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Football was my favorite sport to play and I spent my entire high school career working towards being the best quarterback my school had ever had. That hard work paid off greatly when I got a fully paid scholarship to play ball at an amazing university. I played ball in college for the next 4 years and when I was 21 years old, I graduated hoping to get drafted to play pro ball; however, something terrible happened which prevented me from ever being able to play football, or any contact sport ever again. I got terribly hurt on the field and the doctor told me that playing ball was not an option for me anymore. I completely did not want to believe him and went into a very bad downward spiral. I did not want to talk to anyone, go out ever and all I did was stay locked in my home on the couch and eat away my anger and fear. I had no idea what I was going to do with my life now that I did not have football to play anymore and I ate myself into oblivion (so it seemed). It was not until my nephew came over one day and told me how fat I was. He was only 5 years old at the time, and at that age, nothing is off limits to say. He was right though, I gained a ton of weight from just sitting around feeling sorry for myself and it was not until that day when I realized that I had to start getting out of the very bad place in which I was for about 6 months and that I needed to start living again. It was really difficult though, that was for sure. I did not know what I was going to do with my life anymore, but the first order of business was to lose all the weight that I had gained while feeling sorry for myself. My sister in law had lost weight by using HCG Weight Loss Doctors in Fresno CA and she made the suggestion to me that I do the same thing.

She told that she was very happy on the diet program and that it was easy, convenient, safe and helped her lose a lot of weight fast. The diet program was medically supervised by licensed physicians and she said that my family would all love for me to go onto the diet plan protocol and get myself healthy. I remember telling her that I could not exercise on the diet plan because of my injury, but she said that I could not use that as an excuse because on this HCG Diet Program, strenuous exercise was actually discouraged until after the diet plan was over. So, with no excuses left as to why I could not go on the diet plan, I had to do it – for myself and for my family who were all really tired of seeing me mope around. My brother even made me feel guilty for not being a good uncle to his son; my nephew. I did not think that was a nice thing to say, but I understood where he was coming from and got off my butt and onto the computer to start reading about Local HCG Weight Loss Doctors in Fresno CA.

My sister in law came to the computer with me and typed in the URL of this website and left me to read. I chose to go right to the testimonial page and read about all the other people who had lost weight on this diet plan. I wanted to see if there was anyone who had similar issues as my own and I was very pleasantly surprised to see that many people were recovering from sports related injuries and accidents too. I was not happy that other people were hurt or lost their dreams in life, like I did by losing my ability to play professional football, but it did feel rather good to not feel alone like I had felt for the last 6 months! The testimonials of the people who lost weight on the HCG Diet Program were pretty incredible. I got to read all kinds of heartwarming stories and they all had very happy endings where past clients talked about finding new hobbies and new things to make them happy if they could not do the same activities as they did before their injuries or accidents. They also spoke about how amazing Weight Loss Medical Center was and about how the clinical advisors helped them to literally get out of the darkness they were in, feeling sorry for themselves, and aided them back to the light, showing them that was still life out there after injury. I loved every single story that I read and was very intrigued to read more about the HCG Diet Protocol, how it worked and what I would have to do in order to stay compliant with this weight loss plan. It really did seem easy though, to be honest.

I read that for this diet program, everything needed to start it was done online including filling out a Contact Form so that a clinical advisor had my information in order to contact me. So, I did that and in just a short time, a very kind and understanding voice was on the other end of the phone discussing my person situation with me and my weight loss goals. She understood exactly what I was going through and truly made me feel at ease in self disclosing my disappointment in what happened to me and my loss of ability to play ball ever again. She told me that she had helped many other people in the same situation as I was in to lose weight on the HCG Diet and to learn how to adjust to a new lifestyle of eating and doing daily activities. I would have to begin a new kind of exercising routine that was safe for my injury too, once the diet plan protocol was over. She really understood me and I was very appreciative of her kindness and patience.

