rule. I was not. I was afraid of the shots and being a man, that is not easy to admit, but I was willing to fully admit it. But again, I was willing to do what was necessary to lose weight and to get healthy and look good. I needed to present myself well because finding a job at this point was not a joke. It was a very serious matter unless I wanted to move in with my wife’s parents with our two small children, and that, I did not want to do!

I read some more on the website about the HCG Shots and the process of self administering them. I was happy to find out that a lot of people had questions about the shots and they were asked and answered in the questions and answers section on many of the pages on the website. That was really nice and convenient for me! I still had some of my own personalized questions that I wanted to ask a clinical advisor when I finally got myself in touch with one, but I wanted to read a bit more about this HCG Diet first online before I made the phone call. I wanted to organize my thoughts and have all my questions and concerns written out before I called.

There were also some other really great questions asked in the questions and answers section of the website and it was great to know that many others had the same exact questions and concerns that I had. We really were not all that different! We were individuals, but people are people are when you do not keep your fears and issues a secret, you often will find that many other people have the same fears and issues that you have. Then you do not feel so alone. That is what happened to me. I really did not feel alone after reading the website! I will tell you one other thing too – the blog entries on the website really helped me to feel like I was not the only one with issues. As a matter of fact, some of the people who lost weight on this Doctor Prescribe HCG Diet for Weight Loss were in much worse life situations than I was! I had to feel good about my issue of losing a job when I read some peoples other life stories of losing much more than just a job. That made me feel badly for them, but their stories were bittersweet ones of how this amazing weight loss program from Weight Loss Medical Center did not just help people to lose weight, but it also helped them to gain a whole new prospective on life and gave them new found meaning to life when they were completely hopeless and helpless. I had my fears of how I was going to support my family, but my problems seemed like nothing in comparison to some of the other people who went through far greater issues before they found this incredible HCG Weight Loss program, which practically saved their lives!

I was ready, willing and excited to call a clinical advisor and get started on changing my body, getting healthy and increasing my self esteem so that I could get out there and start finding perhaps an even better job that the one I had lost! Wouldn’t that be nice? My first phone call to a clinical advisor was terrific. My wife was on another extension in the house so that she could listen in and we were both very pleased with the kind, compassionate and understand nature of the clinical advisor, as well as her incredible bank of knowledge about the HCG diet program and her professionalism about everything else too. She made both my wife and I feel very comfortable and told us things exactly as they were.

She was very clear that this weight loss program was very easy and simple to do, but that at the same time, I would have to make sure to follow the directives of the 4 phases of the diet plan protocol exactly, including self administering the injections along with the Vitamin B 12 and the vitamin complex that went along with the diet plan. In addition, I would have to make sure that I ate the suggested HCG Diet Foods, of which I was given many choices. The foods I was able to eat were every day normal foods like fresh vegetables, fresh fruits and lean kind of meats and these foods were all conveniently listed on a special guideline list of foods that my clinical advisor would be sending me along with all the other weight loss products that were going to come in the package that would be shipped directly to my home at my convenience. My wife and I would also learn how to make great low calorie dishes from some great HCG Diet Recipes! This specialized diet plan protocol included the injections with a very strict diet of eating only 700 calories per day. My clinical advisor said that the diet program was specifically planned out to give weight loss clients who were on the diet plan the best chance of success in losing weight safely and very quickly! There were no short cuts or tricks to it. It was very easy and convenient, did not take much time at all from ones day to do, but it must be done correctly and following the explicit instructions (which were few, but important).

How to Get HCG Injections Prescribed by a Doctor? My clinical advisor told me that I would not even have to leave my house to do that! She was going to get my full medical history right there online and in order to do that, I would just have to fill out a very easy to do medical history form that was right there online. After I filled the medical form out as accurately as I could do, it would be sent in to the company right there through the website and then reviewed and analyzed by one of the company’s HCG Weight Loss Doctors to make sure that I was in good enough physical shape to do the diet program and that I would be set up for success in losing weight! The diet doctors who worked for the company were fully licensed professional physicians who specialized in weight loss. They really cared about each and every prospective weight loss client that got in touch with the company to lose weight. These doctors oversaw the entire weight loss program and all the clients too! They were terrific and I felt like I would be well taken care of. My wife was thrilled about this too.

For this medically supervised weight loss program, I would need to get a prescription for it from one of the diet doctors. How Do You Get HCG Diet Prescription? By doing exactly what I did; by filling out the medical history form and being cleared by the licensed weight loss doctor! I was very happy and lucky that I became cleared quickly, that my prescription was sent right to one of the company’s pharmacies and that my weight loss products and supplies were sent directly and discreetly right to the front door of my home by way of Federal Express. This entire process was so quick and convenient that I could not believe it. I did not have to do any other of the things that my wife had to do when she was trying to lose weight in some of the local HCG Diet Centers that she had tried. I sure wish that we knew about this diet program here when she was trying to lose weight. Maybe after she sees my success story here when I lose weight on this diet program, she will do it too! That is both our hopes.

Well, I am going to cut to the end of my story here and end this blog entry by telling every single person that I hope is reading this that Weight Loss Medical Center stands for everything that they say on their website! They have the best customer service of any diet plan program I have ever heard or read about. The clinical advisors are there for their clients for every single step of the diet plan from day one to the very last day. They will explain every single thing to you as many times as you may need in order for you to understand everything from the diet plan protocol to the HCG Benefits of the shots and everything in between.

I lost a lot of weight by the end of the 6 week diet plan protocol and I could not be happier, feel better, be more proud of my accomplishment or be more ready to get out there and fight for a job! I know that I will get an even better job than I had before and make more money because I deserve it! If you are going through hard times, sometimes losing weight can help start the process of feeling better about yourself and hence, help you to overcome those difficult things you are facing in your life. If you want to know the best way to lose weight and Where to Get HCG Injections to do the job in the quickest, safest and most effective way, call the number on this page or simply fill out the Contact Form on this page and an expert and wonderful clinical advisor from the company will contact you! I am so glad that I did it and I am pounding the pavement everyday looking for a job now and I know that something great is going to come along soon. I am doing it with my head held high and I am proud of my new self confidence and my new body! Now it is my wife’s turn to experience this great journey of her own.

Jacob I.
El Paso, TX

[To protect the confidentiality of our clients, the above names have been changed. The stories represent composites of our client’s commentary.]