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Lose Weight with the HCG Diet Doctors in California

Do you eat to live or live to eat? Does food rule your life? These are two very important questions for us to explore as you prepare to embark on the life changing HCG diet. How you view food plays a big role in how your clinical advisor will help you prepare to begin this program. You may be wondering what the difference is that we are talking about. Why is knowing whether you eat to live or live to eat important? The difference lies in how you actually view food. Is food a means to an end to provide you with energy to get you through the day or is it a pleasurable experience that you cannot seem to get enough of? The way you treat food and the manner in which you consume it plays a big part in where you are today. The HCG diet doctors in California have years of experience helping people get to the root of why they are overweight, and creating a solution that will enable them to lose those extra pounds. Discovering which category you fall under can actually be the key to your success. And since your success is something we are all aiming for, removing the roadblocks is a very important step. When you decide to begin the HCG weight loss program, you have to prepare yourself to be diligent on the diet. In order to do that, it is necessary for you to take a good look at the role food plays in your life. Where do you run into problems? For some of you, late night snacking may be the culprit; while others may discover that eating at work is your biggest downfall. Meals on the run or in the car can certainly pack on a serious amount of extra calories each day. In order for the HCG injections to successfully work, you have to stick to a 700 calorie a day meal plan. By discovering, and eliminating, your secret, you can finally be successful in your attempt to lose weight. Perhaps you eat in front of the TV or taste everything while you are cooking. Whatever the reason behind your weight gain, we can help you move beyond it once and for all. Food is a necessary part of our lives. Without proper nourishment our bodies cannot function. Food, however, should not rule our lives, and when it does – action must be taken. That is why you are here, on this website, learning about what HCG weight loss can do for you.

HCG Diet Doctors in California Teach Moderation

Let’s first take a look at those of you who eat to live. You realize that the one main purpose of food is for sustenance. Scientifically you know the facts; the body needs fuel to propel itself through the day. In your case, you have been providing the body with too much fuel on a daily basis. How the HCG diet works for you is by eliminating all those extra calories that the body does not expend. It really is quite simple to understand. Each day you go through your life, whether it be work, school, or family life, and each moment you are burning calories. If you lead a very active life then you probably burn more calories than a person who is leading a sedentary lifestyle. If you consume more calories than you burn, those additional calories will be stored by the body for future use, hence turning into fat cells that just make themselves at home. If you consume fewer calories than your activity level needs, than the body goes looking inside for calories to burn. That is where the doctor prescribed HCG injections come into play. The only way to lose weight is to take in fewer calories than you need. Those of you who have been eating to live have been providing your bodies with too many calories. When you contact the HCG diet doctors in California to lose weight, we will place you on a 700 calorie a day meal plan that will force your body to begin to burn the abnormally stored fat cells for fuel. As the fat cells are used, the pounds will begin to melt away at an alarmingly increased rate. You will be administering HCG and Vitamin B-12 injections plus vitamin complex to yourself each morning. These injections will provide your body with additional nutrients and immune boosting properties that it requires on the very low calorie diet. By the time your six weeks of injections are completed, your body will no longer need to consume large quantities of food each day. As you begin to add additional calories and food choices back into your daily meal plan, you will take the healthy new eating habits you have learned and apply them to your daily life. The doctor supervised HCG diet is a proven method of quick weight loss that has been helping people just like you lose weight for over 50 years. Contacting us is as easy as filling out the contact form below, and one of our highly trained advisors will give you a call at a time that is convenient for you.

Change the Way You Eat with the HCG Diet Doctors in California

Now let’s take a look at those of you who live to eat. This is a completely different situation all together. You love food. It’s not about fueling your body, although of course your body is taking in fuel. For you, it is all about pleasure. You enjoy the taste of food, the process of consuming it, and the feelings that it brings you. The HCG diet can also help you lose those excess pounds that food connoisseurs put on. Not everyone who lives to eat falls into one cookie cutter category, so to speak. Some of you may be true food connoisseurs who enjoy fine dining. You may be all about the gourmet foods, rich sauces, decadent desserts, and fine wines. If that is the case have no fear, we have amazing HCG recipes that will provide you with meals as good as the ones you don’t want to give up. Perhaps you are addicted to sweets and that is your downfall. Many people feel the need to have something for dessert after every meal. The HCG diet doctors in California have taken that into consideration, and have provided you the ability, if desired, to have fruit at the end of every meal, satisfying your urge for something sweet. Many of our successful dieters that fit into this category tell us that it isn’t long before the need for mealtime dessert disappears for them completely. When you are eating healthy, you will be surprised how amazing a strawberry truly tastes after a delicious meal. As you begin to lose weight with HCG injections, you will be motivated to continue forging ahead at full steam. Now some of you might be saying that you love food, but don’t fit into one of those two categories. Of course not, because there are so many different categories of people who love to eat. Maybe you are addicted to down home style cooking, whether it be southern style, Italian, Mexican, or any other ethnic food that you have grown up with. We don’t expect you to give up your favorite foods while losing weight on the HCG diet. There are healthy recipes that can satisfy any style of dining. After all, we want you to succeed. In addition to the multitude of delicious and easy to prepare recipes that we will provide you with, the internet is full of recipes that successful dieters have created and posted themselves. You are not alone in this. Besides having our HCG doctors and advisors in your corner, there are people everywhere losing weight on the HCG diet. You probably even know some of them without realizing it. At Weight Loss Medical Center, our entire staff is devoted to one thing – your successful weight loss. All it takes is you filling out the form below or calling us toll free at 1-954-587-4441 to get all your questions answered. We look forward to helping you get started losing weight today.

HCG Diet Doctors in California Answer Your Questions

Serena P. in Oakland California wrote in to ask us about how to end her nightly cravings for snacks. During the day she can stick to her diet just fine, but at night when she watches television she raids the kitchen. She was hoping that the HCG diet doctors in California would be able to help her stop the cycle once and for all.

Our HCG diet doctors in California have years of experience helping people just like Serena get control of their late night snacking. One thing we have discovered is many people use snacks to help them stay awake to watch TV rather than going to bed and getting the proper amount of sleep their bodies need. We suggested that Serena begin to retire earlier in the evening as one way to stop snacking. Research has shown that people who sleep less than 7 hours a night tend to put on weight. By upping her sleep time and cutting back on her TV time, Serena was able to cut out those extra calories. We also showed her that there are other ways to fill that time while watching TV. Answering emails, taking up a hobby, calling old friends … well the list could go on and on, all of these things can keep your hands busy when they would normally reach for food. Serena also began the HCG diet to lose all the excess pounds she had accumulated over the years from her late night snacks, and she has been dropping weight rapidly.

Ronny B. in Oceanside California called in and asked one of our advisors for help losing weight. He knew he was addicted to food. His love of rich and gooey desserts had packed on a whopping 75 pounds and he hoped that the HCG diet doctors in California could help.

Ronny’s clinical advisor knew exactly where to begin to help him get a handle on his weight issues. Since rich and gooey desserts were the culprit, Ronny was willing to give them up to get back in shape. Learning that he would be able to enjoy them again in the future helped give him the motivation to begin the HCG weight loss program. For Ronny, it was all about moderation. Instead of sitting down with a giant piece of pie, he learned that slowly enjoying a tiny sliver of it was equally as satisfying. By taking small bites and savoring them, he could truly appreciate the flavor and not worry about putting the weight he lost with the help of the HCG diet doctors in California back on.

At Weight Loss Medical Center, we do more than provide you with prescription HCG injections. We provide you with the coaching and the tools you need for success.