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HCG Weight Loss Clinic in Aurora IL

When my husband and I and some of our friends reminisce about some of the trips we took together over the years, we have some great laughs together. It’s a great time remembering good memories of when we were younger … Continue reading

HCG Weight Loss Clinics in Illinois

Being a female on the police force, I always felt like I had to prove myself a lot more than any of the police men, to be taken seriously. I was surrounded by very dominant and alpha males all day … Continue reading

HCG Weight Loss Doctors in Illinois

I was not very comfortable at my job about 2 months ago. The reason may not surprise many people. I think of myself as having a relatively attractive face and pretty eyes and hair with a great personality; however, I … Continue reading

HCG Weight Loss Clinics in Texas

I lost my job a while ago and it was a dreadful experience of sadness, anxiety and fear of, “What am I going to do now?” I’m a little upset because they would not give me a reason for the … Continue reading

HCG Weight Loss Clinics in California

I was having financial difficulties and was forced to move out to Southern California to live with my sister. She has a lovely home on the beach and anyone would think that was paradise, but I certainly did not. Living … Continue reading

HCG Weight Loss Clinics in Northern California

It can get pretty cold here in Northern California where I live, and I always liked those times of the year the best because I could hide my figure underneath warm, thick clothing. I was always very self conscious about … Continue reading

HCG Weight Loss Clinics in Southern California

Summer was fast approaching and like every year, I wanted to work with children at this great summer camp that I have worked at for the past 9 years. Every summer, I look forward to being the swimming coach for … Continue reading