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After suffering a very serious football injury while playing in a game on the field in college, all my hopes and dreams of becoming a player in the pros came crashing down on top of me. It was a nightmare and for months after, I could not handle the disappointment and the thought that this was the end of my football career forever. I sank so low to a place that I never thought I would get out of. All I wanted to do for months was be left alone and eat. The only way I found comfort in any of the things that were happening around me was to eat. I just did not know of any other way. I do realize today that it was because eating was the only thing that I felt that I could control in my life. I felt out of control in every other way, especially being out of control in the fact that my football career was over forever. I had such great buddies of mine who were on the team with me and they all tried everything they could to cheer me up and help me through this most difficult period of time in my life, but nothing really worked until one day one of my buddies led me to this HCG Weight Loss website.

When he brought me here, the first thing I thought to myself was that the last thing on my mind was thinking about losing weight or committing to a diet program. At that point in my life, I did not care how much I weighed or really about anything else except for finding a way back to playing ball. Even though I knew that it was absolutely impossible for me to ever get onto that field again to play ball, I just wanted to keep believing and hoping for a miracle to happen. Then my buddy led me to read some of the amazing testimonials and blog entries on the pages of this HCG Diet Program website. These stories had been written by other people who had been sports figures, whether it be football or another sport, who loved their respective sports with everything they were, but because of injuries or accidents they were in, they could not play anymore. Everyone left me alone to read all these testimonials and blog entries so that I could really absorb them. And there were quite a few to read! I really took my time to soak up the experiences of the others and they actually brought tears to my eyes. Yeah, great big football players cry too, but only when no one is watching!

So, well into that night, I found myself still reading from the pages of this HCG Diet website and although that was hard for me to believe, I really was calming myself down. Being an athlete my whole life, who never had a weight issue, I never thought that I would ever be reading from a weight loss website to begin with, so there was most of my shock. However, by reading the heartwarming stories of guys just like myself whose dreams were shattered by injury, something changed within me. Somehow, however these people did it, they came to find a way to stop feeling sorry for themselves and get themselves back up and running, but in a different way than actually running. They made use of their knowledge of the sports they used to play and used that knowledge for good. They either taught kids or commentated on games, or found any other way to still be involved with their sports besides playing them. After hours of reading, contemplating and trying my best to stop feeling sorry for myself, I decided that I wanted to contact some Doctors Prescribe HCG Diet in Tampa FL to find out how I could get my body back into shape and to get back a little more self respect than what I had for the past few months of living in misery and defeat. I was not committing myself to any weight loss programs at that point, but at least I was considering reading more about the diet plan and even filling out the Contact Form on the page with my basic information to talk to someone from the company about what this weight loss program could do for me. I had great discipline and a great ability to commit to anything that I put my mind to, as most athletes are that way, so I knew that if I did talk to someone about the HCG Diet Protocol, and I did decide that I would use the diet program as a way of losing weight quickly, safely and effectively, then I would indeed commit to it. However, once again, I needed to have that phone call first before I decided on anything. I was still feeling as though my life had no meaning and it was going to take something or someone really special to convince me otherwise. Just reading those testimonials and blog entries already set the ball in motion, I just had to see where that ball was going to go.

The next day, I was actually on the phone with a clinical advisor from Weight Loss Medical Center. I asked her several questions and told her my story. She was awesome to talk to because she was just so nice and really understanding as to where I was coming from. She told me that she had helped many other guys in my same situation to lose weight using this Doctor Prescribe HCG Diet for Weight Loss, but she also made it very clear that this diet program was so special that it did so much more than just help people to lose weight!

The diet program was not just about learning how to eat right and losing weight, but it was also about learning how to think completely differently and learning how to live a whole new lifestyle. Yes, I would learn about food choices and for the 6 week diet plan protocol, I would eating only a limited number of calories as I also took the HCG Injections to help decrease my appetite and Vitamin B 12 and a vitamin complex to give my body energy to sustain the low calorie diet, but not only my body would be making a transformation – so would my mind and my attitude! Once again, I knew that I would never play ball again, but after speaking with the clinical advisor and my friends as well, I was beginning to slowly come out of my rut and realize that there still was a great life that I could live without actually physically playing football. I never thought that I would ever feel that way, but I definitely was healing.

