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HCG in Orange County CA

As a full time writer by trade, I spent many hours sitting stagnant in front of the computer typing for over eight hours per day. I always had a deadline to reach and this did not leave me any time to prepare healthy meals or snacks to eat throughout the day. Instead, I would eat anything in my kitchen that was very quick and easy to prepare. Unfortunately, the foods that I would eat included high calorie and high fat frozen TV dinners that I kept in my freezer at all times. I would also eat other quick and easy, but unhealthy meals; often times ordering in pizza and other kinds of fast foods that delivered. My snacks were constantly sitting by my desk and I would munch on chips, cookies, crackers and candies all day long. Sometimes I did not know how much I was eating because I was so engrossed in typing and working, while at the same time constantly and subconsciously putting snacks into my mouth. I had no idea how much weight I was putting on my body until my husband pointed out to me that I was working too hard, eating too much and not exercising at all anymore. He was not insulting to me, but he was definitely letting me know in the most gentle of ways what I did not realize myself at the time; I was getting very heavy. When did I have the time to care for my body the way I should have been doing? Well, I talked it over with my husband and he encouraged me to slow down with my work and concentrate little bit more my health. He even suggested that I look into losing weight by using HCG in Orange County CA. He shared with me that he had heard so many great things about this type of diet plan program from some friends and even co-workers who had done the plan themselves and that it might be a good idea for us to look into it further for me. He told me that he would search online to find the best diet program around with me and that he would also support me 100 percent if I decided to go on one of the diet plans we found.

So, I decided that the best thing for me to do would be to take off work the next day and concentrate on finding the best HCG Weight Loss program which could help me not only to lose a lot of the weight that I have gained in the last little while, but to also to learn how to balance my work with my eating habits and give myself some free time as well for a happier and healthier lifestyle overall. It was not long before we found Weight Loss Medical Center’s diet program right here online. When we were directed to this website, we were very excited to read the plethora of amazing information which described not only the diet plan protocol, but also the medical details behind how this HCG Diet Program helped people to lose weight quickly, safely and effectively. The information was great and the testimonials from people from all walks of life and from all over the United States really proved that people were thrilled with their weight loss results, their clinical advisors and the overall weight loss program in general! The heartwarming stories from all the past clients were really motivational and inspiring to read.

One of my main concerns was to make sure that this diet program was safe for my health and that it would not cause any medical repercussions to my body. I was overall very healthy in general, but I knew that I was going to eventually most likely develop any number of health issues if I stayed at the current weight that I was at presently at the time. My husband and I read on the website that the medical mixture that would be used by taking HCG Injections was perfectly natural and authentic hormone and vitamins. The hormone used was called human chorionic gonadotropin and was discovered by a British endocrinologist named Dr. A.T.W. Simeons. This famous doctors found that the hormone was naturally occurring in all people, male and female, but when women became pregnant, they would produce an exorbitant amount of the hormone. This helped their bodies to burn excess fat stores in the body and this was what the unborn baby would feed off of. When the woman was not pregnant anymore, the hormone levels of the HCG would go back to normal. This discovery was made over 50 years ago and brought to the United States by Dr. Simeons. It very quickly spread like wildfire and became one of the most popular ways of losing weight out there. Many people were leaving the more traditional and often ineffective ways of losing weight and trying this new incredible and perfectly safe way to lose weight.

Dr. Simeons brought the idea back to America and shared his discovery that by using a HCG Shots of the human chorionic gonadotropin along with natural Vitamin B 12 and a vitamin complex all together with a low calorie diet, the entire combination would help people to have a decrease in their appetites and help them to also metabolize the excess stored fat within their bodies to produce very quick weight loss. My husband and I always like to fully research anything that we did concerning our bodies, or anything else for that matter, and we were very happy to learn about the origin of this incredibly revolutionary and innovative HCG Diet plan.

Another thing that I liked about this diet program was that one had to have their medical history scrutinized by one of the company’s fully licensed expert weight loss doctors. The purpose of sharing one’s medical history and having it reviewed and analyzed by an expert licensed diet doctor was to make sure that each and every individual person who wanted to go onto this diet plan program was in good medical condition in order to be safe and successful on the diet plan. The HCG Weight Loss Doctors had each client’s best interest as their main goal, as well as to set each client up to succeed on the weight loss plan and to be medically safe at the same time. This made me feel very comfortable with going on this diet plan because I felt like I was in very good, capable and professional hands. In my eyes, there was nothing better than this medically supervised weight loss diet and I could not wait to begin.

After reading all the information on the website, I decided to fill out the Contact Form on the page. After I completed that, I continued reading about this truly amazing Doctor Prescribe HCG Diet for Weight Loss online while I waited for an expert clinical advisor to call me and get me started with what I needed to do to begin losing weight and changing my entire lifestyle to balance my work and the rest of my life. In no time at all, I was speaking with the kindest, most understanding and professional clinical advisor I could have ever asked for. We talked a bit about some of my concerns about my body and this weight loss plan. We also discussed my specific weight loss goals and then I filled out my medical history online from a form my clinical advisor led me to on the website. It was so easy to do and very convenient for me. I was thrilled that I would not have to leave my home to go to any doctor’s office visits or any HCG Weight Loss Clinics in order to begin this diet plan. Everything I needed to do to begin losing weight was being taken care of online and over the phone with my clinical advisor.

I have to say that I had the most incredible experience losing weight in this very different kind of way than anything I had ever heard of before as far as weight loss plans go. I truly enjoyed the individualized attention I got from my clinical advisor from the very first day of the weight loss program to the very last day when I celebrated my amazing weight loss. I had met my goal and then some! The HCG Benefits were incredible and worked so well. I actually felt better than ever while on the diet plan and while self administering the injections. At first I admit to having fears about the shots, but those fears were very quickly laid to rest and as I watched the weight falling off my body each and every day that I was on the weight loss program, I had more and more incentive to continue. It was extremely exciting.

Now that I am two months out of the diet plan protocol, I have still been able to keep the weight off my body, I have changed my daily routine to include healthy, low calorie foods and now balance my work and the rest of my life thanks to all the tricks and techniques my clinical advisor gave me. This is the best HCG Weight Loss program available and I would recommend it to anyone trying to lose weight in a safe, quick and effective way. I do not see any way to fail on this weight loss program unless you do not commit yourself 100 percent to making your body exactly the way you want it to be. The instructions of the diet plan are so extremely simple to follow, so I really find no excuse not to be successful in losing as much weight as you desire. Both my husband and I are extremely happy about my weight loss success and I am very happy to be sharing my experience with others through this blog entry. It is my hope that others will read my story and find it inspiring enough to go on this weight loss diet themselves and change their lives as well.

Shawn H.
Orange County CA

[To protect the confidentiality of our clients, the above names have been changed. The stories represent composites of our client’s commentary.]