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HCG Diet in Fresno CA

Breaking my collar bone had me out of commission for a very long time. You can probably tell where this is leading – since I could not be active hardly at all, I gained an awful lot of weight which not only caused me to have some physical issues with which I had to deal, but it also made me feel unattractive and really down on myself. A car accident that was my fault caused my pretty serious injuries and some injuries to the people in the other car too! The fact that the accident was my fault and that other people got hurt, made me feel terribly on top of everything else! At the same time, while being so upset about all that I had caused, I was probably not doing all that I could to help myself heal physically or mentally. I pretty much fell into a dark abyss that I felt that I could not get out of. I knew that even after healing from my injuries, there would be so many things in life that I no longer would be able to do physically and that was really upsetting to me too. I would most likely have to learn how to life a whole new lifestyle. When I was discussing this with a therapist I went to see, she made the suggestion that since I needed to learn how to live a whole new lifestyle, why not add into that lifestyle, a healthy way of eating and relating to food too. I thought about it for a while and realized that she was right and that when I said the words, “a whole new lifestyle,” I really meant a “whole new” lifestyle! I had heard about the HCG Weight Loss diet program from a few people and a friend of mine who had done the diet plan themselves. They only heard amazing things about it from them all. These people had lost a lot of unwanted weight on this diet plan and they told me a little bit about it, along with their stories and experiences with the diet plan and their clinical advisors who helped them. I wanted to read about the diet plan on my own too, and all about what it had to offer me. It sounded really great!

So, I started doing some preliminary research to find the best Doctors Prescribe HCG Diet in Fresno CA. I was not 100 percent sold on the diet plan though because the injections portion of the diet program frightened me a little bit. I was not all that comfortable with needles and I really had no idea how I was going to be able to inject a needle into my body on my own, let alone have someone else do it for me! Ever since I was a kid, I hated getting shots at the doctor and I always remembered how painful they were! I did not think that I could go through that, but I was not throwing the idea of this diet plan to the curb yet, as the people I knew who did this diet program said that the injections were not painful. I had to see that for myself in order to believe it though, and I was just about to do that!

After a few more therapy sessions, I decided that it was finally time to work on my weight issues and that is when I started to seriously look for an HCG Diet in Fresno CA that would be convenient and easy for me to do. I looked for a short time before I found this weight loss program’s website and when I landed on the site and started reading, I found every single page here extremely interesting and informative. I learned all about this kind of weight loss diet plan and it continuously (as I read more and more about it) seemed like a perfect fit for me!

I knew that I could not do any strenuous exercising while on this HCG Diet due to my physical injuries, but that was perfect because my body was not ready for that anyway. My doctor had cleared me to resume normal daily activities, but he did not want me doing anything strenuous like working out, running or playing sports. On this diet plan, I would not have to do any of those things. I would just have to self administer the injections and stick to the 700 calorie per day diet plan. Yes, that does seem like a little bit of food per day, and at first it turned me right off, but after learning all about the HCG Benefits from the injections, I knew better. I learned that the shots would help to decrease my appetite so I would not crave foods the way I used to. Also, I read that some people have to force themselves to eat during the first few days of the diet plan because they really were not hungry at all. Along with the decreased appetite, the medical mixture metabolized your excess fat stores and caused very quick weight loss.

Then there was the rather big issue of the HCG Injections and my fear of needles. My clinical advisor shared several online videos with me that showed how to self administer the injections. They gave step by step instructions and made the process a little less nerving. The needles were also very small and thin and not like what they looked like in my nightmares! It’s funny, but I did have a nightmare one evening that a great gigantic needle was chasing me down the street! The needles that came in my weight loss kit were in actuality, very tiny and not intimidating at all. They were to be gently injected right under the skin to the fatty tissue below and then the medical mixture of the human chorionic gonadotropin or HCG, Vitamin B 12 and a vitamin complex would reach the body’s bloodstream where it would do its magic!

When I finally began the weight loss diet plan, I called my clinical advisor who offered to stay on the phone with me while I self administered my first injection. She stayed on the phone the whole time as it took me a while to get up nerve to do it. When I finally finished giving myself the first injection, I felt amazingly! So much anxiety just left my head immediately because the injection was simple! It really was! I hardly felt anything but just a small prick and I knew then and there that I would be able to do these HCG Shots from then on with no problem at all! I was so relieved and so happy. I did all that worrying for nothing, I thought. My clinical advisor was such a great support for me and I just could not thank her enough!

After 6 weeks of being on the diet plan, I lost 30 pounds in 30 days and then even more weight during the last 2 weeks of the HCG Diet Program. I was thrilled with my weight loss results and was ready to continue with my life. I took all the information that I had learned from my clinical advisor about which foods to purchase in my local grocery store and how to prepare them in delicious low calorie ways. I definitely was not using food for comfort anymore. I would not have the excuse of feeling sorry for myself anymore as to why I ate so much. I slowly began to learn some great exercises that I put into a routine and my whole lifestyle was changing exactly the way I planned. I may not be able to do many of the things I used to do before my accident; however, now I was doing different things – better things!

I knew that I was healthy once again, thanks to the HCG Diet Protocol and I was learning to be happy again as well. I was happy to be alive and I was learning to live with the idea that an accident is just that – and accident. I did not do anything maliciously to cause the car accident or to hurt anyone and I knew that by that point! I was ready to move on and live the best life that I possibly could! I want to thank the entire staff at Weight Loss Medical Center for making my weight loss journey a really pleasant and wonderfully easy and safe one!

Shauna A.
Fresno CA

[To protect the confidentiality of our clients, the above names have been changed. The stories represent composites of our client’s commentary.]