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For someone who had always hated and was extremely fearful of needles growing up and well into thir adulthood, I would have never believed that I would embrace and actually enjoy losing weight from HCG Clinics Georgia, such as the diet program that Weight Loss Medical Center offers! The pros outweighed the cons for choosing this way of losing weight for sure, and when I began the diet program protocol, I actually did not even think about the injection portion of the diet program the way that I thought that I would! The bottom line was that I needed to lose a lot of weight for health related reasons, not to mention to help with my self esteem and my self image issues and after reading all about this diet plan, I believed that it was the best fit for me, my personal needs and my extremely busy schedule.

Also, my fear of needles completely faded away after only the first of the HCG Shots that I self administered during the 6 week diet plan protocol period. After being assigned a clinical advisor from the company, she shared everything about the injections that I needed to know and even led me towards online videos to learn exactly how to self administer the shots and how to store the products and supplies when I was not using them. The needle was so small that I felt silly being afraid of it at first. It was very thin and the process of injecting it into my skin was virtually painless. My clinical advisor stayed on the phone with me while I went through the process of self injecting the very first of my HCG Injections. She was very kind and very patient too! After it was done, we laughed together at how easy it was. I truly hope that anyone reading this blog entry will understand my true and honest major fear of needles ever since being a small child and how being on this weight loss program completely reversed my fears. It was very therapeutic, actually, to overcome this fear. You may have to try it to believe it, but if you will take my word for it, that might help too.

I wanted to know how these injections helped people to lose weight so quickly. It seemed almost too good to be true but it wasn’t because it was indeed true and I am living proof of that with how much weight I lost from the diet program! My clinical advisor explained to me that the HCG or human chorionic gonadotropin was the hormone that helped to majorly decreased appetite and also helped to metabolize excess stored fat in the body especially around the belly, thighs and hips. All 3 of these places were areas that I was very uncomfortable with on my body and I wanted to lose weight there very desperately.

My clinical advisor explained to me that a British endocrinologist named Dr. A.T.W. Simeons was the genius who discovered this diet program over 50 years ago and that he was the same person who had many people asking How to Get HCG Injections Prescribed by a Doctor . Dr. Simeons did research with pregnant women who he found produced an exorbitant amount of this weight reducing hormone when they were pregnant. These women would find that their appetites were decreased and they would not be “eating for 2” the way the cliché goes. In fact, they would eat the same amount as normal (or maybe a little bit more) and their unborn babies would feed from the excess stored fat that was released in the body rather than from their muscle. When these women were not pregnant anymore, production of the hormone greatly decreased. So, Dr. Simeons came up with the idea that adding extra amounts of this hormone through injection to people who are trying to lose weight would give the HCG Benefit of decreasing hunger. Added to this injection was also Vitamin B-12 and a vitamin complex to give people energy and to act as “brain food” if you will. Then when eating a 700 calorie per day diet, weight would drop off the body very fast – and one of the best parts is that the person trying to lose the weight would not be hungry or crave foods the way they used to do. In the last little while, people have been raving about this weight loss program as being extremely innovative and revolutionary, not to mention extremely effective in giving them the weight loss results that they wanted.

As I heard more and more people talking about HCG Weight Loss Clinics Georgia, I became more and more comfortable in my decision that this was the way that I want to lose my unwanted weight. When the good news came to me, from my clinical advisor, after calling company, that I could do everything to lose weight over the phone and online with her helping me every step of the way, I was really happy. I have to admit that learning that I would not have to go to any doctor’s appointments, pharmacies or even any local HCG Weight Loss Clinics in Sandy Springs GA, I was really excited!

My medical history would be collected by my sharing my information on an online form from the website and reviewed and analyzed by one of the company’s fully licensed weight loss doctors. I would not have to actually see the doctor face to face and I knew that I would enjoy that convenience, but at the same time, I was assured that each and every client who shared their medical history would get the undivided attention of one of the company’s HCG Weight Loss Doctors, who took the utmost of care in scrutinizing each person’s medical history to make sure that this weight loss program was a great fit for each individual person. Weight Loss Medical Center took great pride in the way they attended to every prospective client’s best interest, health and well being. This made me feel very comfortable in putting my health, and basically my life, in the hands of these weight loss doctors and my clinical advisor.

When my diet plan protocol ended, I loved the new me. I loved the fact that I lost so much weight, so quickly and in such a convenient way! I loved the fact that I was so much more healthy and that I had so much more energy in my everyday life. I also was able to get over one of my biggest fears since childhood – needles! If you are looking to lose weight, please take my word for it that the injection phase of this HCG Diet Program is so simple and easy and if you were ever afraid of needles, this is a great way to get over that fear! You will also learn how to live a completely healthy lifestyle that will last a lifetime so that you can keep the weight you lost off you forever!

Allison W.
Sandy Springs GA

[To protect the confidentiality of our clients, the above names have been changed. The stories represent composites of our client’s commentary.]