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I had been really excited to retire from my job for years, but when the actual time to retire finally came, the transition was much more difficult than I had ever imagined! I was used to working about 10 hours per day at a pretty physically strenuous job on a daily basis, but when I stopped working, I was home every day and all day wondering what to do with myself. The transition from working every day to doing practically nothing but finding chores to do around the house was really rough on me and caused a lot of angst. So, to comfort the feelings of uneasiness, I ate – and I ate a lot! Before I knew it, I had gained a lot of weight and was really unhappy with myself. Because my job was so strenuous and physically demanding, even at my age, my body was still in really good shape. When I left the job, my physical activity dramatically decreased and that is how I got to the weight I was. Then I could not stop eating because eating was my comfort from my boredom and fear that perhaps I retired too early. In any event, I wanted to believe that it was indeed time for me to retire, so I tried to make myself believe that I did not make a mistake. At the same time, I also wanted to commit to losing the weight that I had gained. I was going to get my body back and I was going to do it by seeing HCG Doctors in Jacksonville FL.

After researching for the best diet programs in the country, I came across this website and was really intrigued and excited as I continued to read page after page of the really great information about this diet plan program. The company is very transparent and does not hide anything about their weight loss program. Not only do they give all the necessary information about the diet plan on their website, they also invite people to contact them for free consultations with their clinical advisors so that prospective weight loss clients can find out for sure whether or not this HCG Weight Loss program is the best thing for them or not.

The only thing that I could not find on the website was how much the diet plan cost and I wanted to know. I read that it was very affordable, but I needed to find out exactly how much it was, so I decided to fill out the Contact Form on the website and wait to be contacted by a clinical advisor from the company. I was going to find out if I could afford this HCG Weight Loss plan because now that I was not working anymore, I had my retirement money to live off of, but I was still on a budget to make sure I was always financially stable. I just did not know if this diet plan would set me back a lot or not. I was excited to talk to the clinical advisor because I also had a few other questions about whether I could speed the weight loss up by doing some heavy exercising. That would give me something to do too besides just house work, yard work and errand running. I wanted to get to the gym and see how fast I could not only lose weight on the HCG Diet plan, but also how fast I could gain my muscle back by working out. I also loved working out because it made me feel good and useful too.

It did not take long before a clinical advisor called me on the phone and we were having a really nice one on one conversation that lasted for a while. She was really kind and very professional too. She wanted to know my story, how I came to gain all my weight, how I felt about leaving my job by retiring, and what my weight loss goals were. I was very happy to share everything with her because she made me feel very comfortable by her understanding attitude and professionalism. After I told her the way that I was feeling about everything, we begin to discuss what the HCG Diet Protocol could do for me and she also answered all of my questions and covered all of my concerns about the diet program and what was expected from me during the 6 week diet plan protocol.

My clinical advisor told me that the reason they did not post the price of the diet plan program on their website was because the price might vary very slightly from one person to another person only due to possible differences in shipping costs and some other factors too. The company wanted to make sure that they never mislead any client in any way, including the price of the diet program. So, that is why they wanted to talk individually to each client over the phone and disclose the cost of the diet plan that way. Other than that, the diet plan cost the same for everyone and when she told me the price for everything, I could not believe how affordable it really was. I was thrilled because then I finally knew that I would not have any difficulty in affording this amazing HCG Diet.

With everything the diet plan offered to its weight loss clients, I had no idea how the company could actually keep it at such a low cost and make money for themselves at the same time. The clinical advisor told me that all products and supplies from the company were made on United States soil and that kept prices down. Nothing was imported and their very own diet doctors oversaw the production and manufacturing of the weight loss products in their own manufacturing plants. They also use their own pharmacies to send the HCG Prescriptions to and these same pharmacies delivered, via UPS or Federal Express, all the weight loss kits to their weight loss clients. It was door to door service, and that sounded great to me!

One other way the company was able to save money and pass along that savings on to their weight loss clients, was because everything done for this weight loss program was done online and over the phone with the clinical advisors and the diet doctors. The initial Contact Forms were filled out online and sent into the company, and in order to get a prescription for the medically supervised weight loss program, each and every client had to fill out a medical history form that was also right there conveniently online. Clients did not have to go to on site HCG Weight Loss Clinics, but they were taught via telephone by their clinical advisors everything they had to do in order to lose weight quickly on the diet plan and using the injections.

