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Both my twin sister and I have been overweight for most of our lives and since we are best friends who basically do everything together, we made the decision to finally try to lose weight and to get into better physical and emotional shape together too! Neither one of use really had good self esteem growing up or even as adults. As overweight kids, we were constantly made fun of and bullied by our peers who called us the “fat twins”. That really hurt us both, and although we did have each other to lean on, it was still very difficult to be isolated from the rest of the kids because they did not accept us because we were really overweight. We just graduated college, and for our 21st birthdays my sister gave to me the gift of losing weight with HCG Diet Doctors in Tampa FL. There could not have been a better or more perfect birthday gift than what she gave to both of us. My heart was touched in ways that cannot even be described and I was all ready to gear up and make a major transformation in my mind and in my body; and so was she!

My sister had heard a lot about this weight loss program from other people as she was doing research on how to find the best weight loss program out there for us, and she was blown away about what these people were saying about this specific HCG Diet Program from Weight Loss Medical Center! People from all over the country and from all walks of life were raving about how easy, convenient and quick it was to lose weight following the 4 phases of the diet plan. They were also saying how safe it was too because it was discovered by a very well known British endocrinologist, Dr. A.T.W. Simeons who discovered it by doing research with pregnant women over 50 years ago. So, this diet program was extensively researched! It used a hormone called human chorionic gonadotropin, or HCG for short, which was already a naturally produced hormone in both the male and female bodies. As she was constantly hearing the same amazing things about this diet program, my sister got herself online here to this website and started reading. Mind you, I had no idea that she was doing all of this. It was meant to be a surprise for our birthdays!

After she gained a ton of knowledge about this diet plan, she was wanting to tell me about it so badly, but she had to wait until our birthdays to share it with me. She was cute. She had already done the leg work to find out How to Find HCG Diet Doctors in Tampa FL and when she realized that it was all done on this website with a clinical advisor online and over the phone, she was ready to start it. She made the initial phone call to the company and spoke to a clinical advisor and told her exactly what she wanted to do. They had their own talk about my sister’s personal story of her weight loss struggle, being bullied and they really had a nice talk about many things, including what her present weight loss goals were. Then, when she got off the phone, she was so confident that she found exactly the perfect way How to Get HCG Injections to lose weight with this company that she was convinced this was the way to go. She wrote out a little coupon for the weight loss program that she was going to purchase for both of us and she put it in an envelope. That was my birthday present.

The day of our birthdays finally came and she gave me the gift. When I opened the card, the coupon for this weight loss program popped out. She then quickly showed me that she had written out the same exact coupon for herself as she showed it to me. I was shocked and asked her how much it cost. She told me and the diet plan program, to my surprise, was not expensive at all, so I did not feel like she spent too much money on a gift for me. Otherwise, I probably would have felt guilty, but it was incredible how affordable this diet plan was! I thought that it was an incredibly nice, generous and thoughtful surprise that she had been planning for so long and I was thrilled that we were going to lose weight on this HCG Weight Loss program together!

We held the coupons up and our friend took a picture of us. We wanted to do that so that we knew that our 21st birthday was the date that we were starting our weight loss journey and working to transform our bodies and our lives forever. The best part was thinking of a future being thin and all the things that we could do being thin. For instance, we were already talking about going shopping and buying a whole new wardrobe and we were also talking about going away on trips and of all the exciting and fun things that we were going to get to do since she found How to Get HCG Injections Prescribed by a Doctor – and these were not just ordinary doctors – these were supposed to be the best diet doctors in the country, she told me.

People from all over the United States were talking about this incredible weight loss plan as being an extremely revolutionary and innovative and unique way to lose weight, unlike any other weight loss program out there. This weight loss program did not just revolve around the traditional diet and exercise routine that most people with weight issues fail on. No. This weight loss plan was said to be the best way to lose weight fast on a medically supervised HCG weight loss diet. How many of those kinds of weight loss programs are out there? I did know of any.

My sister and I had tried so many other ways of losing weight using those traditional weight loss programs that I talked about, by using diet pills, starvation methods and I even tried to use laxatives once. They all ended disastrously and I may have lost weight for a very short period of time trying to do it in those different ways, but the weight came right back on and I only ended up frustrated and feeling defeated. This year was going to be different. My amazing sister had found the answer to our dreams of losing weight, and although we did not know that with 100 percent certainty at the time she gave me the gift and herself the gift (of life), we had the utmost confidence that this was going to be the HCG Diet Protocol that would finally change our lives forever.

So, my sister knew all about this weight loss program from reading about it on this amazing website, but now it was my turn to learn all the details about the diet plan myself. We discussed what our plan of action would be and decided that I should take some time to read about the diet plan protocol and everything it involved. That including learning all about the actual diet plan, the doctor prescribed HCG Injections and even reading some of the testimonials and blog entries that people had written in to the website to share their incredible and often very heartwarming stories of weight loss success and how they did it.