When I finally made the decision that I was going to go onto the diet plan protocol with Weight Loss Medical Center, I asked my clinical advisor where I could find the best HCG Diet in Tampa FL. She told me some great news that I had already found the program and it was right there online with her! I was confused by that because I figured that I would have to go to get a physical exam with a doctor first, since I was told this was a medically supervised weight loss program. Although that was true, that the diet program was closely supervised by the best weight loss doctors around, I did not have to go to a doctor’s office for an exam. Instead, the doctor’s office figuratively speaking would be coming to me! Then I was also told that I would not have to go to any HCG Weight Loss Clinics either for public weight loss! I was so happy to know that I would not have be on a diet program in public because that was the last thing that I wanted to do. Since I already felt badly enough about my injury and myself, I did not want to be a spectacle in front of other people asking questions and possibly judging. Lastly, I did not need to go to any pharmacies either to pick up weight loss diet products or supplies to be on this diet plan protocol. It was getting better and better! My HCG weight loss kit was going to be sent directly to me by a Federal Express shipment! All I was going to need to do was to sign for the package right at my front door. I could even be in my pajamas to do that! I felt very lucky and blessed having such an amazingly professional and helpful clinical advisor who truly began to help me with this dramatic change in my life. I also am very grateful to my teammate who helped me find this weight loss program website.

I went through the motions and the steps of having to fill out my medical history online, and it was a very simple and easy process to do. The medical history form was quick, and when I completed it the best that I could, all I needed to do was push a button on my mouse and my form went straight to the company. One of the company’s expert and fully licensed HCG Weight Loss Doctors then reviewed and analyzed my medical history to make sure that I was in good enough physical health to be on this special weight loss program. The company made sure that every single person who wanted to be on this weight loss diet had their medical histories fully and completely checked by one of the company’s expert diet doctors before they received clearance to be on the diet plan. I waited patiently, and soon after sending in my medical history form, I received my HCG Prescription and then shortly after that, my weight loss kit was shipped to my home! What an incredibly easy and convenient process it all was. I had my clinical advisor guiding me the whole time too and continuing to answer any and all questions and concerns I had about the weight loss program. She was terrific!

I stuck to the diet plan and diligently gave myself the HCG Injections with the Vitamin B 12 and the vitamin complex for the full 6 weeks of the diet plan protocol. During that time, I could see the weight coming off my body by looking in the mirror and seeing that my clothing was getting looser and looser on me. The cloud that rained over my head every day and cast shadows of darkness over my head every day slowly lifted away day by day. I give a lot of credit to this HCG Weight Loss program for helping me to see light when I was in a very dark place, and I am very appreciative for that! I lost a lot of weight and started to feel whole again within the 6 weeks of the diet plan protocol. I know that it is going to take a long time before I am fully healed mentally because it is very difficult for me to watch others playing the game that I held so dearly to my heart and could not wait to go pro with, but life must go on, and in writing that statement “life must go on” here in this blog entry right now, is the first time that I have ever been able to say it!

I thank Weight Loss Medical Center for giving me my life back, and although I do not have any idea of where it is going and although I do find the unknown very unsettling, I will live my life day by day and always be thankful that I was able to find How to Get HCG Injections Prescribed by a Doctor! I do know for sure that I will never allow myself to use food as any kind of comfort for hard times again and I will never abuse my body by overeating. I learned a lot of tricks and tips from my clinical advisor on how to eat well and how to think positively about life and I will forever hold onto what I have learned!

Asher L.
Tampa FL

[To protect the confidentiality of our clients, the above names have been changed. The stories represent composites of our client’s commentary.]