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HCG Injections in Pennsylvania

I am 27 years old and I just recently decided that I had to lose weight. The decision to start to look for HCG Injections in Pennsylvania was pushed upon me recently by my boss, who as kind as he is, had no choice but to threaten my job security. I’ve worked in the same amazing Italian restaurant for the past seven years. One of the perks of working in the restaurant was that we got to eat free lunches and free dinners whenever we worked a double shift. I would go to work early have a heavy lunch, work my shift, have a heavy dinner and then finish my day with the dinner shift. I worked five days a week. The food was the delicious, as you can imagine, but as many Italian dishes are, what I was eating was very caloric and fattening. Needless to say, I gained a lot of weight. Seeing me having difficulties at work and getting complaints from customers about me, my boss suggested that I lose weight and he thought that the HCG Diet Program was the way to go for me. Having all those extra pounds on my body made my job much more difficult, and as I said, my boss was noticing and getting complaints about me. I was on my feet for hours at a time, running back and forth from the kitchen to customers and all over the restaurant and it was exhausting for me. It began to become a problem, when I was just too tired to continue at times and I had to sit down too often. That would make me fall behind and my customers were getting upset at having to wait on me to serve them. I would also begin to sweat profusely, since I was working so hard. This certainly wasn’t an appetizing thing to do in a restaurant. My joints were even giving me trouble and became so painful by the end of a long day, that I would literally limp out of the restaurant. My boss sat me down to talk one day. He was kind, but told me that not only was he concerned about my health, but that if I did not lose weight and step up a little at work, that he would have to replace me. Can you imagine how upsetting that was for me? I was very good at my job, but because of my weight, that greatly impacted my performance and the way I felt physically and mentally. My boss suggested that I find out How to Get HCG Injections in Pennsylvania because from what he heard about the diet program, it was very fast, safe and effective. He told me that he would give me a month off, but that I had definite job security when I got back. I was not happy about having to leave my work and the fact that I would not be making money, but I knew that the short term sacrifice would pay off in the long term, as I lost weight and became healthy.

When I found this website, there were so much information to digest. It was very interesting to read about the HCG and Vitamin B-12 mixture and how together these ingredients helped decrease appetite and how it worked on the body’s metabolism to help with really fast weight loss. If I could lose weight very quickly, I could get back to work very quickly. I loved my job, I loved being active and I loved the interactions I had with my customers. So I agreed to take the time off of work and I immediately called the phone number on the page.

I was instantly speaking with a clinical advisor to see how I could get started right away on losing weight and changing my life for the better. The clinical advisor was so informative and gave me all the information I needed about the medically supervised HCG Weight Loss plan protocol that I was about to begin. First however, I needed to have my medical history cleared by a licensed professional physician. How was I going to do that, I asked her. I really was not comfortable having to leave my house, spend money on gas to travel, but most importantly, to be subjected to the embarrassment and scrutiny from others while trying to lose weight in a public forum with all eyes on me as I was weighed in front of everybody on a scale at an HCG Weight Loss Clinic. That was just not for me. Happily however, my clinical advisor told me that I would never have to leave my home. My medical history would be filled out on a form online, she told me. If cleared medically as a good candidate for the weight loss program, I would have my products and supplies shipped discreetly and directly right to the front door of my home. No doctor’s offices or pharmacies to visit. Wonderful! All I needed was the go ahead and the prescription from a specialized weight loss expert, in other words, the Doctor Prescribe HCG Diet for Weight Loss if he or she thought I was appropriate for this kind of diet plan. Luckily I was a great candidate for the diet program and was able to begin immediately. I wanted to get back to work as soon as I could and show my boss how dedicated I was to work for him. Plus, I did not want my regular customers to wonder where I was for so long.

I took 2 weeks off of work (not a full month), and in that time I was able to lose a substantial amount of weight. It was incredible how the pounds started to fall off my body in only that short amount of time. I’m telling you, this HCG Diet was the best thing I ever did for myself. I was able to go back to work while still on the diet plan, but I just did not eat the meals at the restaurant as I used to. I was able to pick and choose the healthy low-calorie foods from the menu and still keep to the 700 calorie diet limit, even in an Italian restaurant where they made the most delicious and rich foods. By the end of the weight loss plan of 6 weeks, I lost a significant amount of weight and was able to work without being out of breath or sweating. The customers were happy, my boss was happy and most importantly, I was happy, feeling good and healthier than I had ever been in my entire life. The HCG Benefits were priceless!

Ben L.
Bethlehem PA

[To protect the confidentiality of our clients, the above names have been changed. The stories represent composites of our client’s commentary.]