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I wanted to lose about 15 pounds for my 20 year wedding anniversary party and look stunning in a beautiful fitted dress. Our children were throwing my husband and me a big bash with all of our friends and family and I was really looking forward to it, but I really wanted to lose the weight first, so that I could look good in my new dress! Yes, I had already bought the dress and it was too small on purpose! I had everything planned out that I was going to lose the weight fast with the help of HCG Diet Doctors in Fresno CA and be able to fit into that gown by my anniversary date and surprise my husband by looking gorgeous for him. After 20 years, he was still the same amazing man that I married and I wanted to him to look at me like he did in our early years. Twenty years of marriage had only strengthened our relationship every single year, and I never wanted to lose that spark that we had, even if it was a different kind of spark than it was when we first met. I knew that this great HCG Weight Loss program could help me lose the weight because I have a few friends and colleagues too, that had done this diet program and absolutely raved about it.

Everyone I knew who had lost weight successfully on this diet program spoke so highly of every single aspect of the diet plan protocol. I would love to share some examples here in this blog entry because I had listened to everyone’s input, decided that this was the way that I wanted to lose some extra weight and everything that they said about the diet program, I found to be true once I was on the HCG Diet myself!

One friend was highly appreciative of the amazing customer service and support that she had received from her own personal clinical advisor. She said that from the first minute of her conversation with a clinical advisor from the company, she gained an instant rapport with the expert. My friend said that her clinical advisor was friendly, understanding of her needs and of her concerns and very knowledgeable about the diet plan. She said that she could call her anytime during regular business hours to ask her anything about the HCG Diet Program and her experience while on it. She said that she did not feel just like a number, but that she was treated like a unique individual and as if she was part of a family. I found that to be amazing. Most weight loss programs are done in groups and you have to weigh in on a scale in front of others which can be embarrassing. I did not know of another way to get individualized one on one attention from a professional to help you lose weight, unless you pay extremely high prices for private weight loss coaches (if there even is such a thing as a private weight loss coach). However, this company’s staff from the clinical advisor to the HCG Weight Loss Doctor, who cleared my friend to go on the diet program in the first place and who wrote her the prescription, were all top notch experts who truly cared about their clients. This was so great to know!

Another friend of mine loved the idea of being able to do everything from home and never having to leave the house to do this weight loss program. The entire experience begins when you fill out the Contact Form online and send it in. Then you get a call from a clinical advisor from the company and you get the opportunity to talk to them one on one and consult about the HCG Diet Protocol and your weight loss goals. You can ask any questions you may have about the diet plan and the clinical advisor will ask you questions as well to get to know you. My friend loved the personalized attention and felt as though she really got really great support from her clinical advisor who was always there for her every single step of the way for the entire 6 week diet plan. After the initial consultation, if you decide that you want to do this diet plan, you need to fill out another form that is also right there online. This form is a medical history form that you will fill out and send in online for review by one of the company’s personal HCG Weight Loss Doctors. The doctors are fully licensed weight loss physicians and experts on this diet plan program. They oversee all the clients that are on the diet plan and always have each and every client’s best interest as their main goal! After they closely analyze the medical history forms from clients, they decide if the person is medically well enough to go on this diet plan and if they are, they write them the necessary prescription! It was all so easy and convenient. No doctor’s offices to visit, no HCG Weight Loss Clinics to go to and no pharmacies to have to go to pick up prescriptions or weight loss products or supplies. Once you got cleared, your prescription is sent to a pharmacy that sends out your weight loss kit directly via Federal Express to the front door of your home. All you have to do is sign for the package and you could do that in your pajamas! This could not be beat!

Another friend told me that he felt as though these same expert diet doctors were terrific because they not only oversee how every client is doing while on the diet program, but they also make sure that every weight loss product that they sell is of the highest top quality before they sell them to clients. All of the medical products are made right here in the United States at American plants so that the company can oversee their production. All products including the hormone human chorionic gonadotropin or HCG, the Vitamin B 12 and the vitamin complex are real and authentic. The company would never sell anything that was not 100 percent genuine and real! Other companies are often guilty of selling drops and sprays that are fake, but the companies claim that they are real. Weight Loss Medical Center would never do that and they back their products up with 100 percent guarantees! This diet plan program is also a completely medically supervised weight loss program with highly qualified staff and highly effective, safe and real products. No question about that!

One colleague of mine who had lost a whopping 40 pounds on this diet program raved about the HCG Injections and how easy and convenient they were to do. He originally said that the idea of the needles bothered him, but once he saw how tiny and thin the needles were, he was not too worried anymore. His clinical advisor led him to some online videos so that he could view the injection process to help ease some of the anxiety that he had about self administering the shots. Once he viewed the videos, he said he felt much better. Still, he knew he had to self inject himself to find out how it really was. When he finally did it, he said it was like nothing! His clinical advisor was on the phone with him when he self administered the very first one of this HCG Shots and he loved having that moral support. He said that it made the process so much easier, but that the shots did not even hurt! He worried for nothing, he told me.

So, since I had friends and colleagues who had done this weight loss program already, I had no difficulty in How to Find HCG Diet Doctors in Fresno CA. I actually never had to leave my home. My friends sent me right here to this website and that is where everything started for me on my journey to becoming a sexy bride 20 years after getting married!

I was able to lose the 15 pounds that I wanted to lose in about 30 days and I have kept it off ever since. I was highly impressed with every single aspect of this diet plan program and was glad that I was now another success story of weight loss like my friends and colleagues were! The party was a huge success and I looked and felt great in my new dress! I was so happy and pleased with this HCG Diet Protocol, that I would recommend it to anyone that wants to lose weight for whatever reason they have. Whether you want to lose a lot of weight or just a little to get back in shape, this is the way to do it! My husband was thrilled and overjoyed when I walked out for the first time that night in my new dress that I had kept a secret from him. He had a huge grin on his face when he saw me, and the grin was absolutely priceless. The only thing that worried my husband was that now that I had lost 15 pounds, I was going to need his credit card to buy all new clothes because my old ones just did not fit me anymore! What is a girl to do?

Lissette S.
Fresno CA

[To protect the confidentiality of our clients, the above names have been changed. The stories represent composites of our client’s commentary.]