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I had been very used to life of sitting on the couch, playing video games and eating day after day and night after night. It had become so routine for me to spend most of my days and nights in the same spot on my living room couch and I truly did not know what else to do or how to break my terrible habits. One day my TV broke. I couldn’t play my games, but I still sat on the couch and ate chips alone, one after the other in the darkness of the room. I don’t know when it happened, but at some point, as the chip crumbs were falling down over my shirt onto my very large belly, I threw the bag of chips across the dark room and started to cry. It probably was the most cathartic moment of my life. I never cried before, as an adult anyway, and that was the moment that I realized I could not live this kind of life any longer. I cried and cried and it probably was not the most attractive sight, seeing a grown and very large man crying like a baby, but I was alone and it sure felt good. For the first time in a long time, I was releasing so many pent up feelings of shame, anger, guilt and the list goes on! I got online and started to read about this weight loss diet plan that I had heard about called the HCG Diet Program.

I stared at the phone number at the top of this website page for a long time before I found the courage to pick up the phone and call it. When I finally was able to dial the number, I was about to hang up when a clinical advisor answered. Immediately, her voice was comforting, so stayed on the phone. Somehow she got out of me what was going on in my life and somehow I found it was super easy to talk to her. She made sure that I understood that I was not alone. Now that I had reached out to her, she said I had just joined a very large family of not only professional HCG Weight Loss Doctors, but also professional clinical advisors that would always be there for me when and if I needed them once I began the diet program. In addition, I had also joined a family of other former overweight clients who had lost a lot of weight on the diet program and were living very healthy and happy lives now as they were keeping the weight off too.

The clinical advisor and I not only talked about the HCG diet plan, but we also talked for a while about my life situation and how I got to the place where I currently was. We both came to the conclusion together that losing weight would indeed save my life and help me to make a major transformation in my physical and mental health. I just did not know how I was going to go about changing my life so drastically. I was so used to being in active, antisocial and almost lived as a total recluse. My clinical advisor was not giving up on me though. She encouraged me that I could change and find a life outside of the house if I could lose weight. I told her that I would not even know how to go about finding HCG Diet Doctors Pennsylvania, but she shared that I already had! Right there with her was where I would begin and end the diet program! That came as a relief to me, as I knew that I would have extreme difficulty to just simply leave my house. She assured me; however, that I would never have to set foot into any doctor’s offices, wait online with other people at any local pharmacies to pick up weight loss products or supplies, and that I also would not ever have to be part of the communal weight loss atmosphere at any local HCG Weight Loss Clinics. Hearing all that was a major relief to me. I knew that I would have to leave my house eventually, but I would take baby steps to get to that point. We talked about the fact that as I lost weight, I would gradually become less introverted and want to actually leave my house and see other people in the outside world. The only time I ever did leave my house was to go to my local grocery store to buy food. Even then my trips would be fast and furious and I would be in and out of the store with hundreds of dollars of food to store in my pantry so that I didn’t have to go back out for a while to buy more food. Unfortunately, none of the foods I currently ate would be allowed on the HCG Diet. I purposely chose foods that had a long shelf life, so that I wouldn’t have to go out often. Foods like chips and cakes and cookies were my foods of choice. Rarely a vegetable or fruit entered my mouth. My clinical advisor made it clear that I was about to make astronomically major changes in my food choices and my eating habits. Although it was a bit intimidating to hear, I was actually ready to make those kinds of changes.

So, now that I had found HCG Doctors Pennsylvania, I felt a little bit proud of myself for actually following through, making the call and agreeing to try this weight loss program. I really figured that I had nothing to lose. I was living day to day in a life of darkness and nothingness. My clinical advisor prided me on the fact that I had made a decision to make a change and that it was the most powerful and brave first step towards a new happy and healthy life.

I was nervous that my medical history would not come back cleared, but it was and an HCG Weight Loss Doctor from Weight Loss Medical Center approved me to begin this amazing weight loss program. It was not an overnight process for me to open the weight loss kit that was shipped directly and discreetly to my front door of my home. In fact, I held onto it for over a week before I opened it. I was really nervous to make changes in my life for many different reasons. Some of you may understand the fear of success, the fear of failure or simply the fear change. I felt all of these things all wrapped up in one big fear. My clinical advisor had given me a call once again to check in on me to see if I was finally ready to begin with my HCG Shots.

I finally decided that it was time. What was I waiting for? The time to make the changes now while I actually had someone on the other end of the phone who really and truly seemed to care about my well being. I cannot imagine another weight loss program being anything like this one. I was now involved with a weight loss plan that was full of caring and understanding weight loss professionals and I was blessed to have them in my corner. It feels so good to write this blog entry because it is my hope that I can reach anyone that is sitting out there feeling hopeless and helpless about their life and their health and encourage them to make a change like I did. When I first set out to see How to Get HCG Injections Prescribed by a Doctor, I had no idea that the outcome would be a loss of just under 100 pounds! I had quickly lost 30 pounds in 30 days, continued with the diet plan protocol for the next 2 weeks, but then even after that, I continued with great eating habits that I had learned while on the diet plan and I began a safe exercise routine as well. I cannot believe where I am today. I am actually leaving my house and living a life that I never thought I would before. My pantry is now empty of unhealthy foods and snacks and my once empty refrigerator is now full of healthy, low calorie fresh fruits, vegetables, lean meats and other foods that were recommended by the diet program.

The HCG Benefits had a majorly positive effect on my weight loss journey by decreasing my appetite to the point where I was able to stay on a 700 calorie diet while self injecting the medical mixture that came with the diet plan. I owe my life to Weight Loss Medical Center and encourage anyone looking to lose weight to please pick up the phone and dial the number the top of this page. That is the way that you can find out How Do You Get HCG Diet Prescription to be a success story just like I am!

Howard S.
Pittsburgh PA

[To protect the confidentiality of our clients, the above names have been changed. The stories represent composites of our client’s commentary.]