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I am so happy to be able to write this blog entry to share my incredible weight loss story with anyone out there struggling to lose weight to feel better, to become healthy and to increase their chances of living a very long, healthy and happy life. I lost all my excess weight using HCG Weight Loss Clinics in Orange County CA and after completing the 6 week diet plan protocol, I became a new person for sure. For the first time in my entire life, I was a person who for once in her life loved looking at her reflection in the mirror without grimacing in disgust, but instead smiling with pride. I owe it all to this incredible weight loss program that I was led to by some a truly kind colleague who I later found out had lost a lot of weight himself on this HCG Diet Program! So, I did begin my weight loss journey with some great outside support, but of course I knew that the rest would be up to me and my fortitude and dedication to committing to a weight loss program, following the 4 phases of the diet plan protocol, never giving up on myself and following through on what I started. I did all those things and am very proud and honored to be able to share my weight loss success story with all of the readers of my blog entry!

It all began when I was tired of the miserable lifestyle that I was living. I would go to work, come home, go to sleep, wake up, watch television and then go back to sleep, only to wake up at all hours of the night until finally I woke up to go to work again the next day exhausted. During that time period, I was eating enormous amounts of food too. It was the HCG Diet that would end up changing this terrible pattern that I was living, but during the time before I began the diet plan, I was living in this dark scary world, feeling very alone and I did not see that there was hope for change. Finally, one day at work as I was practically falling asleep at my desk (I work as a telemarketer and I am sitting at a desk all day on the phones or doing paperwork), a colleague of mine came into my cubicle and said he wanted to talk to me. He got an idea of what I was going through, told me that he saw how unhappy I was day in and day out, and he asked me about how I was feeling. The kicker was that he told me that he was once in the same exactly position that I was in being very overweight and unhappy, and when he finally had enough, he committed to losing all his unwanted weight with the HCG Weight Loss program!

I was very surprised that this co-worker was showing such interest in me, but when I finally found out his story, it made more sense to me and I believed that he could, for the most part, truly understand my feelings and my lifestyle and want to help me unselfishly. This man looked so great that one would never have ever known that he was once overweight unless he told them! After he self disclosed his life story with me, I felt so at ease with him and listened to every word intently as to how he lost the weight he gained for so many years by using the Doctor Prescribe HCG Diet for Weight Loss. He told me how he found this website and gave me the URL address so that I could look it up later at home to read all about the weight loss plan to see if it was something that I would consider doing for myself.

My colleague self disclosed his experience on the weight loss plan and he made me feel very excited about trying it for myself. He definitely told me that the diet plan was a commitment that I would have to make, but that overall, it was extremely easy and convenient and would not take any time away from my work schedule. He told me that I would never have to be a part of any HCG Weight Loss Clinics, doing their diet programs and eating their frozen and boxed foods! What a relief that was. To make things even better, he also said that I would never have to sit in cold uncomfortable doctor’s office waiting rooms or exam rooms because there were no physical exams to be had in order to begin this weight loss program! I was really happy to know that! He did tell me that I would have to share my medical history online from a form that I could fill out and send it in online without leaving my house. This medical history would need to be cleared by one of the company’s HCG Weight Loss Doctors and then once I was deemed as a good candidate for this weight loss program, I would get my necessary clearance to get my prescription from one of the expert diet doctors. It all sounded very simple and easy to do and I thanked him so much for taking the time to talk to me about all this and I also told him that I would look into the website as soon as I got home!

When I got home, I was immediately online right here on this website. I was instantly very impressed by the amazing amounts of information about this diet plan, including its origin and how the famous British endocrinologist named Dr. A.T.W. Simeons discovered it. I was also very intrigued and very interested in learning a lot more about the HCG Injections, how to self administer them and how they would help me to lose weight quickly, safely and effectively. My next step was to fill out the Contact Form on the page, which I did very quickly. As I waited for a clinical advisor from the company to contact me to get me started, I continued reading more and more about the diet plan. The incredible testimonials from people who had wanted to lose a lot of weight (and even some people who just wanted to lose a little bit of unwanted weight) were very motivational and inspirational stories to read. These people were not only very successful in losing weight on this Doctor Prescribe HCG Diet for Weight Loss, but they were also very excited and happy with their weight loss results and their overall experience on the weight loss diet plan! They raved about the amazing one on one attention they got from their clinical advisors and how patient, kind and knowledgeable, as well as readily available the clinical advisors were to them. As I was in deep concentrated mode reading about the incredible HCG Benefits from the medical mixture in the injections, I got a call from a clinical advisor!

The clinical advisor who contacted me and I had a terrific first conversation. She was very interested in me and my lifestyle and wanted to know what my weight loss goals were. I explained my story to her, when I first gained weight, what my eating and exercising style was like, etc. and I also got the opportunity to ask her as many questions as I could think of to ask. She was incredibly kind and shared everything with me. By the end of the conversation, I was feeling ready to “sign on the dotted line” as they say, and to begin this weight loss program. I asked her How to Get HCG Injections Prescribed by a Doctor and her answer was as simple an answer as can be! She told me that all I had to do was fill out my medical history form right there online. My friend was right! I would not have to leave my house for any medical exams by a doctor and I really was going to do everything to get started on this weight loss program right there online. My clinical advisor told me that once I was medically cleared as being a good fit for this diet plan program, I would be able to start. That would mean that my clinical advisor would have all my medical weight loss products and supplies shipped directly to my home from a Weight Loss Medical Center pharmacy. I would not have to go to any of my local pharmacies and I was thrilled to save that time, energy and gas money by not having to do that! I would receive my HCG weight loss kit from Federal Express only about 2 days after she had it shipped to me, she told me!

How thrilling you can imagine it was for me when my clinical advisor told me that I was cleared medically to begin the diet plan! I could not wait to get back to work to tell my colleague that I had been cleared for this medically supervised weight loss program by a fully licensed HCG Weight Loss Doctor! When I finally shared with him that I was soon going to be on the same path that he was once on – to lose weight quickly, safely and effectively, he was super happy for me!

Six weeks passed in a flash and I did not have to take any time off of my job. I was still able to work my regular hours on the job, while at the same time, I worked very hard at home to stick to the low calorie diet plan while taking my HCG Shots as directed! I felt really great during the entire weight loss program protocol and even better each day as I saw the weight falling off my body. My whole life truly changed when I lost all the weight that I wanted to lose. Everyone at work noticed including the colleague who had first introduced me to this amazing and revolutionary way of losing weight! I would recommend this weight loss program to anyone in the same position I was months before I began the HCG Diet! Thank you to Weight Loss Medical Center and to my amazing clinical advisor for changing my life for the better!

Lauren B.
Orange County CA

[To protect the confidentiality of our clients, the above names have been changed. The stories represent composites of our client’s commentary.]