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All my friends are in shape and most of them have been athletes since high school. We used to play football, basketball and lots of other sports together every day after school. I never had trouble keeping up with my friends and I certainly never had any trouble with weight issues on until last year, when I suffered a serious back injury from a car accident. I was laid up for at least 6 months, unable to do any exercise, and this caused me to gain some serious weight. I had recovered from the accident injuries, but I still had a lot of extra weight on my body. Our annual 5K run for breast cancer awareness was coming up, and since one of our buddy’s wives was a breast cancer survivor, we all ran together in her honor every year. This year I would be unable to run unless I lost weight very quickly. I knew I would never be able to keep up with the others or even make it one quarter of the way with all the extra pounds I was carrying around my body. I wanted to run so badly with my friends and so I looked into going on to a diet program using HCG San Antonio TX.

As I read about the diet program and the testimonials on this website, I could feel the pain of many of the people who were very overweight because of accidents. I also was happy to read about their success in losing weight after they healed from their injuries. It was my greatest hope that I would someday become one of the same success stories that they were. It was nice to feel as though I wasn’t alone and that others had the same experiences that I did, but were able to overcome them and the embarrassment and discouragement of gaining so much weight. I was actually excited to begin this HCG Weight Loss plan to start to lose weight and to also start to see a difference physically in my body and to feel the difference as well. The 5K breast cancer awareness race was coming up in 2 months, so I hadn’t much time to lose the weight. I needed a very rapid weight loss program – and this was exactly the diet plan that I needed.

When I filled out the Contact Form right there on the page I was reading, I became even more motivated to begin diet program and I looked forward to being contacted by a clinical advisor. Very soon, I was on the phone with a very nice expert from the company. We talked about my weight loss goals and she told me that if my medical history (which I would need to fill out online from the website) was cleared by one of their HCG Weight Loss Doctors, I would be ready to begin the weight loss diet.

I filled out my medical history, which did not take very long at all. I tried to be very thorough and complete in giving my information because I wanted to make sure that I was in good enough health to be able to withstand a diet program. I knew that Weight Loss Medical Center took the utmost of care with their clients, making sure that each and every person who went on to the HCG Diet, would be safe from harm and be great candidates to be successful on the diet. From what I read, this company took great pride in their customer service too. This is very apparent to me with the great amount of attention that I got from my clinical advisor. She was always available when I called, or she would call me back right away if she was not readily available. In addition, she always showed patience and compassion in answering all my questions and addressing all my concerns about the diet plan and the HCG Shots.

That was another story. I was very leery of taking shots, but with the support from my clinical advisor, she guided me through every step of the self injections and made me feel calm, confident and safe in administering the shots to myself. She showed me exactly how to do it and even led me to some videos online that I could watch to make myself feel more comfortable about giving myself injections. For my second day of self administering, the clinical advisor helped me there too with the second of my HCG Injections. By that point, I was feeling comfortable enough to self administer my third shot on my own. It was great to know that not only were the shots easier than I thought initially, but they were also a lot less painful than I ever imagined. In fact, they were virtually pain free and I knew the pros would outweigh the cons. I could see the weight coming off my body almost instantly and that was a great motivating factor to stay on the program. It gave me great incentive to keep going and to keep losing weight.

I was not able to exercise while on the 6 week diet plan protocol, but before I knew it the 6 weeks were over and I had lost a lot of weight. If I had any idea how easy it was to Buy HCG in San Antonio TX and stay on this weight loss diet, I would have done it a long time ago! I was ready to start training for the run, but I only had 2 weeks to do so. With my best foot forward, I ran every day with my friends, got into even better shape than I was in before my accident, and when the day of the race arrived, there I was at the starting line with everyone else. I completed the race and was so happy that we all pulled together for a really great cause. I’m back to my old self again, just as I was in high school. Thanks to the great HCG Benefits from this diet program, I am able to play football and basketball again with my friends just like old times. My friends are also very happy for me because they knew how difficult the accident was on me and they felt badly when I had gained all the extra weight. That is all in the past now and I am ready to continue living a great and healthy lifestyle. I will never go back to being overweight again – that is for sure!

Owen T.
San Antonio TX

[To protect the confidentiality of our clients, the above names have been changed. The stories represent composites of our client’s commentary.]