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HCG Weight Loss Clinics in Jacksonville FL

Being 73 years old and having been overweight for so many years, I was not sure whether or not I would ever be able to find a weight loss program that would help someone of my age, or if my age would be a negative factor in my being able to lose weight in the first place. I was quite nervous that because I was a senior, I would not be able to lose weight effectively and I need to find that out to put my anxiety to rest one way or the other. I was really lethargic and just never had any energy to do anything. I hardly wanted to leave my house anymore and I was feeling very sad all the time. I was very afraid of falling so deeply into a rut that I would not be able to get out of it and I wanted to see if I could get help before that happened. One day, I forced myself to take a walk outside down my block and my neighbor was out as well. Luckily, he noticed my state of sadness and he approached me to ask me what was going on. We found a nearby bench to sit on and we had a nice conversation where I was open about how I was feeling. I shared with him that I was tired of being overweight and having to deal with all the issues that being heavy made me have. I had enough issues that came with growing older, but to add to those issues because I was overweight was ridiculous. Getting older, I could not control; however, being heavy, I was hoping that that was something that I could control. My neighbor told me about HCG Weight Loss Clinics in Jacksonville FL and how they helped so many people to lose weight in a very safe, convenient and easy way. I told him that I appreciated his advice, but that I was afraid that this weight loss program would not be able to help me because of my age. He encouraged me to contact the company and talk to someone about that before I made up my mind that the diet program was not for me. “Who knows,” he said. “Maybe you will be pleasantly surprised!”

So, I took his advice and thank goodness I did because in doing so, I got myself a whole new life! The great people at the company shared everything there was to know about the HCG Weight Loss diet plan with me and how it could help people of any age to lose weight, to feel healthier and to feel more energetic. This diet program not only helped me to lose weight, but it also helped me to get out of my rut of feeling worthless and helpless. That in itself was priceless!

I am excited to write this blog entry to share with others how my whole weight loss experience went and how I was able to change my physical body and my mental attitude from the beginning! I am very happy to share my story with other seniors who think that just because they are getting older, that they cannot change their bodies, lose weight and feel great! The fact that I had to give in to getting older and accept being unhappy about it was an absolute fallacy that I wished I had never believed! If I would have known about this incredible HCG diet program earlier, I would have saved myself a lot of heartache! My wish in writing this blog entry and telling my story is to help save a lot of others who feel the way that I did the same heartache. I want to show them that they can change their lives and that they can do it with the weight loss program offered by Weight Loss Medical Center.

When I got home that evening after speaking with my neighbor, I went online to read about this diet plan on this website. The amount of information was astounding and plentiful in order for someone to really understand the entire diet plan protocol from its origin to its efficacy! It really sounded great! It was a diet plan that you could actually do from the comfort, privacy and convenience of your own home and that was great for me at that point when all I wanted to do was to stay home. I was grateful that I decided that day to take a short walk around my neighborhood in order to meet up with my kind neighbor who convinced me to look into this HCG Diet Program.

I enjoying reading all about the injections and how they worked. I was very impressed by this Dr. A.T.W. Simeons who discovered this extremely revolutionary way to help people to lose weight! His work with pregnant women was miraculous because it helped him realize that the hormone human chorionic gonadotropin was produced in great amounts when the woman was pregnant. From his research, he found that the extra human chorionic gonadotropin, or HCG, helped to decrease appetite and to metabolize excess stored fat within the person, which resulted in quick weight loss! It was the answer to the question as to why many women actually gained weight after giving birth. It was because they were no longer producing great amounts of the hormone that had the side effect of decreasing appetite. Made perfect sense! After bringing this idea back to the United States, the British endocrinologist, Dr. Simeons became very famous!

