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I never thought it was possible in my whole life that I would become a thin person. Ever since childhood, I was overweight and never knew any other way of eating the way that I did or living the kind of lifestyle that I did. It was not until I became involved with HCG Weight Loss Doctors in Orange County CA as an adult just a little while ago, when my whole life changed for the better. Being on this weight loss plan, I not only lost a lot of weight and completely transformed my body, but I also transformed my emotional state. I gained an incredible amount of self esteem and self confidence, like I had never had before as a child or as an adult. I was able to learn so much about how to relate to food better, how to choose the correct foods to eat, how to prepare these foods in healthy low calorie ways and even how to exercise to complete a terrific and healthy way of living. I learned all these things from the Weight Loss Medical Center HCG Weight Loss program!

When I first found a great incentive to want to lose weight and keep it off my body for good, I asked around for genuine and authentic weight loss programs that were not just out to take people’s money and sell them weight loss products, but to truly become invested and involved in their clients weight loss journeys. I also wanted to make sure that I was putting my health into good hands on a medically supervised weight loss program, especially when using the doctor prescribed HCG Injections. I was not very comfortable with the idea of self administering shots to myself, but I quickly got over that fear after speaking with the clinical advisor from the company who explained the needles and the injection process to me in detail. She even led me to view some videos online that helped teach me about the injections. These videos relaxed me and eased my anxiety over self injecting.

To start from the beginning, I first needed to fill out the Contact Form on this website in order to get a clinical advisor on the phone with me. The form was super easy and did not ask anything very personal, but only general information so that someone could contact me. In no time at all, I was on the phone with a fantastic, kind and knowledgeable expert clinical advisor who was very willing to answer all my questions about the HCG Diet. Not only that, she also wanted to learn all about me, all about my current lifestyle and my weight loss goals. She seemed very interested in my life and that made me feel very good and comfortable with working with her knowing that she (and the company as a whole) truly cared about my well being and was not out to just make money, like those other weight loss programs were.

I knew that the weight loss products sold by this company were the real and authentic HCG hormone called human chorionic gonadotropin. I learned that the best way to get the most effective results from the medical mixture of the human chorionic gonadotropin, along with vitamins B 12 and a vitamin complex were to self administer the mixture via injection. This way the medication would be injected into the skin to the fatty tissue below and led directly to the bloodstream in the body. This is where the HCG Benefits would begin. From the bloodstream, the medical mixture would reach the hunger center of the brain, called the hypothalamus, and signals would be sent from there to the body to tell it to not be hungry. This was the safest and most effective way for people to lose weight.

Going onto a 700 calorie diet was something that concerned me as well because I was so used to eating so much more food than that. Food was what really helped ease my every day tension (not to mention that I turned directly to food during times of high stressful situations or if became upset about something) as food was a kind of comfort for me! However, after I learned about the benefits of the HCG Shots, I knew that this was a safe way to lose weight because I would not be hungry like I was before and I would not need the great amounts of food that I wanted to eat before starting this diet plan.

Most people think that eating only 700 calories per day is a ludicrous idea and impossible at the same time. Just the idea of eating such a small amount of food per day deterred many overweight people from going onto this diet plan until they learned and believed in the powerful benefits of the HCG Injections. I know this is true because I was one of those skeptical people. However, after I got onto the weight loss plan protocol and began my injections, I realized that the shots actually made me feel better and more energized and alive than before I began the diet plan protocol. I was not hungry. I did not have the cravings that I had prior to taking the injections and I was truly able to maintain a very happy existence eating such a small amount of food per day. In fact, I had more energy than I had before! The even bigger incentive for my desire to stay on this HCG Diet Program came as I almost immediately saw the pounds falling off my body within the first couple of days of being on the diet plan. And that is absolutely no exaggeration!

There are so many amazing aspects to this weight loss program, but one of them that I would like to mention to those reading this blog entry is the amazing convenience of the diet plan. It does not require people to leave their homes for any reason except to go to the local grocery store to purchase normal, everyday foods that they would eat on a daily basis anyway. The only difference was they would be choosing low calorie, healthy foods from a guideline list that was sent within the HCG weight loss kit. This kit was sent via Federal Express to my home within two days after I was medically cleared to begin the weight loss program. There was no reason for me to have to go to any pharmacies to pick up my weight loss products supplies. My clinical advisor was also on hand during regular business hours for any questions or concerns I had on this HCG Weight Loss plan. She never acted as though I was an inconvenience to her, but always greeted me on the telephone with the same happy and enthusiastic attitude for each and every phone call I made to her – and to be honest, I made quite a few phone calls to her during the course of my diet program! This did not bother her at all and she always wanted to know how I was coming along and how I was feeling physically and emotionally while on the HCG Diet plan. I really could not ask for any more from a weight loss program than what Weight Loss Medical Center offered.

Six weeks from the day that I asked my clinical advisor How to Get HCG Injections Prescribed by a Doctor, I lost all the weight that I had been trying to lose for so long. It has been months since I completed the weight loss program and I have been able to keep the weight off my body. This is all because of the amazing education I received from the company and my clinical advisor about how to live a healthy lifestyle. I hope my story has helped others to believe in the process of losing weight even if they have been disappointed many times in the past by other fraudulent weight loss programs. This HCG weight loss program is the real thing and is highly effective in a very safe and convenient way! I am living proof of a person who started off as someone who never thought they could ever lose weight, but did so successfully and had a great experience in doing so too!

Jacqui H.
Orange County CA

[To protect the confidentiality of our clients, the above names have been changed. The stories represent composites of our client’s commentary.]