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HCG Grand Rapids MI

Living in Grand Rapids MI, we have very long, cold winters full of beautiful white snow. I often go outside with my kids and many of the other neighborhood children and play in the snow to the best of my … Continue reading

HCG Detroit MI

The greatest day of my life was the day that I married the man of my dreams! It was a time that I had looked forward to ever since I was little girl. It was a beautifully sunny June morning … Continue reading

HCG San Antonio TX

All my friends are in shape and most of them have been athletes since high school. We used to play football, basketball and lots of other sports together every day after school. I never had trouble keeping up with my … Continue reading

HCG Houston TX

As a female police officer, I have a lot to prove to the males at the station. I had a very embarrassing incident occur and that is what ended up propelling me to make a decision to look for HCG … Continue reading

HCG Miami FL

I think that one of the worst things in life is disappointing your children. My children mean everything to me and when my son made it clear that my being very overweight was an embarrassment to him, I was completely … Continue reading

HCG Jacksonville FL

I want to share my weight loss story because I believe it could be very inspiring to others who want and need to lose a lot of weight. So, I’m going to tell my story right here in this blog … Continue reading

HCG San Diego CA

About three years ago, I went through a terrible divorce. It was very difficult for me to handle emotionally and my way of dealing with the stress, sadness and anxiety of the whole situation was to eat. Before the divorce, … Continue reading

HCG Los Angeles CA

Living in Los Angeles CA as a struggling actor, looking around every possible corner for my next job, I had to make sure that I was always perfectly physically fit and that I looked just like my head shot at … Continue reading

Buy HCG Pennsylvania

I am a 40 year old man with a wonderful wife and two beautiful children. I had been experiencing terrible pain in my back and my knees for a while, and so I decided to go to the doctor to … Continue reading

HCG Pennsylvania

I have been blessed with the best girl friends anyone could ever ask for. My friends accept me for exactly the person I am and love me despite any flaws that I may have. They are all beautiful girls from … Continue reading