So, that is what I did. I began to read through the pages of the Weight Loss Medical Center website and each page I read made me feel more comfortable and confident in this company’s incredible weight loss plan, and in their competent, professional and caring medical staff and clinical advisors. It was extremely comforting to know that this was not the kind of weight loss plan that gave you pills or a “diet plan” on paper and left you alone to lose weight through diet and exercise alone. The HCG Weight Loss Doctors at this company were fully licensed physicians who really took their time to oversee every single aspect of this diet plan and even made sure that every prospective client was in good enough physical shape to be on the diet plan. Most weight loss companies just allow anyone to come in and spend their money to lose weight using that company’s diet products and staff, whether or not that person is a good fit for that particular diet plan or not. It was a money making business for them. Not Weight Loss Medical Center!

This company required every prospective weight loss client to fill out a medical history form that can be found on the website for the utmost of convenience for the client. After the client fills out the medical history form, an HGG Diet Doctor fully and carefully reviews and analyzes the form to make sure that the client is a great fit for this weight loss program and visa versa. The company would never set a person up to fail in losing weight. That is how much the doctors and the clinical advisors cared here at this company! It was amazing to me to read the testimonials and blog entries that were provided on the website and I have to admit that many of them brought tears to my eyes. I mean, this weight loss plan is not just about losing weight. It is also about changing entire lives for the better! So many people who were in terrible ruts or just completely stuck in their lives, found light and life again because of the wonderful staff of clinical advisors and HCG Diet Doctors who helped these people go through full mind and body transformations!

My sister and I decided that I would call the company to get started as opposed to filling out the Contact Form on the page and get started that way. I wanted to begin immediately on my weight loss plan rather than having to wait for a phone call back from a clinical advisor. My sister had been ready for a while to begin the HCG Diet, as she was holding these coupons for a while now waiting for our actual birthday celebration to come, but she had already called and spoke to a clinical advisor. She just put her weight loss journey on hold until she could do it with me.

I called the number on the page and was very excited and motivated while talking to my own clinical advisor. She told me that she thought that losing weight together as twin sisters was a wonderful and a very sweet idea! I definitely told her how lucky I was to have such a great and caring sister and I also complemented my clinical advisor too for being so sweet and kind too. One of the main things she told me, as she told my sister too was that on being on this Doctor Prescribe HCG Diet for Weight Loss, we could help each other, support each other and even be on the same kind of schedule in self administering our injections together. We could also shop for food together at our local grocery store with our guideline list of foods that she would be sending to us in our weight loss packages that would be shipped directly to our front doors via either UPS or Federal Express (just another really amazing convenience to this weight loss program).

This guideline list was there to help us to be able choose the appropriate HCG Diet Foods to buy so there were no questions as to what we could or could not eat while sticking to the strict 700 calorie per day weight loss diet. That number of calories per day scared me a lot and I asked my clinical advisor how I would not starve eating such a little bit and how would I not be hungry at the time, which made me feel cranky and irritable. She told me that the secret to the success of this diet program was to believe that the HCG Shots, along with the Vitamin B 12 and the vitamin complex would help to decrease my appetite so much that I would not feel hungry. The vitamins worked to help give me the energy that I would need to get through my days and actually feel great. Most people even reported feeling better than they ever have before! She told me that I had to trust in the process and let it work for me, but that I also had to make sure that I followed the explicit instructions of the diet plan and these instructions were so easy that it would not be much of a change in my life at all. My daily routine would not hardly change at all and the HCG Weight Loss program would not even take up much of my time. It was just a matter of never cheating on the diet plan and making sure to take my injections as directed. It sounded so great to me that I was ready to begin.

The clinical advisor gave me the same speech that she gave my sister; that we could do the diet plan together, but we would also need to work on ourselves as individuals too. I completely understood and respected this greatly! Yes, we were twins who did everything together, but we still were individuals and had our own thoughts and feeling about ourselves and our lives. That is the reason that we could be on the same HCG diet program together at the same time, but that our clinical advisor would work with us each separately as individuals too. I thought that was so nice because being a twin is a wonderful thing, but it is also difficult at times too because we are often mistaken as being the exact same person, when we are not. We do have differences in our personalities, our likes and dislikes and our fears are different. Like any two unique people, we are different. I loved how my clinical advisor pointed that out and I knew this whole thing was going to work out beautifully!

Both my sister and I were cleared medically after sharing our medical history forms online with the company and we received our HCG Prescriptions and then our weight loss kits! Six weeks went by so quickly and with the support from our clinical advisor and from each other, my sister and I lost so much weight that we looked like different people. No joke! We went to get full makeovers too and changed the color of our hair and got all new wardrobes. We were ready to get out there and live completely different lives than what we were doing before, and we were extremely excited about it too! I cannot thank my clinical advisor enough and I am so thrilled and thankful for my sister for finding that the best place as to Where to Get HCG Injections, plus so much more was right here with Weight Loss Medical Center! I have never been happier in my whole life and know that I have an amazing future ahead!

Corrina Z.
Tampa FL

[To protect the confidentiality of our clients, the above names have been changed. The stories represent composites of our client’s commentary.]