Everyone from all over the country wanted to know more about this discovery and this new innovative way to lose weight quickly and safely. Now, even I was highly intrigued! I think the best part of the discovery was that it was a way for people to lose weight by using a natural hormone that was already produced in the body. Since most people need a little extra help in losing weight, and diet pills and powders, etc. do not usually help, but usually only hurt people by leaving them jittery and edgy, the HCG Benefits were a great find! It is completely natural and there are no chemicals involved! After taking diet pills at one point in time a few years back, I can remember them making me feel terribly and I never was able to keep any weight off my body, so they did not even work. I promised that I would never go that route again – and I did not. I loved the idea of using a natural hormone because I never wanted to put unnatural chemicals into my body again. The HCG Diet Protocol was as close a way to lose weight as you can get by taking a medication, as the natural way to lose weight with just diet and exercise alone (a way that would never and had never worked for me).

I still had an issue as to whether or not I was too old to be on such a diet plan. I wanted to find out as soon as possible, so I immediately began to fill out the Contact Form on the page and I hoped that I would hear from a clinical advisor from the company soon. I got a phone call later the next day from a very kind and understanding expert clinical advisor and she completely understood how I was feeling and was very empathetic to my feelings. She told me that it was never too late to make a change in your life, no matter what age you were. She completely convinced me that I should give this diet plan a try because no matter what age I was, the HCG Injections could not hurt me. She also said that I should never give up on the idea of living a full and happy life!

My clinical advisor also told me that losing weight could be really great for me because it would give me back my lost energy and zest for life. Also, by shedding the excess fat that my body did not need, I would lessen the strain that all the extra weight was putting on my joints, my back and my feet. Not to mention, if my excess weight was putting strain on my heart, that was not good either and could lead to coronary issues! She also understood my lack of desire to even leave my house at this point, except for short walks around my block, and she said that I would not even have to physically go to any Local HCG Weight Loss Clinics in Jacksonville FL in order to get healthy, but that she could help me right there over the phone! All in all, my clinical advisor convinced me that losing weight on this diet plan was a great thing and that it would most likely help me to get out of my rut of sadness and hopelessness. I had this amazing opportunity to lose weight and add immense quality to my life, so I would be crazy not to take it, I thought! I was actually excited to hear all this information from her and that really did give me some hope for the first time in a very long time that life was not over for me, but that I could continue living with a bounce in my step. “We’ll see,” I said to my clinical advisor. “Let’s do this!”

With that, she said that before I could start the diet program, I needed to be cleared by an HCG Weight Loss Doctor who would write me a prescription for the diet plan. She had me fill out the medical history form on the website, which is located right above the Contact Form and I sent that in right online. The information they asked for was very easy to answer and it really did not take long at all for me to completely fill out the form. I read each question carefully and answered all the questions to the best of my ability. I was very happy to get the news a little later that the diet doctor who reviewed and analyzed my medical history form approved me to go onto the diet plan and had written me an HCG Prescription to do so. The prescription was sent to one of the Weight Loss Medical Center pharmacies and my weight loss kit was then going to be shipped to my front door step via Federal Express. I can’t even imagine any other weight loss program being more easy or convenient than this one was! I felt blessed to have this opportunity to change my life!

Six weeks passed by quickly and I lost a lot of weight on the diet plan. It was really fun to watch the number on the scale drop each and every day that I dieted and took the injections. I felt great and my neighbor, who was the only one who knew that I was doing this HCG Diet, was really happy to see me out and about a bit more than I had ever been before. We hardly ever ran into each other and now we saw each other on the block just about every day. I felt like I wanted to get out of the house more and that I wanted to see the sunshine more. I knew that I was losing weight and I felt that my spirits were rising. I was in constant contact with my clinical advisor because I just always wanted to check in with her and let her know how I was doing. She did not mind, but instead was a great support for me and cheered me on as I lost weight and came closer and closer every day to reaching my weight loss goal!

The other day I thanked my neighbor for giving me the information about How to Get HCG Injections Prescribed by a Doctor and I told him that he played a very big part in changing my life! I never thought that this old man could ever change, but hey, I have many more years in me and I can even keep up with the teenagers now! At least, that’s that way I feel thanks to Weight Loss Medical Center and all of its staff!

Ron F.
Jacksonville FL

[To protect the confidentiality of our clients, the above names have been changed. The stories represent composites of our client’s commentary.]