I told my clinical advisor that I wanted to go onto the diet plan, and that is when she told me that the next step would be to fill out a medical history form. The company required this of all its prospective clients to make sure that they were a good fit for the diet program. After all, this was a medically supervised weight loss diet plan and all clients needed to be cleared medically by one of the company’s HCG Weight Loss Doctors before beginning the weight loss plan protocol. The medical form was right online too, just like the initial Contac Form! I could fill out the medical history form right there and I did not need to go to a doctor’s offices for any physical exams. Believe me when I tell you what a relief that was! I was so tired of being poked and prodded at from all my doctor and hospital visits after my terrible accident on the football field and I was over doctors for a long time!

I did the best job I could to be complete in filling out my medical history form and once I sent it in, it did not take long before my clinical advisor told me that I had been cleared by a diet doctor and that I was having my HCG Prescription sent to one of the company’s pharmacies in order to get my weight loss products! I was happy to hear that news. I was also very happy to find out that my medications and supplies would be shipped from the pharmacy right to my home via Federal Express. That meant that I would not have to go to any local pharmacies here and wait in lines to get my weight loss needs. This diet program was extremely convenient right from the first phone call until the very last day!

I only had to leave my house to pick up my HCG Diet Foods from my local grocery store. My clinical advisor had sent a list in my weight loss kit of appropriate foods that I could use as a guideline when I shopped. Luckily, the list consisted of every day, normal foods that I liked. On the list were things like fresh veggies and fruits and lean meats. I would have to forgo the junk food isle and stay away from frying foods or using a lot of dressings and things that added unnecessary calories. I was going to have to stay on a 700 calorie diet for 6 weeks of this HCG Diet plan protocol. I had no clue how that would or could be possible without starving myself, but my clinical advisor told me all about the injections that were going to help me be able to eat only 700 calories per day. She promised that the medical mixture that I would be taking was 100 percent real and authentic and safe for my body.

The hormone in the HCG Injection was genuine human chorionic gonadotropin, which is a naturally produced hormone in the body. The injection contained this hormone, which helped reduce appetite and it also would “reset” my metabolism. In other words, it would speed up my metabolism and cause my body to metabolize the excess stored fat that I had in order to help me lose weight quickly. That was how so many people were able to lose as much as 30 pounds in 30 days safely! Also, included with the human chorionic gonadotropin, was Vitamin B 12 and a vitamin complex which acted as “brain food” and would help to give me energy. That made perfect sense as I took these kinds of vitamins when playing ball in order to help with energy boosts. So, I was not afraid of the HCG Shots because I was comfortable knowing that the medical mixture was safe.

When my weight loss kit arrived to my home, I was ready to begin the diet plan. I took my first injection immediately and stayed very consistent in following the 4 phases of the diet plan protocol exactly as directed for the entire length of the weight loss plan. I really did want my body back to the way it was before my injury and even if it would never be exactly the same, I could get it as close as possible. I wanted to feel good about myself again, even if I was not playing ball and I knew that this Doctor Prescribe HCG Diet for Weight Loss could be what got me back to my old self again. I was right.

By the end of the 6 week diet plan protocol, I had lost a lot of weight and I was feeling so much better than before. I did not lose my life and I was glad that I finally realized that! For a long time I did think my life was over because football was my life, but I eventually got over that idea that losing the ability to play pro ball was not the end of the world. It was super difficult for me to accept it at first and the idea of it set me back for a good length of time, but I was not about to give up on life or the sport. I would find some way to be involved in the game without playing it and I thought about trying to get into doing something with children. I have not quite figured out what I am going to do yet, but I know what I am not going to do is sit around the house feeling sorry for myself anymore. I thank Weight Loss Medical Center and their HCG Diet Plan for giving me my life back and I am going to do great things with my life too!

Armando S.
Fresno CA

[To protect the confidentiality of our clients, the above names have been changed. The stories represent composites of our client’s commentary.]