Clients could also read everything about the weight loss plan on the website too. Between all the informative pages of information about the diet plan and how it works, there are also tons and tons of questions and answers that have been sent in my people wanting to lose weight, and these questions covered all topics and specific areas about the weight loss plan. The bottom line was though, that the clinical advisors from the company were always available during normal business hours to answer questions and to even help with the self administering of the HCG Shots! This was incredible and such a great thing to know for comfort in believing that I was in the best hands while under that care of this weight loss company!

Another way the weight loss company saved money, which made the diet plan less expensive for clients, was by not having to worry about opening local diet clinics where clients walked in and had to endure public weight loss like in other traditional weight loss programs. Many people would never even dream of being a part of that kind of weight loss program and that is one reason they turn to this diet plan! That was one very big advantage to this HCG weight loss program and what made it so innovative and revolutionary. The fact that this weight loss plan gave clients the ability to do everything in the comfort, convenience and privacy of their own home, is only one thing of many things that made this diet plan one of a kind.

Whether you live in Jacksonville FL or Dallas TX, you could lose weight using this amazing diet plan protocol in the exact same way as everyone else by doing it online and over the phone with the clinical advisors and the expert and professional HCG Weight Loss Doctors. The company had its own fully licensed and professional diet doctors who oversaw the entire weight loss program from taking care of reviewing and analyzing clients’ medical history forms, to making sure that the clients were great candidates for the weight loss program, to overseeing the production of all the weight loss products and supplies.

The company’s number one goal was to ensure that all weight loss clients were treated extremely well with one on one constant contact with the clinical advisors to make sure that their health was always in good hands and very well taking care of. All the products and supplies needed for the HCG Injections were of the highest top quality possible. The company did not compromise quality for quantity as many other weight loss programs did just to make money. The diet doctors and clinical advisors here always know that their weight loss clients are very well taking care of and that their health is in extremely good hands because they only hire the best and most professional staff available. That made me feel very comfortable about this diet plan. So overall, I was very excited about being able to afford this Doctor Prescribe HCG Diet for Weight Loss and also that I would be able to do it at home. There were no doctor’s appointments for physical exams needed and I never would have to visit any pharmacies to pick up my weight loss supplies and products because as I said, they were all delivered via Federal Express from the company’s pharmacy right to my front door. All I had to do was sign for my package!

As far as exercising on this weight loss program, my clinical advisor told me that there was to be no strenuous exercise during the 6 week diet plan protocol; however, after the 6 weeks were up, I would be able to go back to exercising the way that I wanted to in order to get my muscles back into shape. In fact, a great exercise program was highly recommended after the HCG Diet Program was completed. That is partly how I would be able to keep the weight off after losing it all. I also learned terrific eating habits, how to relate well to food and what kinds of foods to buy that were low calorie and healthy meals and snacks.

After my clinical advisor and I had a wonderful conversation on the phone together, I decided that this weight loss program was perfect for me and I could not wait to go on to it to start losing weight quickly. I was really thrilled that I was able to Find HCG Doctors in Jacksonville FL that were the best and had the best weight loss program to offer! While on this 6 week weight loss diet plan protocol, I lost all the weight that I gained and I felt so terrific about myself once again. I also realized that it was not the correct decision to retire from my job yet and I went back to the company and asked if they would rehire me.

Such incredibly wonderful things happened for me that I cannot tell you how happy I have been. The company I retired from hired me back! The diet plan was over before I began working there again, and I was back in terrific shape before going back. No one ever had to know that I had gained so much weight while I was gone. I was eager and ready to do the job that I love once again. Finding the best weight loss program in Jacksonville FL Where to Get HCG Injections that were real and authentic was the greatest thing that I could have done for myself. This company gave me my life back. I am now busy back working at a job that I love and I love my body. I feel so great and my zest for life is back. It is never too late to go back on a decision that you thought was right at the time, but later realized was not. One day I will retire again, but I will also know when the right time to do so will be. In the meantime, I will work and eat right! Thank you to Weight Loss Medical Center for not only helping me to lose weight, but for also helping me with other huge life decisions.

Nino G.
Jacksonville FL

[To protect the confidentiality of our clients, the above names have been changed. The stories represent composites of our client’s commentary.]