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HCG Calculator – The Right Dosage Makes the Difference

HCG Calculator

If you want to lose weight, it is crucial to be on a program that will help you succeed. The doctor supervised HCG diet is personalized for your specific weight loss needs. Our doctors use the HCG calculator to determine how long you will need to be following our protocol to reach your desired goal. This will enable us to customize a program that will help you succeed.

The HCG diet calculator uses a method that looks at your current weight, overall health, desired target weight, and exercise level to determine how quickly you can be expected to burn that unwanted fat stored throughout your body.

By utilizing this HCG dosage calculator as a guide, the doctor will determine how many cycles of HCG injections you will require, and how long you should stay on phase 3 of the HCG diet (stabilization) before starting anew. All of this makes the difference that will enable you to finally slim down to the body you desire.

How to Calculate HCG Weight Loss

There are a number of factors that go into determining how much weight you should lose. We understand that people often have a target number in their head. Maybe this was a weight you were at ten, twenty, or maybe even forty years ago. The HCG weight loss calculator takes more than this into consideration.

Body types change over the years, especially for women who have had multiple pregnancies. It is not always ideal to go back to a weight from decades ago. In fact, it has been shown that having a few extra pounds on the body may be beneficial in preventing fractures in later years. That is why we use care when calculating HCG levels to ensure that each person has the right goal in sight.

Body type is crucial at this time. Big boned individuals will naturally have a higher target weight for their goal that those who are very small boned. Muscle tone is another important feature we think about when using the HCG level calculator. Individuals with more muscle will also weigh more than those who do not have this lean body mass bulk.

How the HCG Calculator Determines HCG Cycles

Determining how many cycles of HCG injections a person will need to reach his or her target is another important aspect employed during our initial HCG levels calculator. This is, however, subject to change at any point after the completion of an HCG cycle. Why is that? We can only roughly estimate each person’s projected weight loss. The average falls anywhere between .5 and up to 3 pounds each day, with the highest initial weight loss in obese males. Women with around 20 pounds to lose will usually fall at the lower end of the scale. Most people with fewer than 40 pounds total to lose can expect to be on one HCG injections cycle, with subsequent guidance to help them reach their target weight.

We use the HCG calculator to estimate the initial time that it will take an individual to reach his or her target goal. A person leading a sedentary lifestyle will typically require a longer period of time to drop those excess pounds than one who engages in long walks, swimming, or yoga while on the HCG diet. Please remember to abstain from running and strenuous exercise due to the decreased caloric intake of the HCG diet.

If a person loses more weight than is expected during the first HCG cycle, we may be able to reduce the number of subsequent cycles required for reaching the final goal. Consequently, one who does not respond as desired may require a longer period of time doing the HCG weight loss protocol. Our medical advisors continue to monitor each person’s results and situations to see if he or she is on track, or if there may be a certain problem standing in the way of reaching the goal.

At Weight Loss Medical Center, we take your weight loss seriously and are here to answer your questions and guide you every step of the way.