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HCG Before and After

HCG Before and After

Many people who are overweight shy away from having their picture taken. The image seen in the mirror is not the same as shown in those candid or even posed photos. That is why the excitement builds regarding HCG before and after results that people achieve. Many adults eagerly jump in front of the camera to show off their slinky new appearance.

What is suggested is that each person gathers some of their current HCG before and after photos to remind themselves of where they have been, where they are going, or where they have reached once the HCG dieting is done. Imagine laying out in a line pictures of a heavier you, followed in order by a snapshot of your midway point, and finished off with you at your target weight. What a pleasant difference you will see.

One thing to know – you will get those incredible HCG shots before and after pictures that countless other women and men have received. There is no doubt that the HCG diet provides the motivation lacking in so many other weight loss programs. The best motivator in the world is results, and that is what you will see day in and day out once you start the HCG diet program.

What to Expect Before and After the HCG Diet

Knowing what to expect is a crucial part of the HCG diet, before and after beginning the injections and 700 calorie a day protocol. The majority of people who are at least 40 pounds overweight typically report feelings of fatigue, achy joints, running out of breath, and feeling weighed down. It is easy to understand this simply by going and picking up something that weighs forty pounds and carrying it around for a while. This is what that extra weight feels like on your body.

One of the important facts about before and after HCG diet protocol is done is that your current food cravings will most likely be gone. During the 40 days of HCG shots, you will be changing the way you eat – essentially reprogramming your brain in a different manner. The body craves what it enjoys and what it is used to eating – that is why we always hear about comfort foods – the foods you most enjoy that make you feel good. Once we retrain the brain to crave other, healthier options, you will see food in a whole new light.

The road to results from HCG injections, before and after the diet period is up, is paved with guidance and support. You will be provided with a plethora of delightful recipes that will take only a few minutes to prepare, a short time to cook, but will be long on flavor. Eating these foods will help you reach that after state you long to see.

Have the camera ready, because with results of a pound a day of fat disappearing from your body, you will want plenty of HCG before and after pics to document your journey.

HCG Diet Results – Before and After the Weight Loss

In the course of fewer than two months, the average overweight adult can expect to lose between 30 and 50 pounds on the HCG diet. Results before and after beginning this program are astonishing. Although men traditionally lose weight at a much quicker pace than women, each female who begins the HCG diet can expect to drop between .5 and 1 pound of fat each day.

Forget about those slow diets that leave you only a pound or two lighter each week. That is so frustrating that it is easy to understand why people give up too soon. Thanks to HCG weight loss, before and after the injections are done will leave you wondering why you did not take this action sooner. Before you felt run down, physically out of shape, and possibly depressed over your appearance. As a result of losing weight with HCG injections, you are probably lighter on your feet, energized, and proud of how you look.

Go ahead and document those HCG diet before and after photos, and, if you want, send them to us, as well. We love to see our clients’ results here at Weight Loss Medical Center. If you are ready to become another one of our success stories, contact us today.