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Where to Get HCG Injections in San Diego CA

I am sure that anyone can just imagine how difficult it is to work in a gourmet bakery and stay slim at same time. As an employee at one of the most popular bakeries in San Diego CA, we have some of the most delicious pastries and desserts anywhere in the city. One of the perks of my job is that I get to try each and every one of them. Well actually, that could seem like a perk because who would not want to be able to indulge in the most delicious desserts and pastries all the time, but as for my weight, it was not a good thing. We were also allowed to take home anything that the owner considered “expired” and that he did not want to sell anymore because they had been sitting in the case for too long. Everything sold in this gourmet bakery was only 1 to 2 days old, so you can imagine the amount of delicious, but fattening things I was taking home with me on a daily basis. It was very nice of the owner to allow that, instead of just throwing out all that good food, but at the same time, it was not very good for my gut! I literally gained 15 pounds easily in only the first few months of working in this bakery. That shows you just how amazing their delicacies are! It was not until a friend of mine told me that I was looking a little overweight (and she was being as gentle as she could with her wording), when I finally noticed it myself by looking in the mirror. That was a very embarrassing situation for me when my friend told me that. I knew right then that if other people were noticing that I was getting fat, I was going to have to do something about it. Not only would I have to control myself around all the great desserts at work and all the great things I got to take home after work, but I was going to have to find a way to lose the weight quickly and safely! That is when I heard about the HCG Diet Program and how it was the weight loss method of choice for so many people. I heard that it was the best, very quick, easy to do, safe and effective. This intrigued me tremendously and I wanted to learn more about the diet plan protocol, what it was all about and what it involved.

When I got to this website, I was able to read just about everything I ever wanted to know about this HCG Diet. A different friend of mine told me about the website and from everything I read, including all the weight loss success stories written as testimonials on the website, I believed that this could very well be the perfect weight loss program for me. However, by just looking at my friend and her thin body, I got the all the proof that I needed that the diet program really did work! What better proof did I need than to actually see a success story with my own eyes? My question of Where to Get HCG Injections in San Diego CA was answered and I was very excited to get in touch with the company and to begin my weight loss journey. I did not think that 15 pounds was so much to have to lose, and if I just happened to lose another 5 pounds or so while on the diet plan, that would not be so bad either. As a matter of fact, it would be terrific!

After reading a little bit more on the website, I filled out the Contact Form that was very convenient to do right on the page that I was reading. In no time at all, I was contacted by a very kind and friendly clinical advisor who was an expert on this HCG Weight Loss program. We discussed my personal and individual situation and my clinical advisor was very understanding. She did not judge me because of what I ate at my job and for getting myself so overweight, but instead she told me that she had helped many people in my similar situation to be very successful in losing the weight that they wanted to lose and that she was happy that I wanted to take care of my body and that I made the initial contact with her! It was not uncommon, I learned, for people who worked in the food industry to be overweight and this helped me so that I did not feel alone.

I was very happy when my clinical advisor informed me that one of the company’s HCG Weight Loss Doctors reviewed and analyzed the medical history form that I had filled out online and sent to them online as well, and the licensed doctor said that I was a wonderful candidate to successfully lose weight on this weight loss program. I knew that I did not have any major health issues that would keep me from being accepted to do this diet plan, but it was very comforting and helped to build my confidence that I could lose weight quickly on this diet plan protocol by hearing it directly from the HCG Diet Doctor! It really was a great feeling to know that I was going to be on a medically supervised diet plan program and have licensed doctors making sure that my health was being taken care of. I was in great hands.

My clinical advisor did not tell me that I should quit my job; however, she said that I would need to have will power to not eat the delicacies that were right in front of my eyes every day on the job. She did explain to me how the HCG Injections that I would be taking during the 6 week weight loss program worked. She said that I would not feel hungry and crave the desserts there at work while I was taking the injections, nor would I crave these foods for a while after I stopped taking the injections (which sounded great to me); however, she continued to explain that even though the hormone, human chorionic gonadotropin that I would be self injecting would stay in my body for a while after I stopped taking the HCG Shots, eventually, my appetite would go back to normal and I would have to use all that I had learned from her about healthy eating to help me stay on track with eating a low calorie and healthy diet in order to keep the weight off.

The HCG worked in the body to help decrease a person’s appetite and metabolize the excess stored fat in the person’s body as well, which made the shots something that I believed would be imperative for me to take and be able to work in a gourmet bakery at the same time. I was also happy that I would have longer than only 6 weeks for the HCG Benefits to still help me, but I did understand that eventually I would be on my own and was very prepared to have the will power and the fortitude to stay healthy and at a perfect weight for me. Believe me, I was humiliated when my friend told me that she noticed how overweight I was. I had never been overweight in my entire life, and I did not plan to be overweight any longer than it took to lose the weight on this 6 week HCG Diet Protocol.

My products and supplies were shipped to me by my clinical advisor via Federal Express and I got them very quickly and discreetly. I actually opened my front door one morning in my pajamas and there was my package waiting for a quick signature. I was then all ready to begin my diet plan! I ran inside, and was literally on the telephone with my clinical advisor telling her that my weight loss kit had arrived and that I was ready to begin with this Doctor Prescribe HCG Diet for Weight Loss. I had already gone to my local grocery store and purchased many of the foods that my clinical advisor and I had talked about my eating while on the diet plan. I had in my refrigerator many fresh vegetables and fresh fruits and I had lean meats to cook in the next few days, as well as lean meats that I froze in my freezer for future use. It was actually kind of fun to be eating in a very healthy and scheduled way. The HCG Diet Foods from which I was able to choose were really great. They were every day, normal foods that I would have eaten anyway even if I was not on a diet plan. I was very happy that I did not have to purchase very expensive foods from health stores or from organic food stores. The only thing that I would have to change for the most part, was not eating the junk foods that I loved to eat while at home and while at work and I did not have any problems with that. I knew what my main goal was and I was not going to stop until I reached it.

I could not think of a more convenient way to lose weight by using this specific weight loss diet plan protocol, and in the end, I was right! After 6 weeks of time, I had lost not only the 15 pounds that I wanted to lose, but I also lost another 10 pounds on top of that. I had heard that people could lose up to 30 pounds in 30 days on this HCG Diet, and I had lost 25 pounds! I was thrilled with my weight loss results and very thankful to Weight Loss Medical Center and to my incredible clinical advisor for all the help and support that she gave to me!

Vivian B.
San Diego CA

[To protect the confidentiality of our clients, the above names have been changed. The stories represent composites of our client’s commentary.]