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I have the most incredible husband in the world! Would you believe that while I was pregnant, he gained the same amount of weight that I did? Now, that is a good thing and a not so good thing at the same time! It is a good thing because it showed how truly involved he was in my pregnancy, but it was a not so good thing because it was not a healthy thing to do. It wasn’t about how he looked, but it was about what was going on inside his body. Being overweight really took its toll on him in many ways. For one, we didn’t know how his physical health was overall, but he also he lacked almost any energy and stamina at a time when I needed him most to help with our newborn. Once I gave birth to our gorgeous little girl, Lissa, both my husband and I set out on a mission together to lose the weight we gained while I was pregnant. I had heard about HCG in Georgia and thought that this might be a great way to lose weight and support each other while we did so!

We did not want the emphasis of our lives to be on ourselves while we lost weight, but we wanted it to be on the new addition to our family. We knew; however, that unless we lost the weight that we gained, we wouldn’t have the energy to take care of our baby and also, we wanted to be healthy overall to be there for her. Oh, and another thing – we wanted to do a weight loss program that was easy and convenient because we wanted to spend all our time on taking care of our little girl and not on running around to HCG Clinics in Georgia, or sitting in waiting rooms at doctor’s offices for ourselves, as we had enough doctor’s appointments scheduled for the baby. We wanted to stay at home and not be running to the pharmacy either (unless it was to get something for Lissa). We wanted to take care of ourselves and our bodies without compromising any time spent with the baby and we had a perfect way to do this!

I am here writing this blog entry to hopefully be able to help other new mothers and caring husbands and fathers to take care of themselves by doing what was a great success for my husband and me. The medically supervised and proven successful HCG Weight Loss program at Weight Loss Medical Center was what worked for us! We found this great diet plan to be the best thing ever and I’m excited to tell you about the diet program and how it helped my husband and me to lose weight fast without ever having to leave the house except to go to our local grocery store (where we had to go anyway) to buy great super healthy and low calorie foods from a list that was sent to us as a guideline of acceptable diet foods to consume while on the diet plan. The list came right in the weight loss package that was shipped right to our front door. There were so amazing things about this HCG Diet, but I’m going to just pick out a few of our favorite things about the diet program to share with anyone reading this!

(1) As I said, all our weight loss products and supplies were sent right to our home without us having to leave the house to wait in lines at any pharmacies or weight loss clinics. Shipping costs were included right in the price of the diet program and came to us Federal Express. We could also have the weight loss kit sent to us via UPS too.

(2) No exercise was needed during the 6 week time period that we were on the diet plan. Actually, doing anything strenuous was discouraged during the time we were on our 700 calorie per day diet plan and taking our HCG Injections. This was great because we really did not have the time to be exercising when we lacked energy, lacked sleep and wanted to focus our attention on Lissa. She commanded that we pay attention to her anyway, so we didn’t really even have a choice. That was a great thing though.

(3) The diet program was extremely affordable! We knew Where to buy HCG in Georgia (right on the phone with the expert clinical advisor who was helping us), but we weren’t sure yet how much it was going to set us back financially. Having to purchase 2 of the same diet plans for each of us, my husband and I were a little nervous about how much this diet plan would cost. Money was tight at that time because we had many baby expenses and what seemed to be never ending hospital bills coming in, but we still knew that we had to take care of ourselves. So, we were prepared to spend whatever money we needed to spend in order to lose the weight we gained over the prior 9 months! When we found out how much the HCG Diet Program was going to cost us, though, we were extremely relieved. We would not have a problem affording it and it would be worth every penny, we thought.

(4) The incredible one on one attention that each of us got from our amazingly understanding and helpful clinical advisor made the entire weight journey for both of us even more doable and pleasant than we even thought originally. Yes, it actually was a pleasant and exciting experience. We watched the weight fall off our bodies from the fantastic HCG Benefits of decreased appetite and the metabolizing of our excess stored fat within our bodies. Literally within the first week, we saw weight loss in both of us. That gave us the incentive to continue on and lose a great amount of weight each! Or clinical advisor answered our individual questions and although we were doing the diet program together, she still treated us uniquely and did not lump us together as if we were one person. We each had different questions and she answered all of our inquiries with care and patience.

We owe our clinical advisor a lot and will forever be grateful to Weight Loss Medical Center for helping us to drop our “baby weight” with the HCG miracle they offered us. Yes, I call the diet program a miracle because without it, we would be 2 very overweight parents with no energy for our main little miracle, our precious gift, Lissa!

Lynn P.
Northeast Cobb GA

[To protect the confidentiality of our clients, the above names have been changed. The stories represent composites of our client’s commentary.]